Black cherry tomatoes

black cherry tomatoes

Black cherry tomatoes

I haven’t got much to chat about, but I just could not wait to share these lovely jewels Lulu and I found yesterday at the farmer’s market. My kitchen is turning into a tomato house. I swear!

While I was preparing dinner last night (stuffed tomatoes, tada!) — and I was starving — I ate them as I would strawberries. The best summer snack! I’m sure you have similar goodies at home, non?

Have a great weekend everyone! It’s promising to be a fantastic Indian-summerish one here. Oh it’s the best time of year! We’ll be eating many more tomatoes I feel.

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  1. How beautiful!

    I know what you mean about the kitchen turning into a tomato house. Between the six varieties I have in my garden, the tomatoes that come in my CSA share, and the beauties I can’t resist at the farmer’s market, I’m overrun. I snack on them all day long, and I make panzanella of some sort for dinner multiple nights a week.

  2. Really great looking tomatoes. We’ve never heard of black cherry tomatoes before. Just received a delivery of farm raised cherry and heirlooms, so yes to all the tomatoes!

  3. There is tomato fever…well I guess this is the time for it. I spent yesterday roasting a whole tray of snack tomatoes, and today making a chicken caprese millefeuille! Delicious

  4. These tomatoes are beauties! When I pick cherry tomatoes from my own garden, it’s hard not to snack! They are sooo good, warmed by the sun.

  5. I love coming to your site and finding these delicious photos. I was just at the farmers market myself and got yellow tomatoes and red cherry tomatoes. The cherry tomatoes are super sweet and I ate about half of them on my way home.

  6. really beautiful these tomatoes! unfortunately I never saw this kind of vegs in my towns market… or in Italy at all!! I must do some research!
    See you soon 🙂

  7. Oh Bea, now I desperately want to try these tomatoes. This year I’ve fallen madly for the Green Zebra tomato (not to be confused with Striped Zebra, which are rather lackluster in comparison.) They’re striped with pale gold and tartly delicious. I wish I had planted more of them, but next year I’ll definitely do that. I’ll also look for these, both at the farmers market tomorrow and at the garden center next spring.

  8. Thankfully I’m on the west coast this weekend where the tomatoes are just obscenely good. The little orange cherry tomatoes are particularly special, but I do believe that your black cherry tomatoes are a good deal sexier!

  9. Gorgeous! I can’t wait for some cooler days in about a month or so when our tomato plant starts to really kick in. This summer it’s been 1-2 tomatoes at a time!

  10. Jewels indeed, those are beautiful. What do they taste like? Are they sweet or acidic? We grew Sun Golds this year (yellow-orange cherry tomatoes) and only a few made it into the house – the rest were eaten straight off the vine. Very thin skinned, with an intensely honeyed flesh. Enjoy your weekend!

  11. We’ve been enjoying the dry-farmed early girls, which have been delicious this year. They’re bigger than cherry tomatoes, about like a small plum. Really good! Been meaning to plant some of these black tomatoes, they look interesting.

  12. Very beautiful – and gem-like indeed. We are currently enamored with the Japanese Black Trifele tomato – medium-sized, pear shaped, mostly black shading to red near the stem. Super delicious, sweet but with a nice tomato-y flavor. Thanks for a lovely site. xxx

  13. Oh, divine! I just discovered you via a bit of linking from other sites and I’m wondrously inspired. Your fig post? A dream. Your recipes? Can’t very well wait to try them.

    Shall we be blog friends?! I do hope so. I find you wondrous. And, so inspiring as compared to my recent round of super-sugar baking. I’m sooo ready for some back-to-fresh recipe making.

    Will return. Often! Keep up the beauty!

  14. Wow I hadn’t realised there were so many cool varieties of tomatoes! Sound yummy!!! Will have to try and find some exciting ones at a good farmer’s market. thanks for the post!

  15. I haven’t got thé chance to taste them yet! They look really fabulous! I’ve chosen m’y camera. Thanks for your advice : d90 🙂

  16. I love tomatoes. I saw this in Granville Market in Vancouver, I should have bought some this must be really tasty and sweet. So much for that.

  17. We have such tomatoes in our garden in Toulouse….they are juste delicious!!
    There are big black tomatoes as well…perferct for tomatoes “tarte tatin”…

  18. hey, these are great cherry tomatoes, aren’t they? i have a black cherry tomato plant on my balcony and it’s been producing a lot of beautiful and delicious tomatoes. i actually only managed to use them for cooking only twice – usually i just pick them from the plant and eat them straight. too yummy to wait!

  19. Loving the tomatoes…and these ones are truly gorgeous! What a find! We don’t have these lovely black ones here…

  20. I too have a house full of tomatoes. I’m definitely not ready for apples…

  21. Kimball Fruit Farm, I presume? If so, I got some of those last week – so lovely, and delicious. Every tomato I have brought home from them has been stellar.

  22. I love tomatoes, and really need to get out of AZ. We have so few farmers markets here, and seldom get wonderful tomatoes. I miss them SO much. Am trying to make my escape plans right now. (I’d love to go back to the Pacific Northwest. Believe it or not, we got wonderful tomatoes there.) If not the PNW, then, Georgia, here I come!

  23. Well they were tasty. And yes, from Kimball Fruit Farm indeed 😉 They weren’t the sweetest I’ve had but I loved the thick skin that gave them a crunch.

    Thank you everyone!

  24. Um, this is my first time over here, but I just have to tell you: these photos are INSANE. So incredibly gorgeous! I can’t get over it!

  25. j’ai découvert ces petites tomates en Toscane la 1ere fois il y a 2 ans. Je dévalise les étaux quand je les voies. Je les adore et comme toi je les mange en snack. J’adore leur belle couleur violette quand tu les ouvres. Croquantes et avec une légère note sucrée…dommage la saison est dejà finie!

  26. Hello! 😀 black cherry tomatoes- so very interesting, I have never heard of them before. Here in south africa, roma, rosa, piccolo, and baby vine tomatoes (both yellow and red varieties) are commonly available, but i have yet to see black cherry tomatoes at the local organic markets or supermarkets. If there are any fellow south africans on the site, and you are aware of where to find these black cherry tomatoes, please let me know! 🙂
    thanks! 🙂

  27. Black Cherries are in the running for my all-time favorite tomato. They’re great straight, but roasting brings out a whole new smoky sweetness. My plants produced very well this year; next year I’m putting in twice as many, because I’m utterly in love with them. The seeds I started came from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds ( and had excellent germination rates.

  28. I have never been a big fan of tomatoes until last year a vendor at a local farmers market I was working had me try some dark tomatoes and these black cherries were one of them, I love them! This year I am growing black cherry, black from tula and carbon tomato. I can’t wait. Great picture and great blog, glad I found this site.

  29. I’ve never heard of black cherry tomatoes. Sounds exotic!
    I adore common tomatoes but like to explore new foods and
    recipes too.