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republicain lorrain tartine french

French Tartine article in Le Républican Lorrain

Each time I am asked to answer a few questions for a feature in a magazine, I feel a pinch in my arm, and bubbles in my stomach. And then I think: “Is this real?

Really. How did it happen?

Then I think again.


Because of my blog and faithful readers like you who come back to encourage me and share words.

So for sure, it’s worth saying it again. And writing it again.

Thank you!

Each comment I receive feels special. Even if I am not able to answer because life seems to gets busier and busier. You should know, however, that I appreciate everything you write and every feedback I receive.

So here we are.

Over the last few months, a few journalists and editors emailed me, asking whether I’d be willing to tell a little about my story. They asked whether they’d be able to use some of my pictures for a feature in their magazine or paper.

How could I say no?

A few months later, I am left with wonderful memories, and an indescribable excitement to see some of my food photos in print. Making me anxious to see what my cookbook will look like once it’s in print too.

There’s been a 4 page article in a Serbian magazine called ReFoto Magazine (the article highlights the techniques and sensibilities of shooting food; September 2010); an article in the French magazine Cuisine by Lignac (July 2010 issue); an article in the Australasian Baker magazine (September 2010); and a really cute article–entitled French Tartine— in the French daily paper Le Républicain Lorrain (October 24 2010).

That last one, most particularly, brought a large smile on my face, making me blush. After all, this is the daily newspaper many in Lorraine, the French region where I am from, read. Philippe Creux, the journalist, was really playful with his words! I first read the online version of the article after my curiosity was piqued when I received a comment from a family living in a village near my home. Then today, my mother sent me the paper copy.

Wow. That’s quite something ! Cela fait quelque chose ! The picture in the paper was taken by a journalist in my brother’s garden this past September, when we were picking apples.

Merci. Once again!

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  1. Bea! You deserve it all! I am so glad that we got to meet and that you know what inspiration you have been to me for a few years now! Keep up the great work!

  2. Beatrice, your success is well deserved, you do a beautiful work with the blog; congratulations

  3. Congratulations on each and every one of these well-deserved features. You continually inspire, both with your approach to cooking and the images. I love it all!

  4. Bravo, Béa, bravo! I’ll say it again, your blog is simply the best – the photography, your words, delicious recipes. The teapot reminds me of candy canes. . . so glad the holidays are coming up, my favorite time of year.

  5. Ah, bon Béa! I love seeing you receive all of the accolades that you deserve. I have been a fan for such a long time. You are an inspiration to me and to so many other food bloggers. I cannot wait for your cookbook and I love seeing your story in the magazines as well.
    All my best

  6. Whoua, le Républicain Lorrain! Ça fait une éternité que je ne l’ai plus lu! (mes parents lisent plutôt l’Est Républicain).
    Mignonne, cette petite théière rayée.

  7. You absolutely deserve it, Béa! We need to thank You for all the inspiration you give us. Every time I read your blog the world seems even more beautiful. Thank you for giving us the possibility to see the world through your eyes.

  8. your recipes and your photos is unique! I love to read your stories and see your photos every week!congratulations from Greece!

  9. Congratulations Béa! I’m always reading your blog and looking forward to every new post, so I’m convinced you deserve all those articles and the recognition. Keep it up!

  10. Félicitations!
    Je sais rien à voir, mais la tasse et la théière sont géniales.

  11. cool. but WHEN do we get more peeks at your evolving kitchen??!!

  12. Yay Bea!
    Being a native Californian, having been uprooted to Lorraine (Thionville about 3 years now) I am always so happy to see, hear, read about one from this area – and the local paper, no doubt! I’ve followed your blog and prepared many of your recipes for many years. To continued success, beautiful food and cutie-pie babies! Thanks, Bea.

  13. Your beautiful blog deserves all these articles. The pictures look amazing and colourful as always. Congrats.

  14. Eh bien, je comprends ton sentiment! Toi et tes proches devez être fiers!
    Mes félicitations, c’est bien mérité!

  15. C’est justement grace à cet article dans le RL que je vous ai découvert. Je me suis dit que lire votre blog serait une bonne manière de réviser mon anglais. Je ne suis pas déçue. Vos photos sont vraiment magnifiques!
    J’habite près de Metz et je prends aussi beaucoup de plaisir à cuisiner pour mes enfants et à leur faire découvrir le gout des choses authentiques.
    Bonne continuation!

  16. You deserve it SO much Bea!
    Thank you for all the things you give in every meal you cook and every moment you share with us.
    Dans ma nouvelle vie, ma nouvelle maison et ma nouvelle (pas encore finie) cuisine, j’ai enfin le temps de suivre tes inspirations du moment et de goûter à tes recettes. Parmi les dernières, les muffins à la pistache, potimarron et pavot ont régalé nos papilles!

    Pour la petite histoire, en visite le we dernier dans ma famille – en Lorraine- ma Maman m’a dit qu’elle avait lu un super article sur la femme qui a un blog, qui cuisine et qui vit aux Etats-Unis. “Tu sais celle dont tu parles parfois” m’a-t-elle dit. Ca m’avait fait plaisir pour toi.

    Bonne journée !

  17. Congrats Bea.. I love the last picture of the apple tree. And also, here i am wondering what ‘the French’ have to write about the stink bean featured on the ReFoto cover. They are easily available here and it’s an acquired taste for these beans as they are kinda stinky!

  18. WOW! Congrats! I will have to go read that Serbian article (more have hubby read it for me). How wonderful for you congrats again!

  19. Totally deserved..I get cooking magazines and although I enjoy some.. none of the photos have soul:) Yours..have an essence ..

  20. How inspiring! I always look forward to your posts and love the photos. Even if I can’t get to making what you have written about, just reading the recipe is a wonderful experience. Thank you for sharing a piece of yourself.

  21. Bonjour! I recently found your blog and am enjoying so very much the photos, the recipes, and, well, everything! I’m happy to hear you are from Lorraine – my ancestors came to America from Lorraine, near Langatte and Rechicourt, and we were fortunate to visit some of their towns a few years ago. Thank you for the beautiful and yummy posts, felicitations!! and moi, aussi, j’aime bien la theiere!!!

  22. Your readers get lots of emotions from reading your posts so these are very well deserved recognitions! Congrats! The article from Philippe Creux is great!

  23. Congrats!! You have absolutely beautiful work! I LOVE that teapot but my mother would just die!!!!!! Where did you get it?!?!?!?!?

  24. Your work is so naturally inspired and beautifully transformed into photos and words that make me feel like I am in a different place. I always know I will find beauty and have a smile on my face when I read your blog. Your recognition is well deserved!

  25. Congratulations. What wonderful press…and all so well deserved. You have one of the best blogs in the blogosphere 🙂 Cheers.

  26. Thank you everyone. Very kind of you all! Merci.

    So the scoop on the teacups and teapot. The cups were purchased in Paris last September and the pot is from Denmark.

  27. Bravo Bea. Ton blog est une réussite.cela fait des années que le consulte. Il était évident que tu connaitrais un tel succès. Félicitations!!

  28. Bravo Bea. Il était normal que tu connaisses un tel succès.je suis une fidèle lectrice de ton blog depuis des années, c est sans aucun doute le meilleur. Felicitations

  29. I would like to buy the same teapot – where can i find it?

  30. Je suis vraiment ravie pour vous! C’est tout à fait mérité!!! Votre blog est une très belle réussite, il fait partie de mon quotidien depuis quelques mois maintenant et chaque fois que je le consulte je suis un peu plus “accro” et jamais, jamais déçue!
    Merci à vous pour toutes ces belles choses partagées et bravo pour votre parcours et votre travail! Vivement le livre! 😉

  31. Joli article du Républicain Lorrain, en effet. Tout cela est tellement mérité… Félicitations !

  32. I adore your photography, your blog & the recipes. You inspire !

  33. Merci à toi Béa ! Merci pour tes si jolies photos et tes si jolis mots. Je trouve ton texte terriblement touchant. Que tu continues à sentir “les papillons dans le ventre” : c’est tout ce qu’on peut te souhaiter ! Ça et de continuer à partager tes recettes et de nous inspirer ! J’aimerais un jour me dire la même chose que toi et vivre de ma passion !

  34. Congratulations on all the wonderful publicity, your work is truly beautiful and it’s quite right that it gets recognized. Also, that has to be the most adorable little tea pot I’ve ever seen (I have a thing for all things tea party related). Wherever did you find it?

  35. Hello everyone, thanks again. The teapot is from Greengate Copenhagen.


  36. Quel parcours! Je trouve que c’est mérité, les recettes et photos sont toujours un voyage pour les papilles et les yeux. Et aussi un peu d’Outre Atlantique! Bravo en tous les cas et bonne et longue continuation!

  37. You deserve it… your blog is wonderfully genuine and beautiful and your photos are superb. It’s truly a joy to read.

  38. Your blog is delightful and a joy to read!
    Where did you get the teapot? Love it!!

  39. Hi, I’ve just found your blog through Canelle Vanille and I LOVE it! Congrats on everything you accomplished so far, you’re such an inspiration, especially for people like me-I just stardet my own food blog 3 weeks ago!
    I just wanted to say I actually have this very issue of Re foto magazine at home. I’m from Croatia and even though Serbia is right next to us, I have hard time getting that magazine, but found a way, through a friend. Now I buy it regularly.
    Looking forward to enjoying your food blog and further success!
    Best wishes,