A Food Styling and Photography Workshop in England, summer 2014


In England, August 2011


East Sussex, England (photo taken by Leigh)

It’s a beautiful day when it starts with the announcement of a project I’ve been working on for a while.

And yes. It has finally come together.

2014 is about new adventures indeed, and I am really excited about the workshops awaiting for the new year.

One of them is going to happen in early summer in the south of England.

Have I told you before of my story with England?


English countryside, August 2011

I’ve always felt a deep connection to our neighbors across the channel. And to the English countryside. Since I traveled to England for the first time to visit my pen friend Liz. I was twelve and I was taking the plane alone for the first time. I was tasting crumble and jacket potatoes for the first time. It was the year when Prince Charles and Lady Diana got engaged. It felt surreal and magical.

My love affair for England started there.


London, August 2011

We took Lulu to England for the first time in the summer of 2011, when I was invited to speak at Food Blogger Connect in London. How joyous we felt! England was just the way I remembered!

It was about walking through meadows filled with beautiful wild flowers; wearing Wellington boots in the rain and carrying the most perfect umbrella along; having a picnic in a park with a serious English flair and stare at the green of the grass. Have you noticed the many shades of green an English landscape can display?

So right then, I knew I would come back to England once again. I had made that promise.



England, August 2011

So there you are.

I am very excited to announce that I will be holding a 5 day 6 night Lifestyle Workshop in Rural England with Food and Styling Photography sessions with the help of my friend Leigh, a talented American girl living in England, and my friend Alison, a fabulous chef who will cook for us on site–she is truly amazing!

You will be staying in an eco-friendly farm in a beautiful countryside setting in East Sussex. We want you to experience sides of England I love: pastoral charm, rusticity, genuine nature, and comfort.

We want you to discover and enjoy simple moments on a farm.

Accommodation is based on double occupancy with shared facilities. Some will stay in a farm cottage while others will be lodged in a charming and more rustic safari tent. Whichever adventure you are up for. Whatever suits your needs best. Availability will be offered on first come, first serve basis.


June 28th to July 4th 2014


US$2,800 if you choose the farm cottage (7 people will be lodged in it);
US$2,500 if you choose the safari tent (3 people will be lodged in it).

A 50% non-refundable deposit ($1,400 for the farm cottage; $1,250 for the safari tent) is required to secure your spot.

Final Payment ($1,400 for the farm cottage; $1,250 for the safari tent) is due on March 14th, 2014.

10 students maximum.


5 days/6 nights = 4 days filled with instruction interspersed with hands-on practice and local visits (such as the visit of a smokery; pick your own fruit at a nearby farm; picnic at the beach day); 1 day off to relax or maybe enjoy a bike ride.

There is a lovely little treatment room on the farm (with the latest far infra red therapy sauna) in which treatments like massages and facials can be booked (they need to be booked in advance, so if you think you’d like to pamper yourself, let us know when you book. These are not included).

Included: Travel from Gatwick airport, to and from the farm; Transportation on site and visits; 6 nights lodging at the farm cottage or safari tent; 6 breakfasts; 4 lunches; 4 dinners; bike rental

Excluded: Travel to England; Travel insurance; Extras

We strongly recommend you to take a travel insurance. You do not need to be an expert but owning a SLR camera is assuredly preferable.

Have a look at the accommodations and the sceneries around.

Registration will open on Tuesday January 14th, 2014.

I hope you will be on board!



The cottage farm (collage by me, photos taken by Leigh)


On the property (photo taken by Leigh)


The cottage farm (collage by me, photos taken by Leigh)





English countryside, August 2011


The farm (collage by me, photos taken by Leigh)


Safari tent (Photo collage, courtesy of the farm)


  1. It sounds like a Dream come true… We are also in Love with the England you describe <3 How I miss it… If it wouldnt be so expensive… 🙁

  2. It looks and sounds absolutely magical! Sad it’s so expensive.
    Perhaps a 1 day workshop would be more affordable…
    Sad I can’t make it 🙁

  3. I really hope this means you’ll be speaking at FBC again this year…?! What a wonderful experience this workshop would be. xoxo

  4. Much luck with your photoshops next year! It sounds very exciting. Forgive me if I miss your recipes a lot. My family are also Europeans in the US and your food is so close to home that we eagerly await for you to post a recipe.

  5. Hi, i’d love to attend this workshop. I live nearby NYC and I would like to know the time difference between where you are and here so I can make sure I hold a place for me. Are you going to make a new post wiht the link to the sign-in page?
    Thank you

  6. Hi, i’d love to attend this workshop. I live nearby NYC and I would like to know the time difference between where you are and here so I can make sure I hold a place for me. Are you going to make a new post wiht the link to the sign-in page?

  7. Regina, Yes I will post a link how to do it. Hopefully up by tomorrow evening. I am sick today so I am unfortunately a little behind.

  8. Hi!! I want to pay… how can i do it????
    Do you have the link?

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  10. What a great project and an inspirational, beautiful blog!I have just discovered it but will definitely return!

  11. I think I left a phone message just now on your 617.819.5569 number but just in case, I would like to communicate via email about the Sussex Workshop. There are 3 of us who would like to register. Is the tent still available? Cheryl

  12. I just came across your blog today…I am still looking /reading. It’s so motivating & inspiring. I traveled to Spain this summer and visited Seville as well -great food, interesting history & beautiful architecture. Anyway, I would love to attend one of your workshops (can’t make one in England), do you have any future workshops planned? Thanks, Mariola

  13. Mariola,

    Yes there are more workshops in the planning. Come back for updates on the blog. Thank you.

  14. And does the price change at all if we are coming from London?

  15. Jessica, no I am afraid the price is just the same for everyone since we have to pay for accommodation, food, and services etc just the same way. Thanks for checking and your interest.

  16. Hi Bea – I would love to come! I showed the link to my husband, and he would like a getaway to England also. Is there room for 2 more people, one an aspiring photographer and another one for a very supporting husband?

  17. Hi Bea I was wondering if I come as a single – will I share a room with a stranger (can I book as a single? or would I have to pay double?) and if my husband comes but doesn’t take part in the activities is the price the same for him? I wasn’t quite sure how it works with the double occupancy. Thanks!

  18. Hi Bea
    Could you please let me know if the course is still open for booking? I live in London and this course sounds like the best one on offer at the moment 🙂
    Thank you.

  19. Bea, I second Annie’s comment above – is the course still open for booking? My folks live very near and I might not even need accommodation, but it would depend on your set-up and numbers fully booked. Any info welcome!

  20. Oh this sounds wonderful but my timing is a month off. We’ll be visiting in-laws in West Sussex in August. I live in Denver but would love to try a conference in England. I’ll hope to join another year. All the best!

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