August 16-17: a food styling and photography workshop in Brooklyn with Sunday Suppers


Hello everyone,

I am currently in East Sussex England teaching a food styling and photography workshop at Hawthbush farm. It’s incredible here! The countryside is gorgeous, the people are oh so friendly, the weather (yes English weather!) is stunning.

You can see some of my pics in Instagram.

I feel lucky to be surrounded by such a group of people right now…


So I need to tell you about another event that will take place im Brooklyn in August at Sunday Suppers. You may remember that I taught a few workshops there in the past. Karen’s loft is really inspiring.

The event is going to take place over two days, August 16-17.
It will be a celebration of summer produce and french cooking–together we will cook and style with locally sourced produce.

The workshop will cover camera function (SLR required/recommended), use of light, food styling and propping, image review and critique.

Cost is $750, and includes two breakfasts and two lunches.

Two day workshop | 10am – 4pm | August 16+17
Sunday Suppers Studio
475 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

If you are interested in registering, contact Karen at Sunday Suppers (info[at] and follow this link.


  1. I love Your blog and the pictures and I wish to be able to take one of Your courses, I leave in UK so I have to wait for another of Your cours in England:-)

  2. This sounds like such a wonderful workshop, and since I’m located in NYC I’d absolutely love to attend! Unfortunately, I’m out of town that weekend. Anything else in the works for the general NYC area in the coming year?

  3. We lov your blog! We wish we could go to your courses, but unfortunately we are so far, in Argentina :( Hope you have a good week, kisses♥

  4. I grew up with French parents in the Chicago area. My grand parents owned an auberge in Perigord. My grandfather, forcefed my mother foie gras and truffles to make sure that despite growing up in the USA I would have a palate and a fond love for food. I have read and reread your book and love it. You have an amazing eye and palate… someday I would love to take a class or drink a glass of wine with you! Continued success! FdeM

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