A kitchen was born

And a new kitchen was born.

If you’ve been following me during the past months, you’ll surely remember me mentioning the kitchen. Our move. And finally the completion of our new kitchen renovation. I’ve shown you a few pictures in previous posts. You asked for more. And I promised more then.

Alors voilà!

And because often pictures speak better than words, I am simply attaching a series of snapshots I took the past few days.

To make it also more real, I’m including pictures of what the kitchen looked like before, when we moved in.

A few things that I will remember. It was hard work. Sometimes stressful. Messy. Difficult. Exciting. Rewarding. Feeling long to us, although our contractors stayed on schedule–it took a little over three months.

But in the end, the kitchen turned out the way we had envisioned and designed it. It’s still not completely finished. But that’s the exciting part too.


I hope you all have a nice weekend.



Frankly, I am still not believing that my kitchen dream came true. I feel so lucky.

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  2. Look at all that light! So many great details and fun ideas…my husband is in trouble now. Have a wonderful time in there!

  3. Quel bel espace ! Et je vois qu’on partage le même amour pour les bols Anthropologie ! 😉 J’ai une confession à te faire : je reviens tout juste de Boston où à part me balader dans le vent, manger des lobster rolls et m’enrhumer, j’ai beaucoup pensé à toi, ton blog et la source d’inspiration constante qu’il est pour toute la blogosphère ! Merci Béa !

  4. I was hoping to look at more photos of the actual remodel, such as the Island with the cooktop and hood vent part, but most of your photos are of “stuff”…things you filled your kitchen with, such as cups, bowls, pillows, etc. I’m a bit disappointed. 🙁

  5. Great job Bea. It looks great. I love the open shelves. We are buying a new apartment this year. I’m hoping we find something which needs a new kitchen so I can do my thing.

  6. So light, so airy. I really like the thread of organic themes in the light fixture, window shade, textiles, cups. Very, very nice, Béa. Enjoy.

  7. It looks wonderful Bea! It also looks like you had some fun at Ikea, I’m envious. An artist needs a studio, and now you have yours, I am looking forward to seeing the masterpieces you will produce. May you and your family have a wonderful 2011!

  8. Wonderful kitchen and dinneroom!! It looks so comfortable and full of light!!!
    I love your bowls it remember me patchwork!!! and I love patchwork too, where did you buy them?
    Great job in your new kitchen!
    Mglòria from Gourmenderies

  9. such a wonderful & bright transformation. it’s always nice to see food bloggers’ kitchens. I love your anthro bowls & cups. so whimsical!

  10. Superbe cuisine Béa! L’espace, la lumière, les couleurs – tout! Tout est parfait 🙂 ça doit être un vrai bonheur de pouvoir cuisiner dans un tel endroit!

  11. magnifique espace qui invite à s’installer et cuisiner …
    continue à nous émerveiller :))) meilleurs voeux pour la nouvelle année pour toi et les tiens

  12. It’s a dream to have such a beautiful kitchen, especially for the time you spend in it ! Congrats Bea. Happy New Year to you and your family

  13. magnifique cuisine!! lumineuse et pleine de couleurs et de joie!
    Bonne annèe!

  14. Congratulations on your beautiful new kitchen. What fun you will have in your new cuisine!

  15. What a crisp feel, i love that blackboard wall 🙂

    I know you probably mentioned it a couple of times in your blog, but where do you get your beautiful props from.. i love the patterns on those bowls, and you once used a vintage milk jar!

    Thanks for such wonderful inspiration
    Happy 2011

    La Roquette

  16. She’s so beautiful! A lot of points of colours… looks very well designed! What a great archievement! I wish you a lot of good times cooking and sharing with your family here.

  17. Oh Bea, it’s simply the loveliest, homeliest kitchen!! You must be SO thrilled!

    Can’t wait to see what you make in it!

    Miss B xx

  18. Inspired and inspiring! I love the hanging white ceramic looking small utensil, gadgets holders. Where can I find them? Where can I get a whole kitchen like this? I live in New Hampshire and the bright colors of your kitchen cheers and warms me up!

  19. Sooooo nice..I love your ceramics, those bowls are amazing!!..the cups, the pillow with the trees on the chair combined with this tablecloth-and these small plants (from ikea aren’t they?-i have some too) are awesome-they really give that little something to the space!

  20. L’avant/après est impressionnant ! C’est difficile, long, stressant, mais quelle joie quand tout est enfin pret…Très beau travail !

    J’aime beaucoup vos séries de tasses et bols, très colorés, à motifs et à fleurs. D’où viennent-ils?

  21. i love it, I love it! I’m having total kitchen envy right now and I can’t wait to be there and see it in person. Great light and so cheerful. Jon was sitting here with me looking at it and he said he liked it very much too. He also spotted a few cups we have too and the white basket we take to the farmers market with us 🙂

  22. Elle est vraiment superbe ta cuisine et j´envie encore plus ta vaisselle!!J´espère que tu nous montreras aussi ton espace où tu fais tes photos:) Bon week-end à toi aussi!!

  23. Le changement est considérable, quelle luminosité, j’adore te j’ai les mêmes opinel 😉

  24. Really beautiful!!! There’s so much light. It feels like a kitchen where you cook and live and not just a beautiful kitchen to look at!!! And there’s a view of the kitchen from all the adjacent rooms which is great! The light above the dining table is awesome!!!! Where did you find it ?
    Thank you very much for sharing with us the place where all these yummy recipes and photos are / will be taken 😉

  25. Dans un tel endroit, cuisiner n’est pas une tâche mais un réel plaisir! Félicitations, vous avez su donner une âme à cette cuisine.

  26. I see IKEA everywhere! Isn’t it an amazing place? Oh the hours I could spend shopping there! I love what you’ve done with the color scheme. It’s very a very clean, cozy look! Come do mine, would you?

  27. Ta cuisine est tout simplement MAGNIFIQUE !!

    De l’espace, de la luminosité, des couleurs gaies , j’aime bcp !!

    Profite bien de ce rêve devenu réalité!

  28. Est ce que c’est un saladier alessi que tu as mis en abat jour? quelle bonne idee…

  29. Elle est superbe ! La cuisine idéale colorée et en même temps sereine et pas deco ! Femicitations et plein de voeux de moments de joie dans cette cuisine ! Et au fait a part les bols antropholigie d’ou vient ta vaiselle notamment les petits mugs/bols haut ? Merci !

  30. What a lovely kitchen! My husband and I are starting to think about some (not-so-extensive) remodeling in our own kitchen, and I love the look of open shelving. But how do you handle dust settling on your less frequently used items? I’d hate to have to clean every dish before and after use!

  31. Beyond stunning! Enjoy and create more of your delicious recipes and continue to create many, many beautiful memories with your family. Happy New year!

  32. I am in love with how organised your kitchen appears to be! It’s clean, colourful and so full of warmth! Truly is a dream and such a marvellous transformance.

    Don’t mind me asking but where did you get that bin in the first image. My mother has been looking for one for the longest time!

    All the best for the new year and good luck in the kitchen!

  33. It looks really great! I love how bright the kitchen is, and all the color play. I can definitely see your style reflected in the kitchen, and think it is wonderful how you can incorporate the things that inspire you in your photography. Congratulations on making it through the worst of the remodeling, enjoy!


  34. Quelle belle cuisine! J’en rêve… De la lumière et de la couleur, mais elle reste simple. C’est superbe!

  35. Felicitations! I wouldn’t have imagined any other way! Full of light, colorful…

  36. Magnifique! I’m going to ask the same questions, but…where do you get your gorgeous dishware?!

  37. Hello helo everyone,

    Thanks so much for your feedback. I am happy to read every one of your comments.

    W., I guess I was in the mood for the pictures I am showing here, but taking pics of what you mentioned is a good idea. I definitely keep room for more and more.

    As to the bowls and cups etc, I use different resources. Some of you recognized Anthropologie. Others are from Geneviève Lethu.

    Arielle, what basket are you referring to? The white one?

    As to the items on open shelves, I use them so regularly that there is no issue of dust. They are part of my every day plates and bowls and glasses we use.

    And the light fixture in the dining room is from Lumen Center Italia.

    Again, merci!

  38. When are you selling? I want to buy your house solely based on the snaps of your kitchen 🙂 Looks lovely– congratulations! Happy cooking!

  39. So happy you are settled.. have a question. where did you buy the pink cakes stand.. I’m a bit of a collector of vessels, bowls, etc.

  40. Happy new year Bea and family! What a great kitchen! Full of light, life and color! Really beautiful!Congratulations and thanks so much for sharing and giving us a lot of inspiration!!! Lots of love

  41. Please tell me where you found that adorable hot pink cake stand! I love it!

  42. Whaou ta cuisine est superbe tant les meubles que la vaisselle et l’aménagement. J’adore!!
    Juste une question, d’où viens la cloche à gaeteaux rose?
    Merci d’avance

  43. Congrats Bea on your lovely new kitchen. The new kitchen looks brighter with more light filtering in. Loved the photos in your previous post.. don’t know how come I missed that one.

  44. So, um , when can I move in? Seriously though, your kitchen is like a picture I have in my own head of the kitchen I want! It’s great. Congrats. Great blog too xx

  45. j’adore votre blog que j’ai découvert après l’émission Envoyé spécial, j’adore vos photos ! je suis en train de préparer le projet de ma nouvelle cuisine et j’ai aussi envie de ce modèle d’IKEA. PAr contre, je suis contrainte à une petite superficie, sans pouvoir l’ouvrir sur le séjour … merci de partager vos idées et recettes ! bonne année

  46. Looooove it! J’adore tes touches de couleurs un peu partout, et le mur d’ardoise! Congrats, well deserved, I know you waited long to have it!

  47. Absolutely beautiful, Bea! I especially love the pops of color everywhere and the light fixture over the table. It must feel so good to work in that space!

  48. Bravo pour la cuisine, elle est gaie, pratique avec plein d’accessoires qui iraient bien dans ma cuisine.
    Bonne année 2011!

  49. génial ta cuisine!! j’en rêve comme on dit en France “ça pète sa maman”
    dis moi ou est ce que je peux trouver le grand saladier blanc a rayure rouge s’il te plaît
    merci pour la réponse

  50. Congrats for the new beautiful kitchen…. It is amazing…..i’d spend all day in such kitchen. And I would be extremely happy, lucky to have the kitchen of my dreams.

  51. love at first site. i wish i feel the same way when i finish mine. so far it is stressfull and i keep having second thoughts.
    congrats again on yours!

  52. Wow, so lovely! We just bought a house and these pictures have inspired me. Happy cooking and baking!

  53. I love, love, love your kitchen!!! It’s so lovely and full of colour and light 🙂

  54. I am SO delighted for you, Bea. It’s gorgeous! I love to think about you making your lovely creations in that space, Lulu running around at your feet.

    Here’s to a wonderful year of enjoying where you are. xox

  55. What a fun kitchen! I liked the before photos just fine, but it’s so cheery now. Looks like you’ve been shopping at one of my fave stores, too — Anthropologie. Having been through 2 kitchen remodels, I know how relieved you are. Enjoy!

  56. Bea, gorgeous! I love the white walls with splashes of color by using bowls, pots, etc… Very bright and photo friendly. We have slowly been upgrading our kitchen as well; it is a rental, so we are somewhat limited to how much we can do, not knocking down of walls. I love the light you have; where did you get it?

  57. That is beautiful, just beautiful! Well done. You must be so happy!

    Where is your adorable striped teapot from? I’d love to find one like it!

  58. What a lovely kitchen. I was wondering where the light (white one above the table) is from, we’ve been looking for something like that for ages. It would be great if you could let me know and enjoy cooking in your fantastic space

  59. Merci. Thank you. The teapot is from Greengate Copenhagen and the dining room light from Lumen Center Italia! Et le saladier aux rayures a été acheté en France mais je n’en connais pas la marque.

  60. Wonderful kitchen Béa, you did an incredible job. Ta cuisine inspire vraiment la douceur de vivre, je te souhaite tout plein de bonheur dedans.

  61. hi bea – totally lovely new kitchen! i’m sure all the hassles are paying off. looking forward to seeing a lot of wonderful creations and images that will sure be coming out of the kitchen in your hands!

    happy 2011 to you and yours! x

  62. You know what I did? I printed out the “after” pictures, hopped across the house to the lovely boyfriend and, with the most angelic and pleading look in my eyes I said “Baby, when we move (soon), I want THIS!!!”. He’s still starring at me in disbelief.
    I mean, honestly, if my future kitchen turns out to be at least half as pretty as yours, I’ll be happy. It is just beautiful, well done!

  63. Très beau travail !! C’est une cuisine jolie et chaleureuse. Cela promet de bons petits plats et de belles photos ! (Et youhou pleins de bols anthropologie, j’adore !!)
    J’en profite pour te souhaite une très belle année 2011 !

  64. Bliss is the perfect word, isn’t it. I am sure that every time you walk into your new home, you tingle with excitement and the thrill of now coupled with the thrill of the future in this house. What a gift. The light colours, big windows and natural light offer a peace and serenity to the space that must be so welcoming. And your artistic touches capture one’s attention and edify. Absolutely lovely. Congratulations, and thank you for sharing! I love kitchens… and love to see the kitchens of people who really do use them.

  65. Oh, I am green with envy. You have six burners, while I struggle to cook in my tiny New York kitchen. Non, mais sérieusement, j`adore la cuisine.

  66. So beautiful. You did a wonderful job…and now is the perfect time to enjoy it with lots of snow on the ground and I am sure the smell of wonderful things from your kitchen 🙂

  67. Bonjour,
    Je suis absolument fan de vos bols, tasses et de votre touche magique pour les photos surtout continuez
    Laetitia de Toulouse

  68. Lovely job! Could you tell us where the pull-down translucent patterned shade came from? Would love to get a similar shade. Merci!

  69. Fantastic kitchen! Has anyone asked about the counter tops yet? I’d love to know what they are made of. They look too shiny for Corian. Thanks!

  70. Hi

    Thanks again. The countertop is a Caesarstone quartz countertop. And the shades are solar shades purchased at the Shadestore.

  71. Love your remodel! Where did you get that white basket sitting on the floor in your first picture?

  72. What a beautiful space, Béa, so full of light and color! I must admit I’m feeling more than a twinge of envy. 🙂 Maybe I’ll just have to borrow some of your ideas.

    Happy 2011!

  73. Yes it was the white one I was referring to, with the pretty little pattern on it! Do you perhaps remember where it was purchased?

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  75. Elle est superbe, claire fonctionnelle colorée j’adore le lustre aussi ! bravo on ne peut que s’éclater en cuisine avec un tel environnement

  76. Absolutely gorgeous kitchen! Worthy of the gorgeous things you create in it 🙂 All the best for 2011!!!

  77. Congratulations on the achievement of this great project! It must be a dream for you, as it’s just as much the heart of your kitchen as it is your workplace. I love how the kitchen suits your style perfectly, being a reader for many years I’ve come to understand your aesthetics, and I see them perfectly translated in your new house. Congrats again and I wish you happiness and the realization of many great projects in 2011!

  78. Voici un bel écrin pour toutes tes belles recettes… l’inspiration doit être au rendez-vous même si je sais que tu es loin d’en manquer ! bises

  79. I LOVE evertyhing about your blog…. 🙂
    having that said, can you please tell me where i can get identical bowls/cups (ceramic) as the you have on the pictures?the little flowery colourful ones…..?
    THANK you and I’m always looking forward for your posts 😉

  80. Bonjour,
    Je viens de découvrir votre blog et donc votre superbe cuisine. La mienne est toute petite. Quelle chance de pouvoir cuisiner dans un si bel espace. Bravo pour votre blog et vos photos magnifiques. Je suis fan… et j’ai hâte d’y revenir régulièrement pour voir les nouveautés. Sinon, comment trouver vos recettes en français (car l’anglais et moi ça fait 2). Merci pour tout.

  81. Thank you everyone, once again. And thanks Danielle for pointing out reference to basket. I actually had forgotten the name myself.

    Jaklina, les recettes sont souvent traduites (rubrique “Le coin français”). Je suis un peu en retard pour les dernières, faute de temps. Mais je vais essayer d’y remédier très vite.

    Merci encore.

  82. Merci pour l’astuce des recettes en français, c’est génial.
    Et sinon, je suis également fan de vos tasses et bols, d’où viennent-ils ?
    A très bientôt.

  83. beautiful! where did you get that lovely domed pink cake stand, would really appreciate knowing where to get it as its gorgeous!!

  84. Wow! I am so jealous with that kitchen. I always wanted to have such kitchen. I love cooking and I believe that good cook deserves a good place to do his or her thing. Do you agree? What i am trying to say is that it should be amazing to work on such kitchen.

  85. Lovely! May I ask what color you painted your kitchen, as my color-scheme is rather similar?

  86. Hi there, I’ve just stumbled across your lovely blog and fallen in love with your kitchen! What a magical place to cook! I look forward to reading more about your adventures there.

  87. Wow!!!! You are indeed lucky and you have made many people envious!!! I love the splash of colours on the white background. And I’m so glad that you are featuring the menu wall again! How brilliant is that?! Congrats!

  88. I just stumbled upon your blog- and both it, and your new kitchen are so gorgeous! If you don’t mind me asking, where are your pretty coffee cups and bowls from? I love their cute patterns and have been looking for dishes like them for quite some time now! Thank you =)

  89. Hi, i’ve been perusing the internet looking for kitchens for inspiration in our new home, and i came across this and then all the lovely food and photography on your blog. what a treat! (It looks like our daughters are around the same age too!) Anyhow–i’m assuming your kitchen cabinets were from ikea?? If they are, i am curious to know which finish they are…the birch or the ash? Thankyou, and what a wonderful new kitchen you have! i will be frequenting this blog in the future i’m sure!

  90. I can’t believe we have the same red tea pot and red dutch oven. Now I need to know more about your light fixture. Maybe I missed that in another post, but it looks fantastic. I was a faux finisher and into design before I started a food blog, so these kind of posts always make me happy.

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  92. This is a wonderful place. Bellis-s-s-s-simo! Really. I’ll follow you. There is a plenty of light as well as colours, life inside and outside, nature and chocolate, that to me are delicious at the same way! Bravi!

  93. So wonderful! I have to ask, where did you purchase the great pink dome cake stand that is on your counter in the pictures? I have been looking for one forever!