Squam Art Workshops, and me

It’s July.

And it’s hot right now where I am.

Where I live.

Over July 4th, we moved into our new home; so far, we’ve spent four nights there. I kept wondering how it would feel. To be in a new environment. You never know before going through the change. But I am thrilled: I love the house’s open space and garden; Lulu loves to watch the squirrels gather in the garden under the tall we-cannot-figure-out-the-name-of tree; and soon, I’ll be finding my new marks in the newly renovated kitchen. I need patience until it’s done (three months as I am told) and in the meantime, with the bare cooking utensils I am cooking in the old one. Until we move out for the renovation–it’s a good thing that I will be spending time in France again in August.

Our summer is one full of transitions.

So far, I’ve baked apricot tartlets and vegetable tarts; I’ve prepared tabouli, salads, rice and vegetable stews and we’ve barbecued fish and shrimp skewers. Not to forget raspberry and strawberry sorbets to refresh us, and puddings to comfort us–I can never can resist those, no matter the season.

quinoa pudding coconut milk berries

There’s also a piece of news that I’d like to share with you.

I’d like to tell you about the workshop where I will be teaching two food styling classes during the fall, on September 16th and 17th. That will happen at Squam Art Workshops, a retreat held in a beautiful setting in Rockywold-Deephaven, New Hampshire, by a lake; the event has an emphasis on visual arts, writing, yoga, theater, cooking and food styling. I am really excited about participating. Incidentally, today also celebrates the launch of their journal–you can find more information by following this link.

So perhaps I will see you at Squam Art Workshops in September?

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  1. Everything sounds very exciting. Change is great, brings renewed energy and perspective. Welcome to your new home. Wish I could make the workshop!

  2. Bea, your home looks lovely with the trees and open space.it must be very exciting to have a kitchen thw way you dreamt.If I lived in the Us I would most definitely do the workshop,one day.

  3. Je regrette qu’un océan nous sépare, j’aurais réellement aimé participer à ce workshop…. Ton nouveau chez toi a l’air très accueillant!

  4. Your posts always make me smile!…Your new house is beautiful, I wish you all the best!

  5. Looking forward to seeing what you make with the mulberries!!

  6. I have to say it. I have to say it from long now: I simply lurve your blog. and above of all (of you and your words and your recipes and your beautiful baby, and all this), I love your pictures, that make me believe in a better, happier and more colored world. so thank you. and, if you ever would travel to italy, let me know and come to take some snap of my world too :))
    (I’ve tought to write in french, but I’m afraid I’m a little out of practice… )

  7. Bea, so glad you’re back on track – your new home looks beautiful, you must twist my arm to come visit you 😉 Best of luck with all the exciting projects, take care and love to Lulu. xx

  8. Belle maison. C’est grand.
    Poste une photo des feuilles de ton arbre très grand, peut-être que quelqu’un le reconnaîtra.

  9. Oh, your workshop makes Squam an even more desirable place to be! I love your style and your photos truly give me something to aspire to. It’s quite a trip from Germany, but I really hope to be able to participate sometime in the future. Have a wonderful summer!

  10. Félicitations pour les ateliers ! des lectrices chanceuses pourront enfin profiter de tes talents.
    Cet arbre m’a tout de suite fait penser aux grands dispensateurs d’ombre qui ornaient la cour de mon école de musique en Provence : un mûrier ?

  11. Those mulberries in the first picture will be ripe soon! I have so many happy childhood memories involving mulberries. So lucky to have a tree. The house is simply beautiful. I was glad to see that you’re capturing the same wonderful light in your new place. Have a wonderful summer. L

  12. Flûte… ça va faire loin pour l’atelier… Mais bon, qui sait… un jour tu en fera un en France peut-être? Ah bon, la France c’est pour les vacances.. Bon, tu as raison aussi.
    Tu vas dans quel coin?


  13. Ta maison a l’air superbe! Ils ont de la chance ces américains, de pouvoir t’avoir pour des cours… tu nous raconteras à nous aussi, hein?!

  14. Congratulations on your new home.
    I am impressed that despite the move, the lack of kitchen, the settling in, and the heat that you still cook up such lovely meals.
    Is that tapioca pudding with a raspberry sauce that I see in one of the pictures? Is there a recipe? It just looks like you said, comforting.

  15. une belle maison, un grand yard … et la cuisine va être magnifique, j’en suis sûre !
    je serais bien venue à l’atelier aussi, mais c’est un peu loin, quel dommage.

  16. Congratulations on your new home. I can already imagine the beautiful moments there.. ah, what bliss!

  17. Congrats! A new kitchen anda trip to France! I like how your summer is shaping up and I look forward to the many new posts from your happy new home.

  18. The move is behind you now. Can’t wait to see your “dream” kitchen. Enjoy the summer, the garden, the wildlife. What a wonderful place for your family!

  19. if i was going in the fall i would TOTALLY sign up for your class. sadly i can’t make it this year. hope you have a lot of fun

  20. Bon courage et félicitatiosn pour toutes ces belles nouveautés. C’est toujours un petit havre de paix ici, j’ai presque envie de jouer dans ton jardin 😉

  21. So looking forward to meeting you & participating in your class at Squam this fall!
    Sweet blessings to you and yours in your new home.

  22. Been a quiet fan for quite some time — wishing you happy thoughts in your new home! 🙂
    I wish I lived in your country so I could take part in your lessons. Boo me.
    I also wish I knew what that pudding is and how you made it!
    Looking forward to your next posts….

  23. bea, this house looks so lovely. i dream of a backyard like that. will you be planting a garden? oh and lucky those who get to go to the workshop!!!

  24. Hi Beatrice,
    Will you be teaching food styling and photography? I would love to learn how you take these beautiful pictures for you blog. Johanna

  25. congrats bea on your new home. I love the first little while when you get used to sounds, and breezes( although in new england lately:))
    the food you mentioned sounds summer perfect!

  26. Wishing you the best with settling into your new home. I’m excited to explore the workshop opportunity as well.

  27. Lovely photos… as always. Congratulations on your beautiful house. I wish I could attend your workshop, maybe some day you´ll come to Mexico (a girl can dream).

  28. if the mystery tree is the first picture, it’s a mulberry tree! we had one when i was a kid and there are so many pictures of my and my brothers with red stained mouths and hands from picking and eating them!

  29. Thank you everyone. It’s so nice to be in a new home and think about creating and designing it. The first picture is indeed of that mysterious tree. Mulberry tree, eh? I had never seen one before. How do you pick the fruit? The tree is *really* tall and the fruit really high. Making jam with it? Right now, it’s the feast of birds and squirrels…

  30. Bea, congrats on your move! that certainly looks like a mulberry tree. I see jam in your near future–I always make jam when I come home from vacation or move to a new place. There is something about the act of making jam that connects you to HOME in a special way. May you have many happy years there.
    p.s. I grew up going to a camp on Squam across from Rockywold–it is so beautiful there and esp. at that time of year, hope you will be able to enjoy it and recover (in between teaching) from your move and all the excitement in your life!!

  31. C’est très excitant de s’approprier un nouveau lieu… je verrai bien quelques poules gambadant dans le jardin et qui te donneraient de bons oeufs pour faire de beaux gâteaux !! 😉
    Si tu viens acheté du Comté… fais-moi signe… !

  32. Congratulations on the new beautiful home! Love the lush garden and the open space! Your photography is so surreal; it transports me to a wonderland of the senses <3

  33. Hello! You bring so much inspiration and joy to people! Congratulations for the wonderful work. You have a great club of admirers in Brazil … please come teach courses for us too! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

  34. Just stumbled across your blog. Your pudding looks delicious, I can never resist them either. All the best in your new home…I’m off to explore other pages of your blog 🙂

  35. Bonjour Bea! I am trying to access the workshop site – I may be back that way during the same period and wanted to see the details. Hoping to be able to sign up for the workshop.

    Merci! Denise

  36. I love every recipe and photograph you share is so beautiful.
    Congratulations on the article by your editor and my best wishes on the new home.

  37. I grew up in Alice Springs Australia eating mulberries from the tree and mulberries and icecream. You can lay a big sheet under the tree and shake it to collect lots of berries. Yum!

  38. bonjour béa,

    joli maison!!! dis moi tu écris un sorbet framboise ou autre mais aurait tu a tout hasard une recette de sorbet ou de glace a l’abricot. ce sont mes envies en ce moment!!
    merci pour ta réponse

  39. Félicitations on your new home! I hope you are settling in well. I wish I could learn food styling techniques from you. Squam Lake is a wonderful place. My grandfather built a house not far from Rockywold-Deephaven in 1941, it is a little slice of heaven. I recommend you visit the town of Center Sandwich, just up highway 113. It’s a classic New England town, with a small restaurant, clapboard houses, and shaded town green. Enjoy! Thanks as always for sharing your many talents!

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  41. bonsoir magnifique blog ! les photos sont superbes; je reste des heures à regarder tes recettes mises en valeur peux tu me donner des infos sur l’appareil photo que tu utilises ainsi que les objectifs…pour tes gros plans je me mets à la photo et pense investir alors je glane des conseils mille mercis d’avance pour ta réponse
    et encore bravo pour ce blog artistique ! bonne continuation je viens de m’enregistrer à ta news à très bientôt bien amicalement sandra….

  42. Your blog is simply beautiful. I only wish I had found it sooner. The way you show the world through your lens can pick me up on any day.

    If you decide to publish that pudding recipe (is it a rice pudding with raspberry compote?), I will certainly make it. I’m sure that will be a good pick-me-up, too!

  43. BEA svp si vous pouviez mettre les recettes en francais merci

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  45. Enjoy your new home. It’s nice to have room for grow into. Enjoy these days when she is small. They go by so quickly…