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Petits pots de crème aux épices et sa compote de pommes

It was still early because I had insisted that we ate dinner at 7 pm. Bébé makes me ravenously hungry by 6, most evenings.

Qu’est-ce tu veux comme dessert ?” P. asked me while cleaning the table. “Un yaourt ?” (What do you want for dessert? Yogurt?)

B o r i n nng!” I shouted back, as if I was scared he could not hear me.

Even my favorite sheep milk yogurt would not do: I was actually feeling picky.

We had bags of delicious-looking Heirloom apples — they are everywhere in the house, in fact — a cake I had baked earlier in the week — handy for my frequent, sudden afternoon snacks — even a lemon yogurt tart that I had decided to prepare late the night before, on a whim, just like that, because I had not made one in years, and I felt like tasting one. But despite all of those, all I could think of was a silky and creamy pot de crème, you know, a dessert very similar to those ones.

Lemon, Poppyseed Yogurt Tart

Although I’ve not experienced crazy food cravings during my pregnancy — some of you have asked me about it — I have nonetheless developed a strong opinion about what I want to eat, and what I do not want, no matter what. Of course, it’s not that I did not have an opinion on my food before — P. could confirm that part — but now more than ever, I’ve noticed that it’s just more present. Always there, in me.

So I had really been thinking about these petits pots de crème all week. But never managed to prepare a batch, always running short of time.

Ca sera vite fait, tu verras. On a le temps ce soir,” I told P. as we started to discuss other dessert possibilities (It will be quickly prepared, you’ll see. We have time tonight.)


This dessert does not require a lot of time to be prepared. I’ve made numerous variants on the same idea, and always find the result extremely satisfying. When I was a kid, it was probably one of the desserts that my brother B. and I often ate during the week. My mum always prepared vanilla and chocolate pots de crème for us to enjoy at lunch, or dinner. Sometimes we had one, but I often begged for a second one. To my delight, I remember her often giving in too.

In this recipe, I decided to add some fruit. Since I had homemade apple compote in the fridge, I thought it would work well with the cream. It would feel like tasting a yogurt with the fruit at the bottom. You would, in fact, get the full taste of the dessert with a spoonful dipped deep in the jar.

And it worked like a charm.

To start, I infused coconut milk and milk with cinnamon and cardamom; then, I simply added sugar and eggs. The creams were cooked in the jars placed in a bain-marie for about 30 minutes in the oven. They were then left to cool before resting in the fridge.

P. looked surprised and hesitant. “Aren’t they too hot to eat?” he asked when I brought two jars for us to try.

Well, yes…no. You are not technically supposed to do that. But you’ll see, they’ll be good all the same.

Didn’t he know that I had been waiting for this all week?

After one spoonful, I felt my entire body relax, enjoying the moment. It was the same feeling of contentment I remembered from when I was a kid. At the second spoonful, I suddenly felt a few kicks in my stomach.

Eh!” I exclaimed, taken by surprise.

I smiled. It was making bébé happy too.

This dessert was simple and honest; a dessert good pour les grands et les petits (for adults and younger ones).


Spiced Cream with Apple Compote

(For 6 servings)

You need:

  • 1 cup whole milk (try soy if you want a version without dairy)
  • 3/4 cup coconut milk
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 cinnamon stick
  • 6 green cardamon pods, crushed
  • 1/4 cup blond cane sugar
  • 6 tablespoons homemade apple compote
  • Ground cinnamon, to serve

Apple compote: I typically stew 4 to 5 apples (peeled, cored and diced) with 2 to 3 tablespoons blond cane sugar, and a vanilla pod — other spices too, if I feel like it. The compote is ready when it is soft and the apples are mushed. It keeps well in the fridge for a week. I like to add it to plain yogurt, or spread on a tartine too, and use it in making desserts as well.


  • Preheat the oven at 320 F.
  • Divide the apple compote between six small glass jars.
  • In a pot, heat the milk, coconut milk with the cinnamon stick and cardamom pods. When it is almost reaching boiling point, stop the heat and cover; let infuse for 30 minutes, then filter.
  • In the meantime, in another bowl, beat the eggs with the sugar. Add the infused milk and mix well.
  • Pour over the apple sauce, making sure to discard the foam that might have formed at the surface of the batter.
  • Place the jars in a dish filled with boiling water — half way up to the top of the jars. Cook for about 25 minutes. The creams are ready when they are still moving slightly when you jiggle the jars. Let cool at room temperature, then place in the fridge before serving. Serve with dusted cinnamon.
Le coin français
Petits pots de crème épicée et compote de pommes

(Pour 6 petits pots)

Ingrédients :

  • 250 ml de lait entier (essayez du lait de soja nature pour une version sans produits laitiers)
  • 180 ml de lait de coco non sucré
  • 3 oeufs
  • 1 bâton de cannelle
  • 6 capsules de cardamome vertes, pilées
  • 50 g de sucre de canne blond
  • 6 càs de compote de pommes maison
  • Cannelle en poudre, pour saupoudrer

Compote de pommes : je fais souvent une version très facile. Pelez et évidez 4 à 5 pommes. Coupez-les en dés et mettez-les dans une casserole avec 2 à 3 càs de sucre de canne blond, et une gousse de vanille fendue et grattée — d’autres épices aussi, si vous aimez. Faites cuire sur feu doux à couvert. La compote est prête quand les pommes sont réduites en purée. Elle se garde bien au frigidaire pendant une semaine. Je l’aime mélangée à des yaourts natures, ou sur des tartines de pain beurré, ou je l’utilise pour préparer des desserts.

Etapes :

  • Préchauffez le four à 160 C.
  • Divisez la compote entre les 6 pots.
  • Dans une casserole, faites chauffez le lait et le lait de coco avec le bâton de cannelle et les caspules de cardamome. Une fois presque à ébullition, arrêtez le feu, couvrez et laissez infuser pendant 30 minutes; filtrez.
  • Pendant ce temps, dans un autre bol, battez les oeufs avec le sucre. Ajoutez le lait infusé et mélangez bien.
  • Versez cette préparation dans les pots, en prêtant attention à enlever la mousse qui aurait pu se former à la surface.
  • Placez les petits pots dans un plat contentant de l’eau bouillante — à mi-hauteur de la hauteur des pots. Cuisez pendant environ 25 minutes. Les crèmes sont prêtes quand elles sont encore légèrement tremblottantes. Laissez-les refroidir à température ambiante avant de les filmer et de les mettre au frigidaire pendant quelques heures. Saupoudrez de cannelle au moment de servir.
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  1. J’aime beaucoup ce récit et les photos, particulièrement celle de l’arbre déployé au-dessus d’un tapis de feuilles mortes.
    Cette recette me plairait bien pour le goûter… un, et surement 2 pots! ,)

  2. Superbes photos comme d’hab. Et un dessert interessant malgré la présence du lait de coco (je n’aime vraiment ça que dans les recettes salées). Sympa que le bébé approuve!

  3. Je vous suis depuis quelque temps et j’aime beaucoup vos photos et vos recettes… Vos petits pots m’intriguent, j’ai bien envie de tenter l’expérience: Les faites-vous cuire au bain marie ou au four ? Bonne journée ! Marie

  4. oh bea, i sooo understand the cravings and the constant hunger… 🙂 my husband thought that was so hilarious and took complete advantage of it himself. the pot de creme are amazing… i am such a simple dessert person. mostly dairy. oh and the photos of the cows transport me to my childhood to my grandparents farm where i used to milk cows believe or not!

  5. Hi Bea, congratulations on the news of your bundle of joy – you look absolutely fabulous. The pots de creme look delicious. Are you also going to have the recipe for the lemon poppyseed yogurt tart? I love all things lemon and that looks SO good!

  6. The recipe looks delicious, but it’s your photos that I find so comforting. Gorgeous and peaceful.

  7. Your post was worth the wait – beautiful and yes, comforting. And I understand your being mindful of what you eat. I was too and when our son was born we fed him fresh foods, good foods. And then one day, he was about 5 or 6, his friend’s mother took him to a McDonald’s. I was crushed. The lemon tart looks delicious. I think I’ll have to try that. Like a light cheesecake?

  8. What gorgeous photos as usual. And that looks so good, I understand how that could make baby happy too!

  9. Jeepers, simply everything about this is so right!
    With our first, I went through 10 days were I simply had to have chocolate twice a day.
    Right now your Lemon, Poppyseed Yogurt Tart looks divine!

  10. I think it is the most amazing thing in the world that even babies show their appreciation for good food. The pots de creme look lovely, as does the tart.

  11. J’adore les photos et l’histoire…mais quand j’etait enceinte, j’ai voulait pas cuisiner 🙂 (desolee mon francais) J’ai eu des “cravings” mais pour le fast food (beurk, mais avec ma grossesse j’ai voulait les hamburgers souvent!)

  12. Hi!! I´m Daena and I´ve been reading your blog for a time,and i like your job, your pics are interesting and i really like your recipies.
    I want to study photography and make the same job that you
    I have your link in my blog, i hope you don´t will be angry
    Kisses and hugs from México =)

  13. Bea, pls pls the recipe for the lemon yohurt cakes (and the “lost recipe” from earlier this summer), all your recipes are suberb, and I love your site, thanks dru

  14. I am a petits pots and yogurt with fruit compote kind of gal. Believe it or not, most all desserts I make end up at the neighbors because at the end of the day I just feel like curling on the couch with a vanille pot de creme or a slice of tart. The pots are simply gorgeous!

  15. Stunning! i just recieved a book from a freind who went to paris it is called” mets petits pot de yaourt” it is quaint with lovely recipes and images…..then i come here and it is heaven like the the fluffiest of clouds.

  16. Thanks for the gorgeous fall pictures! They are dreamlike…

    Such a comforting treat!



  17. J’ai acheté dernièrement des petits pots (en verre) pour tenter mes premiers yaourts maison. Cette recette est si simple, je vais commencer par des pots de crème !
    Toujours une belle atmosphère par ici…

  18. During my last few months of pregnancies all I wanted was popsicles, lemonade popsicles, I ate a LOT of popsicles!.. hehe. Today all I want is your Petits pots, you make them sound ever so comforting for the drizzly day we have here.

  19. Très joli texte, plein de tendresse, très jolies photos, recette plus qu’appétissante…Que demander de plus? Ah si, la recette de cette superbe tarte au citron:)

  20. That pot de creme made me drool.. I’m sure I’d be kicking with delight too!! I’m not pregnant, and have never been pregnant, but I believe me when I say that I know too well cravings that last for days, even weeks.

    Such beautiful photos!! The baby’s so lucky to be getting all those talent!

  21. It does sound luscious and comforting! Gorgeous autumn photos…living it through you 🙂

  22. I made several recipes you posted and I loved all of them, but this petit pot is fantastic, as your story> .

  23. Bea, even before I got to the glorious food, I was utterly charmed by the photograph of the cows. Nice to be reminded of where our food comes from. Thank you.

  24. hi..i had a quick question. what is blond cane sugar? is that what we call light brown sugar?

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  26. Thank you everyone — merci beaucoup à tous !

    Alyson, blond cane sugar is less refined than say granulated sugar. It is considered raw, and no, it does not have the same texture as light brown sugar. Look for blond cane simply, or sometimes evaporated cane sugar. Always nicer in taste, and nutrients.

  27. I start my day with a big smile thanks to La Tartine Gourmande ! I love the way you write 🙂

  28. Avec que de bons produits, ça ne peut qu’être délicieux!

    J’aimerais tant faire d’aussi belles photos…

  29. Gros coup de cœur pour la première recette, et je n’ai plus qu’à trouver du temps pour tester cette recette !

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  32. is it possible to make this on the stovetop if no oven?

  33. Hi Pessy, I would imagine you can do that, using a bain-marie.

  34. Bea, please tell me, did you use heat-resistant jars for this reciepe or usual glass jars?

  35. A_krol,

    Well the jars are used were yogurt jars, and they resisted. The oven temperature is not too high, so I typically do not worry. Try using the thickest glasses you have maybe?

  36. Ooooh Girlfriend! You are going to be the death of me with all these delicious stories and recipes! Your writing is as irressistable as your recipes. I go to try that lemon poppyseed yoghurt tart, it just looks sooooo nice!