Bastille Day with a clafoutis de ratatouille

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That’s what I like: enjoy the aromas of a pot of ratatouille simmering slowly on the stove, leaving me excited for the dinner, or lunch, we’ll enjoy later. That’s so French. That’s so much what we used to eat during summer in my parents’ house.

It has not changed. I am continuing the tradition. With my Lulu. And my hubby. Bringing a slice of my French countryside in my American home.

And since the three of us also have a weakness for clafoutis, I’ve decided to make a savory variant of the traditional French dessert. It uses vegetables instead of fruit. It’s made with a savory flan. So here you are with a clafoutis de ratatouille for dinner, or a picnic, using leftovers of ratatouille when you prepare a large pot.

I’ve written about it for the Boston Globe today, in the Sunday Supper section. I hope you’ll enjoy the recipes. The ratatouille recipe is here. The clafoutis de ratatouille here.

Happy Bastille Day! Tonight, we’ll reflect on everything that’s been happening in our lives recently.

We’ll be sad. We’ll be happy. We’ll be looking forward to life. Family. Home.

And to more beautiful foods.

I also wanted to thank Mike, an editor working for Public Radio Kitchen, for a very nice article written about La Tartine Gourmande. I am honored.

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Clafoutis de ratatouille
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  1. Happy Bastille day!

    My favorite is using leftover ratatouille for omelette, but your Clafoutis de ratatouille also sounds delicious.

  2. Simple ideas are often the bests, and this one is no exception. Perfect indeed for a picnic, when one doesn’t want to bother bringing a recipient with “actual” ratatouille inside.

    Joyeux 14 Juillet ! 🙂 A Paris le temps était vraiment pourri, j’espère qu’il fait meilleur par chez toi.

    And congrats for being featured in Mike’s article.

  3. I really like the savory version of the clafoutis!! What a lovely homage to the classic dessert! Happy Bastille Day Bea 🙂

  4. Interesting- I made a savory clafoutis last autumn, with butternut squash and sage, but did not like it. But maybe I’m just not a clafoutis person (the traditional cherry version doesn’t do much for me, either). It certainly looks like an elegant way to present leftovers!

  5. Great idea and it looks delicious like everything else here! And the goat cheese certainlly adds a special flavor. Love your blog!

  6. Did you read my mind, Béa? ‘Cause it was just today when I wondered where I could find a wonderful french ratatouille recipe. Voila! You can be sure that this one will be cooking on my stove in no time.

  7. Pretty colors, great looking food. Nice light for your photos too. Do you have a studio in your new house? Happy Bastille Day.

  8. happy bastille day! we make a similar dish called pisto and it’s our favorite summer time lunch. i love all the color. screams summer!

  9. Love the pot of dish, so rich, so bright and certainly beautiful, make me hungry. Summer is always joyful with so many kinds of fresh vegetables for us to taste. A happy season!

  10. I love clafoutis and ratatouille, but would have never thought of combining the two. It looks delicious, and something I will have to try.

  11. Happy Bastille Day! What a great way to use leftover ratatouille! Somehow, I’d forgotten all about ratatouille this summer – thanks for the reminder. Great write-up, by the way!

  12. Ratatouille is my favourite dish! I’m sure it must taste great in a clafoutis. I can’t wait to try it 🙂

  13. Ratatouille – amazing. Its a nice simple recipe, that seems to appreciate the lovely tastes of the different veggies. Definitely one I will have to try!

  14. I love savoury versions of the sweet classics. This is wonderful. Talented as much as ever!

  15. Les recettes en français viendront bientôt….merci de votre patience.

  16. the second pic on this post is probably one of my fav photographs you’ve ever taken. very much the essence of summer colors!

  17. La ratatouille… humm… un plat de chez moi…
    Et la cocotte (ou mini-cocotte) Staub…. c’est toute une histoire de cuisine de père en fils..puis fille…


  18. Ca à l’air délicieux!! Ma mère aussi s’est mise au clafouti à la rata il y a deux semaine; Je n’ai malheuresement pas pu y goûter, mais elle m’ a passé la recette. Son essaie aura été un franc succès car même mes deux petits cousins super difficiles en ont repris!!!

  19. ratatouille was always my mother’s favorite dish. just hearing the name brings a smile to my face.
    this looks like the perfect dish for our fresh summer harvest. thanks!

  20. Bonjour Béa, j’ai découvert votre blogue si charmant et appétissant – notamment ce clafoutis salé – par hasard, et je ne tarderai pas de le préparer. J’habite Montréal, tout près du grand marché Jean-Talon; est-ce que vous le connaissez?

  21. I made the ratatouille last week for my family and me. Every day luxury. Loved it!

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