Irish Flavors


Wild Horses near Lough Atorick, County Clare, Ireland

As I am flying over parts of Iceland and Greenland, I cannot help but wish that I was still in Ireland. I’m thinking about so many different things. And then my head fills with the beautiful images and moments spent with the group that joined Angela and I to Ireland for our workshop. They were amazing. The Irish people we encounter along the way are amazing. I don’t want the moments we have to end and disappear.

Once I am rested and settled back home, I will come back to show you what we did, saw, and ate. Alison, I miss your foods already!

And wild blackberries.


Wild Blackberries, County Clare, Ireland

OH, HOW MUCH I love the Irish and their majestic country. There’s so much beauty there.

It’s a good thing you are married to an Irish man”, my mother-in-law tells me with a smile while listening to me. I am tired but want them to hear every bit about my trip.

It was meant to be.

And I feel lucky it happened.

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  1. sounds so magical, it is all so rewarding to meet perfect strangers in a foreign land and leave with new friendships and inspiration. the best feeling.

  2. I can’t wait to see these images! I lived in Dublin between the years -95 to 2007 and love it dearly! I went back for the first time since I moved away last spring, before that I was too afraid that if I did go back I wouldn’t be able to leave again..