Apricot tart, simply — Tarte aux abricots tout fruit

apricot tart

The tart.

Maybe you’ll wonder what happened to it.

I had one second. Two, if I was lucky. Until the tart was gone. And I didn’t have time to photograph much of it.

That was Lulu. Stealing the miniature apricot tart I had especially baked for her–while I baked larger ones for us.

It was sweet, really, to see her hands covered in juice and sugar. To watch her delicate lips and tiny teeth nibble on the crust with care. My Lulu really likes tarts. The tiny ones, more particularly, because they are fun. And the crusts. Oh the crusts!

apricot tart gluten free

Elle a l’air gourmande,” (she looks like a gourmande) a French friend told me last Thursday when we met at the park and I told her my apricot tart story. I had to. I found it so funny. I wished I could have caught on film Lulu’s small hand grabbing the tart. Swiftly. Unnoticed, she thought.

Elle a de qui tenir,” (she’s just like me then) I responded, smiling.

I’ll have to make more, right?” I later told P.

It will be easy. Apricots are amongst my favorite summery fruit. Lovely at this time of year.

Next week,” I went on. “When K. and D. come for dinner.

That’s because we’ll celebrate one of the first nights inside our new house. Before the kitchen work begins and we have to move out again.


  1. Of course! Little hands, little tarts – drawn together like magnets. 😉
    I recently discovered the pleasures of apricots in my own simple gluten-free galette, and am now wishing it hadn’t taken me so long to fall for apricots. Will you be posting your recipe soon? I’m curious about the green . . .

  2. If only my little Layla was a gourmand! She is 16 months and only eats 4 things. Although today she tried my apricot jam! I love how you have incorporated your daughter’s antics into your post.

  3. I guess the tartes are delicious. but your pictures are absolutely amazing. have a wonderful week.

  4. gourmande comme sa maman … elle n’a pu résister à cette jolie tarte, je la comprends !!! je vais bientôt faire comme toi, les abricots commencent tout juste à être corrects ici ….

  5. La meilleure des tartes, tiède, acidulée, juteuse. Je comprends très bien ta petite gourmande.

  6. Lulu in the pink dress in the garden is the most beautiful sight! The apricot tart looks so amazing.

  7. Oh Bea, I just made a simple tart like this too. Great minds think alike. Sometimes great fruit only needs a great pastry base. Lu is looking adorable and love to see she enjoye the tart like this. Beauty!

  8. Waiting for the recipe as well: gluten or not gluten free pastry?
    And sprinkle with pistachios or else? 🙂

  9. I love Lulu’s dress! She is gorgeous. Can we have the apricot tart’s recipe? 🙂

  10. what a great flavors!i love apricots this time of year! love the photos with your little princess..so cute!

  11. Elle semble parfaite cette petite fille, et cette tarte aussi… je viens par ailleurs de faire ta brioche “des plus simples”, qui était tout simplement délicieuse, et je crois que je vais faire un petit article hommage par chez moi si ça ne te dérange pas, tellement elle était bonne!

  12. Never mind eating a delicious tart, I could gobble up those chubby little fingers!

  13. Félicitation pour la nouvelle maison. Tu dois être dans les boites encore. Courage. Lulu a grandi. Elle est si mignonne. La tarte à l’air succulente. Est-ce que tu va nous passer la recette bientôt? Merci Béa.

  14. Just look at Lulu.. in that pretty dress and those chubby little fingers! And yes, those tarts look tasty & a treat!

  15. Apricots. A summer staple when growing up in Austria.

    My favorite treat are Apricot Dumplings. With Quark cheese dough, rolled in buttery bread crumbs. With loads of butter.

  16. Great pictures, as usual, Lulu is the most delicious model a mum-photographer can have, isn’t she? She is so pretty walking on the field and those hands are something out of this world. I love baby hands. I love her dress too, totally gorgeous.

    The apricot tart is a great idea, I have bought some sweet Spanish ones but the kids decided they don’t like to eat them, they rather eat peaches and the sweet apricots will become a tart…


  17. Mmmmm apricots. I have been gorging in peaches from Georgia my mother bought me as a get well gift. I love summer fruit. It just tastes better.

    Again, your photos are fabulous.

  18. The tart looks gorgeous. And what a fantastic dress Lulu is wearing — it’s adorable. Lovely shots

  19. Oh my gosh! I am 23. Apricots were my mother’s favorite treat for us and every summer I eat them and think of family. I really am too young to have a baby, but seeing Lulu grow and enjoy all of your treats makes me look forward to sharing this world with a child so much 🙂 beautiful pictures as always B

  20. Oh, those adorable little hands! She knows good food, Béa, and that is no surprise. 🙂
    The tarts are beautiful, so golden… What a sunny dessert!

  21. The tarts are simply beautiful, I wish I could grab things out of my screen & run off with them just like Lulu did! The green bits on the tarts, is that lime zest? or is it a pistashio mixture…
    pictures are amazing as always

  22. Reading your posts is like having a fresh breeze of Provencal gardens blow into my life. Your pictures are so whimsical and your recipes adventurous! I’ve linked you on my blogroll 🙂 Can’t wait for your cookbook to come out!

  23. What a beautiful photo – your daughter’s hands are just the perfect size for that perfect petite tart. Both delicious!

  24. I love your blog! Your photos are amazing and always make me want to try your recipes.
    Your daughter is absolutely adorable!

  25. Elle est trop belle ta tarte abricots-pistache, et j’adore les mains potelées de ta petite gourmande, c’est trop mignon !

  26. please ! o ! please ! post this recipe ! I have never made anything with apricots but looking at these wonderful pictures makes me want to….badly

  27. Coucou,
    Très joli et subtil, tout en légèreté! Tes photos et tes délicieuses recettes, c’est rien que du bonheur! Merci!
    Bisous et au mois d’août!

  28. Thank you everyone! Merci! I guess I’ll have to share the recipe, won’t I?

  29. Yes, please share the recipe. I am waiting for it! But no pressure, I know you are busy. 😉

  30. Hummm…des abricots qui ont l’air bien mûrs…j’en rêve… au Québec c’est difficile de retrouver le goût des fruits murs, des pêches qui coulent quand on croque dedans…je crois que je vais déménager…Isa

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  32. Those apricot tarts look yummy can u tell me where I might find the recipe it doesn’t show up. Also i won’t be able to sign up for squam workshop should u teach in the spring I have group that wants to attend your class
    Maria w

  33. I came across your site a few days ago… and can’t stop thinking about these tarts 😉 beautiful photography!

  34. Love the cups you served the gazpacho in can you share where I may get some

  35. Let me do this in all my So. CA glory……Dude! Your daughter is definitely a doll with good taste, but dude! where is the recipe!?!

  36. I tried to copy this tart yesterday… dear oh dear, next time I’ll just wait till you publish the recipe, cause it really didn’t taste as I had hoped it would…it was way too sweet and sour at the same time 🙁 I bet yours tasted much nicer…

  37. No, you’re not missing the recipe. Sorry, I have not yet posted it. There’s, however, another apricot recipe on my blog. Check this one here

  38. Quelle belle tarte! La combinaison des pistaches et apricots me fait saliver! Pouvez-vous publier la recette?
    -P.S. Je suis tombe en amour avec votre site, vos recettes et vos photos!
    J’ai tellement hate a la publication de votre livre; sera-t-il en vente au Canada?

  39. Hi Emma,

    Thank you so much. The book is already available on my site here. And it will be available in Canada indeed, at Indigo bookstores. I hope you enjoy it!

  40. hi Bea – this looks absolutely delicious and i am inspired by the apricot season that has begun. i was hoping to make these tarts but can’t find the recipe – do you have it posted? Thanks.

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