Book Signing and Cooking Demo at Trident, Boston

trident bookstore boston cooking demo tartine gourmande

Sorry everyone for not being around much. I’ve been really busy over the past month. I also recently traveled to Vermont (instant love) and then Montreal with Lulu and P. I hope to have pictures, recipes and stories about this adventure soon.

In the meantime, I wanted to share my upcoming book event with you. On Thursday March 1st, I will be at Trident Bookstore in Boston for a cooking demonstration and book signing.

If you are around or live nearby, come and say hello. I’d love to discover your real faces!

A bientôt,

Trident Booksellers & Cafe
338 Newbury Street
Boston, MA 02115
(617) 267-8688


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  2. Soon soon soon soon!!! Please! 😀
    I finally got your book, and it’s here, next to me. My favorite chapter is the dessert one… really beautiful, it really makes me crave some sweet treat 🙂
    Unfortunately I can’t cook these days, too busy.. but I can’t see the time I’m starting to test your recipes!
    Have a good day, I’m waiting for your next post 🙂


  3. I just bought your book yesterday and I already cooked two amazing recipes. I love it, it’s beautiful and filled with exceptional mouth watering recipes. It’s my favourite book by now.

  4. I purchased your book last week and instantly fell in love. Congratulations…really! I hope you were not in Mtl in a library for the book, I would be mad at myself for having missed it. Ton livre est génial. Du bonheur à feuilleter.

  5. I received your book several days ago. It should win cookbook of the year! The photography makes the food jump off the page. A true joy and I look forward to reading every page and cooking too.

    Thank you for bringing such joy.

  6. Merci Stéphanie. Ca me fait super plaisir. Je n’étais pas dans une librairie à Montréal pour une dédicace 😉 mais j’espère bientôt le faire. 😉

  7. Lena, so so happy to know that! Love to know you’ve already cooked a few recipes! Yeah!

  8. Dulcistella, love that I am inspiring you to make a dessert! Hope you have the time very soon!

  9. I just bought your book the other day and how do I love it! I pulled it off the shelf and before I even got past the breakfasts, I knew I had to have it. How have I managed to miss your blog all this time? That will surely be remedied now. Anyhow, I LOVE the book and I’ve already made several of the recipes and all have been divine (love the millet-amaranth pastry!!). I also love reading your beautiful memories and stories – you have such a lovely voice, so full of enthusiasm and child-like delight. I feel like we are sitting down and talking together when I read your words. Congrats on such a spectacular book and fabulous blog!!

  10. Hi Danielle, this is very sweet of you. I am so so pleased when I read readers who stop by to let me know they’ve tried recipes and loved them. Many thanks for that! I hope you continue to enjoy it!

  11. sigh if only i could go! i’m on the wrong coast! but best of luck, i’m very excited for you!

  12. Hello Bea! So happy you had a wonderful trip and cannot wait to see your photos from VT and Montreal. Wish I could attend the cooking demo!

  13. You cookbook is beautiful as is your blog! My two favorite book recipes are the pistachio financiers and the salmon with the exotic carrot sauce! Thank you for this gluten free inspired cookbook.

  14. What a shame I won’t be able to come…a little one is on his way…but I’m hoping to be around your area in Autumn, I do hope to meet you!


  15. Michael,

    So happy to read. Many many thanks!! I hope it continues to inspire you in the kitchen!

  16. Wow…what a wonderful and beautiful cookbook! I stumbled upon your blog and immediately ordered your book. I have hundreds of cookbooks and yours in one I have devoured every single word of and am anxious to try every recipe. So far I’ve made every tartine, plus the blood orange salad…all delicious. Next up are ladyfingers and raspberry tiramisu. Thank you for writing such an awe-inspiring cookbook! I’ve been sharing your blog link and recommending your book to my foodie friends. Also, great to see you on Heidi Swanson’s blog and sharing your favorite cookbooks. Merci beaucoup Bea!

  17. Melissa,

    I am so so pleased to read your feedback and know that you’ve enjoyed the recipes, and book. Many thanks for that! Makes my day!

  18. Bonjour Béatrice,
    Savez vous déjà s’il y aura une traduction française en 2012 ?
    Bravo pour ce très beau blog!

  19. I just received your beautiful book which I WON! I can not wait to start cooking your recipes. My husband wants to know if I can start at the beginning and just cook all the way through! I think that LOOKS like a wonderful plan! Congratulations! It is a fabulous book and thanks so much for sharing!

  20. Helen,

    I am super super pleased to read. And I love your hubby’s plan! 🙂 Except that you’ll end up eating breakfasts for a while, and then onto lunch etc 😉 Enjoy it. I hope you love the recipes

  21. Hi Bea, I adore your website. I saw Heidi’s review of your book on 101 cookbooks (and mentions of it on many other food sites), and I must say I am very impressed by all of the thought and effort you put into your work. I very much appreciate the sensory experience I get when coming to your site and am looking forward to getting your book. Thanks for all the great images and recipes!

  22. Bia, I got your book! Love every page!
    I’d like to say “Thank you” for such a great book!

  23. I’m sad that I only just found your amazing blog today, as I would have definitely headed to Trident to meet you! what fabulous images and recipes you have here!

  24. I want to thank you so much for writing your amazing cookbook! I was so excited to receive it. I want to cook everything in it especially the radicchio risotto the tarts & the frittata. The recipes are so well written & photos just beautiful & inspiring!!

  25. Thanks so much Cherie. I hope you love the recipes.

    Erika, there will be more 😉

    Alya, thanks so much, I am so pleased to read!

    Julia, merci beaucoup!

  26. Are you coming to Southern California???? I hope so… I plan to buy this book very soon: your blog is beautiful and I LOVE the mix of french and english.

  27. When I lived in Boston, Trident was one of my FAVORITE places to go!! I’m so happy to know it is still there and going strong 🙂