Restaurant l’écluse 16 in Altwiller, in Alsace

ecluse 16 restaurant altwiller alsace france

ecluse 16 restaurant altwiller alsace france inventive food

When I traveled to France this summer, my family and I had lunch a few times at the restaurant l’écluse 16–only ten kilometers away from where my parents live. I really enjoy the place, not only because of its quiet, off-the-beaten-path location by a canal, à la campagne (in the countryside), but also because Leroux, the chef and talent in the kitchen, is a man who creates inventive eye-catching foods that showcase the best local ingredients. I wanted to write about the place. And so I did, in the Boston Globe food section last week.

If you are interested, especially if you plan a trip in this part of France, you can find the article here.

In the meantime, here are a few snapshots I took when we ate there in the summer. And oh, yes, if you wondered, we ate all the foods that you see. Vraiment délicieux ! and worth the détour.

ecluse 16 restaurant altwiller alsace france

Restaurant l’écluse 16 in Altwiller, Alsace
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  1. That must have been a fabulous trip. How amazing it is that your parents live there! Your pictures make me want to hop on a plane (all the way from Tulsa, OK… far trip!)

  2. Great pictures Bea. How did you manage to get amazing natural light in a restaurant?

  3. Hi, I’m a college student who just stumbled on your site. I’ve been dreaming about going to France for a month or so and working in a restaurant or a small bed and breakfast (anything!) and was wondering if you had any advice for me. I know the places exist and there must be some nice ones that are willing to take on free labor, but I have no idea how to get in touch with them!

  4. Bonjour Béa,
    Merci pour ton blog qui est sublime !
    Je viens de commander ton livre sur amazone, je guette le facteur !
    A bientôt 🙂

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  6. Oulala, ca avait l’air tres bon tout ca… Je vois en tout cas que les verrines sont tres a la mode en France 🙂

  7. J’adore l’Alsace et l’endroit que tu décris a l’air d’un petit coin de paradis ! Les plats semblent délicieux, vous avez dû vous régaler !

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  9. I am curious: what is in the small glasses (the ones with the bent spoon and black straws)? I thought it was chocolate coffee with cream until I saw the green one!

  10. It looks wonderful–I love restaurants that are not overly commercial. This place seems homey and simple, which I love. I’m planning a trip to France next summer, so hopefully I’ll be able to try it out 🙂
    Gorgeous photos!

  11. I’ve missed so many of your posts, but when I started following you after coming back from my home in France, you gave me the inspiration with my photos, cooking and recipes.

    Esp the Macaroon recipe!

  12. ça fait un petit moment que je viens te rendre visite et j’apprends que tes parents vivent dans le 67 alors que je vis dans le 90?! coincidence sympa!

  13. Oh merci beaucoup pour l’address de ce restaurant! je suis une foodblogger italienne qu’ habite a Strasbourg, en Alsace. Sûr que je l’éprouverai 🙂

  14. Oh delicious. This month, I am trying to learn more about regional foods of France, Alsace included!, and this has been just a delightful read.

  15. My mouth is watering as I´m looking at hese piucs. How delicious they look. I wonder if you , one day can tech us some of these with the concordance of the cheff, of course!

  16. Ca tombe bien, c’est juste sur notre chemin quand nous allons en Belgique! On s’y arrêtera un jour, c’est sûr! Merci pour cette belle adresse.

  17. Ca a juste l’air absolument divin… Le cadre, l’assiette, son contenu… et si en plus tu étais en famille, ça devait être un moment magnifique

    Belle soirée

  18. Forgive me for joining in so late to the party. I’m glad I found this post as my in-laws live in Alsace too (about 10 minutes outside of Mulhouse) and I’m always looking for new restaurants to try whenever we visit. Noting this one for our next trip, merci!

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