A scene of a summer spent in France

Belle Ile en mer Brittany Plage Donnant Lulu

Plage de Donnant in Belle-Ile en mer

We returned from France yesterday night. It’s been a month away. And my head and heart are still full of thousands of images of the past weeks. There were scenes of Lorraine, home, family, Brittany, the ocean, French food, us, Lulu playing at the beach, plums, apples, cows, sheep, cooking, Belle-Ile en mer, our rental house, markets, fish, Nantes, hotel rooms and airports.

Lulu misses these scenes as much as P. and I do.

And les yaourts de brebis (sheep yogurts) too!

I will be back soon with images (I need to sort through so many), recipes and stories of these times.

In the meantime, I am leaving again this coming Wednesday with Lulu, driving to New Hampshire where I will be teaching at Squam Art Workshops.

Merci de votre patience….

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  1. I love the first picture of the wave crashing! Beautiful.

    I just found you through Aran’s twitter….so glad she posted about you…I know I’m going to love reading your blog!

  2. Welcome back! Bienvenue 🙂
    Looking forward to hear about this month in France, and see the pics you’ll share with us. Your travel posts are among my favorites on this blog.

  3. yaorts de brebis is something i *wish* we had here in the states. it is so perfectly amazing, and a real boon for those of us who can’t have cow’s milk. when i am in france i eat it every morning!

  4. I’ve never had sheep yogurt but absolutely LOVE goat yogurt. Are they similar in taste?

    Your photos of your trip to France make me want to visit and soon!! Glad you had this much fun.

  5. Hello and welcome back to your American home! Can’t wait to see your pictures, especially since I am often home sick of my hometown (NTE) and of the seashore and its ambiance. I can already bet I will like, love even, the rented house on Belle-Ile. Maybe I will also discover new places in NTE… I have not been “home” for 4 years. Have a nice week!

  6. I can’t wait to see your book!!!
    Is is still up for spring 2011? What’s the name of the publishing house?

    Inspiring pics.

  7. I could just dive into that water-and the yogurt with groseilles, too! Thanks for brightening up a rainy evening.

  8. Alors c’est ça ce qu’on appelle des vraies vacances de l’été!! heureuse de votre retour 🙂

  9. wow – what a lovely preview of vacation images…can’t wait to see more and read about some of your adventures. how wonderful to be able to take off for a month….

  10. Your sheep yoghurt is really nice! It’s also the last day of my holidays… Ocean pictures are my favorite ones 🙂 They help keeping this holidays spirit 🙂

  11. ahhhh enfin ! j’ai bien cru que tu avais jete vos billets de retour 😉

  12. I’ve missed you! Glad you are “home” safely and that from the looks of your photos thus far..all of you enjoyed a much needed retreat. When I saw the picture of Lulu with your arms enveloped around her from behind…my heart soared. She’s getting so big!
    Looking forward to visiting your blog in the coming days, weeks, months.

  13. Welcome Back! We wait patiently for your stunning photos and recipes! 🙂

  14. Month is a long term, but it is important that you have returned and we can enjoy reading your blog.

  15. Superbes photos! Tu es allée où en Bretagne ? Moi j’habite à Vannes, dans le Morbihan. J’espère que ça t’as plu.

  16. your photos are simply breathtaking! i cannot wait until the time I visit France next summer.. stunning!

  17. Welcome back!! Hope you enjoyed your vacation. And we’ll be waiting for more food and scenes pictures .

  18. Your blog is an inspiration, I look forward to every new post. I especially love all your photos. I feel like packing my bags and jumping on a plane to France!

  19. Bonjour Béatrice,
    J’ai trouvé l’adresse de ton blog sur un magazine culinaire français et je suis ravie. Ton blog est vraiment super. Je me suis dépêchée de réaliser une de tes recettes hier: un clafouti non aux quetsches mais aux abricots. Un délice! Merci de nous faire partager ta passion. Moi aussi j’adore cuisiner même si j’ai peu de temps avec mon petit bout de 3 mois, Marin. Comme je suis nouvelle je ne sais si tu as posté (je ne trouve pas) la recette de ta mousse à la rhubarbe (associée au gateau façon fraisier) car j’ai plein de rhubarbe dans le jardin. Je t’envoie un petit rayon de soleil du sud de la France.

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