Looking for light

romanesco vegetable pink turnip

Trying to find light in our new space. Hello everyone! I have not had time to take many pictures yet. There are lots of boxes still to unpack.

But one key thing. I feel very lucky to have a new kitchen where I already love to cook.


That’s the first and only picture I so far took. There has to be beginnings, non?

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  1. Gorgeous light! And the photograph is beautiful, as usual.
    I have tried your “gratin dauphinois” for Thanksgiving, it was absolutely delicious, thank you.

  2. Very pretty Béa. I also saw the photo of your new kitchen on your Flickr link. So you, so colorful. I love the light fixture over your dining table!

  3. Beautiful! I am really astonished at how you make simple things seem breathtakingly gorgeous.

  4. Is that romanesco broccoli? I just learned of it for the first time yesterday and would love to try it. Where’s it available this time of year?

  5. Thank you! Thank you! Loving it!

    Papillotes, so happy you liked the gratin. Merci. Have been making a few more since then!

    Rachel, unfortunately, romanesco broccoli is *not* easy to find. I bought these at the last farmer’s market in Copley Square 🙁 I am still hopeful we can find some more. Any one else knows where to get it?

  6. Je suis sûre que cette new cuisine va être top! Et le chou romanesco j’adore!

  7. Seems to me you’ve found it… The light is stunning.
    Good luck with all the boxes !

  8. Te voila enfin chez toi Bea! Bon courage pour le deballage des cartons et je suis sure que tu vas faire des merveilles dans ta nouvelle cuisine. Bonne installation et a bientot!

  9. It looks like you have found the right spot for the perfect light! It would have taken me longer 🙂

  10. J’ai hâte de voir toutes les merveilleuses (et surtout délicieuses !) choses que tu vas nous préparer dans ta nouvelle cuisine ! Et au fait, je pense que tu as déjà trouvé la lumière ! 🙂

  11. When I saw the title of your post, I was sure it was going to be related to the first day of Hannukah. Very timely sentiment! Here’s to all of us searching for new light.

  12. I just moved and have a new kitchen to find light in as well. I can’t wait to start cooking again! Happy new beginnings!

  13. The picture is gorgeous. I find it beautiful to start baking in a new kitchen for the holidays, you’ll have an enthusiastic spirit.

  14. That’s got to feel good – to have your own kitchen to cook in. You always find that light, Bea! Enjoy and I look forward to more!

  15. Congratulations for your new home and new kitchen! Beautiful light.

  16. …and what a beautiful beginning!!!! looking forward to many more 🙂

  17. When I lived in France I used to see those greens in the market all the time – the ones that look like they came out of some psychedelic poster from the 60’s – but never knew their name in English. I’ve been searching for them and now – thanks to you – I know! Romanesco broccoli, here I come!
    Thanks so much!

  18. Thank you everyone. Lots to do these days! It’s a big thing to move into a new house!

  19. Une bien belle première photo dans ta nouvelle maison. Je te souhaite d’en faire plein d’autres !
    Bon courage pour l’installation…et je me demande bien ce que tu vas préparer à manger pour la pendaison de crémaillère.

  20. Merci merci.

    Gaelle, I added the romanesco to a riz pilaf with coconut milk, ground coriander, cumin and saffron. And grated red kuri squash.

  21. I don’t know the English word for this vegetable, but in French it’s “chou Romanesco”. I really like this one. To eat and to look!

  22. Fantastic pics! You have a lovely blog. I hope you get to post more soon. :)) Goodluck with the unpacking and congratulations on the nice new kitchen, 🙂

  23. Those colors together look so brilliant and wonderful together.

    Gratz on the new house and brand spankin’ new kitchen! How exciting!

  24. Hi there,I’m from Brazil,and always read your blog.First of all,I want to apologize for my english.In the past few months,i’ve been reanding,but just today I take courage to write a comment.
    Congrats for all your job,and I admire your happiness and joy.
    I hope your new home to be colorful and full of smiles,just like your blog.
    And,I will be here,just waiting for the next post.
    Congrats,one more time!

  25. I am sitting here from past few minutes just staring at the pic…first time here…and fell in love with your place…love at first sight lol….good luck for all the new things happening around you !

  26. It looks amazing.
    You have the touch of an artist 🙂

    Also I must add that nature is really awesome sometimes. Those forms and patterns… a truly higher power.

    Thank you,
    Itai Matos (TFIM)

  27. I am sure you have all the space and drive to cook with your new and amazing kitchen… I am so excited with your entire new share coming. I think your blog is already one of my favorite and I am learning a lot from you.