And there were Heirloom tomatoes

heirloom tomatoes

Heirloom tomatoes

I really think it’s going to be difficult to appreciate tomatoes in other seasons than summer. Tomatoes are really meant to be eaten now, even if this year has been somewhat a hard one for them.

I’ll come back to tell you more.

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  1. Totally agree. Off-season tomatoes just make me miss summer even more. I love your composition of this shot!

  2. Hi Bea, congrats for being on Reader.. I read about it in your last post. This time round, I found you via the reader and not through my mailbox! Good job.. your photos are always so good. Hugs to Lulu!

    Angela KL

  3. Les tomates fraîches de l’été, gorgées de soleil sont incomparables,
    Très jolie photo

  4. I totally agree with you… You only that tomatoes are fruits in summer. Here you know this is the true time for summer!
    Lovely picture!

  5. I am a long time reader and first time commenter of your beautiful website. Summer is on it way in Australia. I just adore the heirloom tomatoes that we grow in our garden. I love forward to being further inspired with your photographs and recipes!

  6. For years I thought I hated tomatoes…until I tasted a really fresh, ripe summer heirloom. Then I realized I had just been eating mediocre tomatoes up until that point.

  7. Cet été en Ardèche, je me suis régalée avec d’anciennes variétés de tomates : noire de crimée (mmm, un délice), rose de berne, russe, coeur de boeuf… Le problème c’est qu’après il est impossible de manger d’autres tomates !

  8. Bea, these tomatoes are mouth-watering! I linked to your plum clafoutis recipe today in my post. Thanks!

  9. I totally agree. I am so sad to see the end of summer and these lovely heirloom tomatoes. We grew some of our own but it rained so much they didn’t do as well as they did last year. Our farmers market, however, has had some nice heirlooms.

  10. for the love of all tomatoes!! Great photo!
    I think I maybe inspired to go grab some tomatoes NOW from the market!

  11. Loved the pics…getting ready to collect seeds from my heirlooms…

  12. Beautiful photo! Those look so amazing — can’t wait til Saturday and find these at the farmers market (fingers crossed!) Great work!

  13. So true. But I’ve been frantically roasting the bounty to put them up for the next few months so I can at least have some shadow of their goodness as the weather turns cold.

  14. I have been writing a lot about tomatoes these days, too! The heirlooms are amazing to work with. So much flavor! Thanks for such a beautiful site!

  15. Last year was not a good tomato year for me, but this year is fabulous. I have so many delicious ripe tomatoes right now. This is the only time of year that I eat them fresh. I love the photo.

  16. I have just been to Paris , and visited the local market, one stall just had tomatoes, of all sizes and colours, they were amazing….when I get my photos edited, I will be posting about them !!

  17. Hi Bea, I’ve recently discovered your beautiful website and it already feels like home!

    I’m wondering if you or your readers could suggest a few essential items for an aspiring weekend baker/cook on a Masters student budget – which is pretty modest – who has just moved to Milan. Some questions are – is a sifter really important? Can a hand held mixer replace a stand mixer? What size baking pans should I invest in first?

    Thank you for your daily inspiration and a great day to everyone!

  18. This year has been TERRIBLE for tomatoes, the planting season was pushed back so far and now it’s getting cold again. This year I planted white currant tomatoes. Has anyone else ever heard of them? Although they ended up being yellow, not white, they’re fantastic. Tiny, sweet, vibrant, and plentiful. They’re about the size of a very large blueberry. Do you know what varieties are in that gorgeous photo? Are they grown by you or bought by you?

  19. Candace,

    I bought some of these tomatoes. Others were given by a friend growing them. I’ve eaten cherry yellow tomatoes before though. Not sure if it’s the same. You can eat them like candy 😉

  20. We’re in the peak of tomato season here in New York. And what a brief window it is — by the end of October, they’ll be gone till next year.

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