Summer is about that


Strawberry Flan with Orange and Coconut Milk,
a recipe from my book My French Family Table

Despite its relaxed and slower feel, summer remains a busy time of the year in our household. I am literally tied to the garden. It’s the time when so many wonderful produce become also available at farmer markets’ stands. Invariably, I get more than I need and cook a storm in the kitchen.

We love it.


Strawberry picking with my children

Sometime in June, I took Lulu and Rémy–his first time–strawberry picking. I had forgotten how sweet it is to watch a young child discovery a strawberry field for the first time. As to her, Lulu is now a champion strawberry picker! I am loving that age of hers when she is so proud to help with these summery activities.


Strawberry Jam

Together, we baked strawberry tarts, made strawberry flan and jams, and I filled bags with the leftovers and froze them, with the intention o making fresh strawberry sorbet–a classic recipe I like to fix quickly to finish a meal.


Strawberry Sorbet

And then with raspberries, we made more ice cream when friends came over for a meal.


Coconut ice cream with raspberry swirl,
a recipe from my book My French Family Table

This week, I also have book events happening.

On Friday July 22nd, I will be talking about my book and signing copies at Porter Square Books in Cambridge (MA), starting at 7 PM.

If you live around, come and say hello. I’d be delighted to meet you.

Bonne semaine !

And of course, lots of love and thoughts are going to my people in France right now, and everywhere where violence and crimes arise. Always hopeful for a better and happier world for us and our children.


  1. I have been cooking from your new book and I love all the recipes! Everything comes out perfectly and tastes delicious! I get so many compliments when I cook from your books. Thank you for your creativity in cooking and photography. It’s a treat to read your blog. Your photos inspired some lovely memories.
    When my sons were young we always “strawberry picked” here in RI. What a difference in taste and texture! What a job to keep them from devouring the entire berry basket before reaching home!

  2. Haven’t seen you in this space for a long while. Welcome back!

    I love picking any kind of fruits or veggies. This year the wild blackberries growing around our marina (Chattanooga, TN) were unbelievably sweet and in such abundance. I made blackberry jams with them using Christine Ferber’s recipe. Fabulous!

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