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I am *so* excited about this announcement. I’ve been wanting to do this–especially prompted by requests to purchase images from dear readers and friends–for a very long time. But over the months, I never got to it. Always short of time.

But I made July of this year my deadline to finally start to sell my images.

To start, via my Etsy store.

I love the prints. I love how they look on paper. I hope you will too.

Note that I started with a selection of 16 images for now. More will follow. Come back often, or email me for wishes to see some pictures, if you have any.

Happy Weekend All!


  1. I love your cookbook and recently did a color pencil drawing of your artfully styled photo of the Fingerling Potato Salad (on pages 100-101). See my drawing on my blog ( What a treat to now be able to buy your photos to inspire me to do more still life drawings! I will also want to put these up in my kitchen! Your photo artistry is an inspiration.

  2. They are SO beautiful but they are also very expensive. If you ever sell smaller prints for less than $50, I will gladly pick a few up.

  3. those photographs are beautiful, but they seem crazy expensive for inkjet printouts 🙂

  4. Beautiful photos! You must be happy with the new shop! 🙂 But am I missing something with the prices? It seems crazy expensive!

  5. Thank you for the notes everyone. I am excited about this. And for those of you who commented on the price of the pictures, sorry! But my time involved into making the pictures justifies the cost as well as the print itself. The images are all printed professionally following high quality standards. Thank you.

  6. Lovely photos. Can I make a suggestion? I couldn’t afford to outlay such a large amount for an image, but I could easily and would, love to be able to buy postcards of your images. If you have a look at Jennifer Causeys etsy store she will print postcards in batches and I love buying them, such a wonderful treat for myself and friends I send them to. I hope you don’t mind the suggestion.

  7. Hi Bea, Congratulations. I have been wanting to suggest you market your travel pictures. They are just wonderful. What would you think about a digital series on different sites rather than printed images? Put me down for anything on France, Ireland and Sicily.
    Another photographer, Linda

  8. Oh, this is great news! Such fun! I am excited to pick out some favorites and find places to put them and people to give them to. Congrats and thanks from all of us who love your work.

  9. Your images are way too expensive. And why does it have to be about selling, selling, selling anyway? Your blog was lovely, simple and true — best to keep it that way.

  10. Rohlala je suis trop contente de découvrir cette jolie nouvelle !

    Je cherchais justement de belles phootos pour illustrer mon nouveau concept alors tes photos ne pouvaient pas mieux tomber .

    Je les trouve toutes aussi magnifiques les unes que les autres alors tu peux d’ores et déjà compter une cliente dans ta petite boutique 🙂

  11. As a fellow food photographer and artist, I understand 100% what goes into producing these beautiful photos. That said, I agree with the others that you have them priced way, way too high – especially for Etsy and an inkjet print. These prices reflect something you would see on canvas at a boutique gallery.

  12. Hi Angela, thank you for the note. The thing is that they are in a gallery priced this way.

  13. I think your photos are beautiful, but you may want to watermark them just to make it harder for anyone to just print them out themselves or pass them for their own.

  14. Wow, love the prints.
    @joannaKarl, whats wrong with Bea selling her work? I’m sure you get payement for the work you do? Or does your doctor give you free surgery out of kindness? Just because she blogs, doesn’t mean her work is charity.

  15. This is such a great idea!! I bet the prints are stunning ~ I could easily decorate my whole house with them 🙂

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