My French Family Table Cookbook


–For my two loved children, Lulu and Rémy
For the celebration of love and family with beautiful nourishing foods–

Oh hello everyone,

I meant to come here before but turned too busy with many life-filling events related to work and family–including following and enjoying the first steps of Rémy who is now fifteen months old already; attending Lulu’s end of year dance recital; AND traveling to Sicily to teach a food styling and photography workshop with my friend Fabrizia in Case Vecchie. You can see some pictures already on my Instagram feed. We are already talking about one next year….

Amazing days!


Today IS a special day though!

Because my cookbook, My French Family Table, is finally becoming available.


I am feeling really proud and I DO hope that you will love it as much as I do, and that you will use it to cook meals for you family and loved ones. The recipes inside are very personal–I return to them constantly as they are the backbone of my every day food.


The book is divided into six main sections:

–Mornings Foods

–Soups, Savory tarts, and Salads

–Snack Time

–Cooking with Lulu

–Main Courses

–Sweet treats for the family

Which offer 120 recipes for naturally gluten free dishes that feature whole grains, colorful produce, and distinctive spices.

Foods we love.



Here are a few inserts from inside the book which is now available on Amazon and bookstores–and I know it will become available at Anthropologie stores too.


Spaghetti with roasted butternut squash, peas, ricotta, and bresaola



Blue potato and red snapper papillotes



So of course, I thought that’d you’d enjoy a recipe extracted from the book. It’s one that I cook over and over for us, and for friends when they stop by for a meal.

I hope you’ll enjoy it!

Then, if you happen to purchase the book, don’t forget that you can always leave a review with your feedback on Amazon, if that’s where you purchased the book. I’d like to hear what you think.

Cannot wait to see what is ahead. Thank you all for all of your support.

Happy Cooking!

Yours always,



Vanilla-flavored chicken clafoutis with cherry tomatoes



  1. My cookbook came yesterday!!! I read it cover to cover! I love it and can’t wait to cook some of your beautiful and delicious recipes! Thank you!

  2. Amazing. The food sounds delicious and looks beautiful. What a wonderful talent, you are blessed and we shall all reap the benefits. Thank you.

  3. My cookbook came in time for a Mother’s Day gift; my husband preordered it from the publisher. I spent all morning reading it. Since then, I have cooked from it two or three times a day! Sometimes even more! It is so often and well used that it remains on the counter and I read it while eating my meals and plan for the next meal. Hands down, this is my favorite cookbook. The cherry and almond flan has become a breakfast staple and my own young children are always excited to help in the kitchen. Bea, you have literally saved our family from the cooking rut we have been in and we thank you heartily.

  4. This morning, I received your book(I live in Rome) and wow, it is so gorgeous..I ‘m looking forward to cook your inspiring recipes.Congratulations also for your beautiful kids.

  5. Bonjour, bravo! Que de travail et passion. Félicitations. J’ai partagé sur mes réseaux sociaux, parce que tu le vaux bien.

  6. Gabriella, thanks so much! Hope you love it. If you can leave a feedback where you purchased it too, that would be lovely 😉

  7. Sondra, thanks so much for your kind words and feedback. Love that you have already used it and that your family embraced it and it is part of your life now.

  8. Wow, it looks fabulous. And I wouldn’t have thought up a vanilla chicken clafoutis with cherry tomatoes, but now that you’ve brought it up, I’d like to eat it! Thanks for the recipe.

  9. Félicitations, Béa! J’adore ton nouveau livre. C’est très appétissant et surtout les photos sont superbes. Quelle photos! Gros bisous 😉

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  11. I ordered your book straight away! Because you are such a huge source of inspiration, really! Beautiful work!

  12. Hello. I got my copy yesterday-Really enjoying it so much. I have been carrying it around with me and loving going back thru it : ) I own your first book also.
    Hope you do a video blurb for this like you did for book one.
    ::happy cooking::
    from Northern California

  13. I enjoyed meeting lovely Bea and beautiful Remy last week. We discussed food, flowers and the busy lifestyle of many Americans. Bea is passionate about her work, educating those she meets . Family meals are meant to be joyful, healthy and shared together !

    I was inspired and energized by Bea and have put hard two of her newest cookbooks. One to keep and one to give as a gift!

  14. Thanks so much Grace for the lovely note! So nice to see you write in this space. I hope you will enjoy the book, and we should surely talk more about flowers, food, and more once again!

  15. I am enjoying reading the book and excited about trying some of the recipes. Quick question: the picture on page 20 doesn’t appear to be labeled and so I don’t know how to find the recipe. Could you point me in the right direction? Many thanks!