Book Signing in Dublin, Ireland


In a few days, I am off to Europe, and I am oh so excited to announce that, while there, I will be signing copies of my book “My French Family Table” at Hodges Figgis (56-58 Dawson Street) in Dublin, Ireland, on Tuesday August 16th at 6 PM.


I cannot wait to be in Ireland again to see family and friends–we all love to return at every time!

If you live close by, come and say hello. I’d love to meet you and chat about food, family, and whatever else.



  1. Good luck with the book signing – wish I was close by (Canada!).

    Ahh…the raspberry bowl looks lovely except for that strand of hair!

  2. Wish I was there to have my copy signed. Alas, Ireland is too far from Louisiana.

  3. Wish I was there. Alas, Ireland is too far from Louisiana. I was just in Boston last week. Wish I had realized this was home for you. I could have had mine signed there.

  4. Yes saw that too. Thanks Sherri. Sorry it happened but no one is immune to mistakes.

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  6. coucou Bea

    Je te suis depuis le début de ton blog qui était en Français et anglais. Je suis surement en retard de quelques trains….. qu’en est-il de la version française?

    Je suis très triste, car comme toujours tes recettes sont excellentes et je ne peux plus les cuisiner.
    Gros biiiiiiiiiiizous à ta poupée
    Merci pout ta réponse.
    à bientôt

  7. speaking of Ireland,Bea I have made the potatoes from your book already 5 times-This is far and away our new favorite!
    YUM : )

  8. I am so sorry I missed you this year. I am truly a fan and have followed your blog for years.

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