Sneak Peak of the New Kitchen

This is just to keep me motivated. When I told you about my new kitchen.

It’s happening! Slowly.

But happening.

I wonder what is the first thing I will cook in the new space, when it’s ready.

I am impatient now!

Wait until I show you what was there before.

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  1. Oh so jealous! You have two wall ovens! And a potential for a third oven if you have one on your stove!

    I can’t wait to buy a house so I can have the kitchen I want :).

  2. Claire, lumineuse et conviviale, quelle belle cuisine tu vas pouvoir faire dans cette nouvelle…cuisine!

  3. Wow! That is a proper kitchen, no matter it is not finished yet. Compared to European tiny city flat dimensions, it seems a profesional one. No matter what you cook first in there. It can’t go wrong.

  4. I’m going to have to break my 3 years silent observation (from France) and just say WOW.. this is one amazing kitchen and I’m so totally J!

  5. je serais toi, je crois que je ne réfléchirais pas déjà à la première gourmandise que je préparerais dans cette, soit dit en passant, magnifique cuisine (et encore, elle n’est pas terminée, je n’ose même pas imaginer comme elle va être belle, je serais presque jalouse ^_^), je laisserais faire l’inspiration au moment venu!
    Bon courage !!!

  6. I cannot wait to see the final product. I loved my first cooking moments in my kitchen; it was the best present I ever gave myself! 🙂

  7. Gorgious and inspirational! Our kitchen is our favorite room, I can understand your impatience (and I’m really curious, what was there before?!).

  8. I also love the floor to ceiling window, I don’t know weather I would just sit and sketch there or bake or just daydream and stare out of the window.
    Your first dish should be really colourfull, because the work area is nice and neutral.

  9. very cool! can’t wait to see how this will evolve…and gory ‘before’ pics, too. it will surely be gorgeous and light-filled and functional. we did a reno of our apartment’s galley kitchen in ’97/98, just before our son was born. i still treasure and love the layout and materials and appliance choices we made back then. and very much love to look at the before and during-construction shots to marvel at what we accomplished….

  10. oh purée fut ma première réaction! Quelle chance! Elle est magnifique, lumineuse, chaleureuse. Mon reve.. j’en viens à etre jalouse 😉

  11. I am looking at all the cupboard space and drooling. All the light and large windows would keep me cooking for hours on end. Can’t wait to see the kitchen finished. Love it so far.

  12. Absolutely lovely! I’m beyond envious. I just adore the blonde wood and stainless. Can’t wait to see the finished layout.

  13. Wow… lucky you! I would really like to have a kitchen like that! I just love it!

  14. Love that industrial looking hood for your stove top. Good ventilation is such a key ingredient to a kitchen. Lots of counters too. You’ve got a great kitchen started.

  15. That is one enviable cooking space. You must be anxious for completion! Have you decided on the first thing you’ll cook/bake?


  16. Wow, it looks great, lots of space, very light… just perfect! Patience… the best is to come 😉
    Can’t wait the before/after pcitures.
    A bientot…

  17. Grande, lumineuse, beaucoup de rangements, wouaw, wouaw, wouaw!!! Quelle chance! 🙂
    ça fait rêver! 🙂

  18. Wow what an amazing kitchen and it is not even finished yet .. it will be truly gorgeous.

  19. I hope it’s something with chocolate. Your new space is fantastic. Congratulations!

  20. Bea, beautiful kitchen! I’m so happy that you finely have it 🙂
    I know what it’s like when you wait something that you want the moust! I wait for my kitchen for about 2 years, but I have it now finely 🙂

  21. Dreams come true, thats a beautiful concept and so much joy to fill the shelves with jars and pantries with the warmth of food, the hungry smiles for mother we came home the kitchen is the heart of any home

  22. Lovely! One question: what kind of countertops have you chosen? Stainless, Corian, butcher block, granite….? I am in the middle of making that decision and am curious what choice you have determined after researching the options. And congratulations on having created such a lovely space for your inventions!

  23. How exciting!! I can’t wait to see it finished. Even more, cannot wait to see what you do in the kitchen 🙂 I’m sure you will feel so happy when it’s done. Congratulations!

  24. Thank you everyone! I am excited and keen now. I’ve been cooking in a tiny tiny space, and it’s now driving me insane! Not that I cannot do it, but given the space, I take it!

    The countertop, Kristine, as told in my email to you, is Caeasarstone!

  25. I love your light colored cabinets. And Ceasarstone is AWESOME! I chose a black sparkly quartz from them for my new kitchen.

  26. Very…very jealous, my San Francisco kitchen has about a foot of counter space. 🙁 I am sure you will enjoy every square inch when it’s all done. 🙂

  27. We did our kitchen over a few years ago. It always takes longer than expected, but it transformed the whole house and atmosphere. I was just happy to be washing dishes in my kitchen sink and not the bathroom sink! I am sure you will have some great new photos coming out of your new creative space!

  28. I wish I could get a new kitchen. The one I use now is so small I don’t need to walk anywhere to get anything. I just either have to lean, turn around or take a half step to one direction and I can reach everything. One day I hope to have a place with a kitchen that I can spread out in but for now I’m stuck with what I got.

  29. Wow, what a beautiful job you’ve done. I love the sleek, clean, modern look; it can be accessorized beautifully.


  30. You know what I like most? The light, one window and one window down to the bottom (or door) – what a luxury! Especially for AL-photography …

  31. It looks fabulous! Can’t wait to see the finished product…I am sure you are beside yourself with excitement! And must agree with Creezy, look at all that gorgeous light!

  32. La tua cucina mi piace molto. Come le tue fotografie e le tue ricette. Brava
    Scusa se non scrivo in inglese. Buona giornata.

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  34. Cook something that someone who loved you cooked for you. It is an amazing homage to that person. The first thing I cooked in my new kitchen was my grandmother poundcake recipe. I sat like an 8 year old in front of the oven glass and watched it rise. I hope that she would be proud of the result.

  35. Glad to have you back in the neighborhood! Looks like you’ll be making some beautiful meals in your new kitchen very soon.