La fête des mamans


Bonne fête à toutes les mamans !

Mother’s Day, la fête des mères, is only celebrated on May 26th in France, but one time is never enough to show the appreciation and love I have for my mother, and for all of the things she taught me.

Including bringing me into the kitchen to cook with her.

I wish her, my mother-in-law, all my mother friends, and all of you who are lucky mums, a very happy special day! Tonight, P. is cooking Japanese for me and Lulu.

We are both happy and hungry for a bowl of beef donburi !

Comfort food at its best!

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  1. Happy Mothers Day to you, Bea! I hope it’s wonderful! xox

  2. Hi, Bea! What a gorgeous photo!!! I am glad that you had someone cooking for you on Mother’s Day. I also had a great time with my husband and daughters. It made me happy just to think about how blessed I am for having them in my life. Wishing you a great week!

  3. Hi there,
    I do culinary getaways in South Africa where I take guests around our beautiful country and different chefs do food demo’s and talks.
    Is there any chance you would consider coming out to SA to do workshop here? Regards