Mashed Celeriac and Potato Recipe for the Boston Globe

gluten free mashed celeriac potato recipe

Mashed Celeriac and Potato Recipe

Hello everyone,

I wish I could be here more often these days but it’s just not happening right now. We have renovation going on upstairs in our house, side projects, my parents arriving next week, and simply the business of every day life–we are all on the same boat, aren’t we? I cannot wait to be back with stories and pictures, though, so much thanks for your patience. For those of you I will meet this coming Saturday for the book signing, I am really super happy. It will be such a special moment for me.

In any case, today, I am still saying hello, with a recipe I wrote a while ago for the Boston Globe. You know how much I love celeriac. The French often do. Do you remember this soup, this salad, and this tart?

gluten free celeriac recipes

Apple and Celeriac Soup — Red Cabbage and Celeriac Tabbouleh
Celeriac and Hokkaido Squash Tart

I even have another new soup recipe in my cookbook: hello celeriac, sweet potato and apple soup with parsley oil and marjoram!

gluten free celeriac recipes

Potato and Celeriac Timbale Recipe (not from book) —
Celeriac, White Sweet Potato and Apple Soup Recipe with Parsley Oil and Marjoram
(from “La Tartine Gourmande: Recipes for an Inspired Life“)

I hope you will enjoy them all. The recipe for Mashed Celeriac and Potato can be found here.

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  2. This looks intriguing as I’ve never tried celeriac before! What is the orange that you have garnished the mash with? I only read pepper in the ingredient list!

  3. So many great ideas for cooking with celeriac! I love the tart and celeriac and apple are a great combination in soup. Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Oh how I love celeriac. It was just yesterday when I made a celeriac purée as a side. It’s much too often that it gets neglected in the kitchen. Such a shame.
    One thing I’m wondering: do you have any suggestions about how to clean and peel celeriac best?

  5. It’s sooo beautiful!
    Here, in France, it’s cold and rainy… and these pictures bring me some light and colours!

  6. Celery root and marjoram, interesting. I just made a celery root and rutabaga slaw with capers and dried cherries, but now I’m intrigued by your savory herb selection.

  7. Sounds really good, but won’t be able to get the recipe unless I subscribe to the Boston Globe and I won’t be doing that anytime soon.

  8. Beautiful pictures always on your blog
    You show clear acrylic spoons and glasses in bright colors in your blog , can you tell me where to find them ?
    I’m in Paris right now .

  9. Oh how delicious these recipes look. I love all root vegetables and have so many celeriac recipes I want to try. Unfortunately I live in rural upstate New York and cannot find them at any store or market. Oh well, my list will just keep growing with gorgeous recipes like this!

  10. Quelles bonnes recettes !! les deux versions me plaisent beaucoup

    Je te souhaite une belle soirée, ici le suberbe marché de Noël de Montbéliard et sous la pluie depuis plusieurs jours, quel dommage !!

  11. I must be living under a rock because I had to search Google Images for what Celeriac looks like! I now have a sneaking suspicion I have in fact used it thinking it was a funny looking turnip 😉

  12. Looks like a great recipe, celeriac is such a mystery to me, but always rewarding. I have been enjoying the work of art that is your cookbook so much. It sits next to my couch right now, so that I can peruse it whenever I have the chance. I have cooked a risotto, baked the cranberry cake and the oatmeal cookies, and made one of the soups, too, I think! Everything has turned out wonderfully. Someone commented on how nice it was that the cake is not too sweet, I couldn’t agree more. It is such an obvious labor of love, thank you!

  13. Struck me that celeriac – looks just like celiac – (take out the er in the middle!)… your food always looks so divine… and good to be reminded of a veggie I often overlook! Grazie! Claudine

  14. Bea! Great site, i love it. I always read you. Im at USA now so im going to try to get your book (im from argentina). Where do you get all your beautifull spoons?? Can I find them here?

    Love Pau

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  16. I first made a similar dish when I received celeriac in a farm share–the farmers also kindly gave us recipe suggestions and something like this was one of them.

    It was so yummy and quickly because a favorite! It’s been a while since I made it. Thanks for the inspiration–can’t wait to try your version.