Dairy Products, etc — Les produits laitiers, etc

dairy products pots crème

I have been so busy with my current photography project that I am afraid that I am neglecting you, and my blog too.
But eh, it will not last, will it? So I promise to come back soon with an easy dessert, one that talks a lot to me, at any time of the day.

Especially these days.

A bientôt, promis !

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  1. How is it that I can click on “Dairy Products” and know I’m going to see something beautiful on your site? These make my mouth water . . .

  2. Gorgeous photos as usual Bea! I visit your site in the morning and it’s such an inspiring way to start my day 🙂

    Looking forward to the easy dessert recipe!

  3. you know bea… you can just show us old photos too because I can never get enough of your photography!! These look amazing!!

  4. Ces petits pots de crème ont l’air bien tentants, j’ai bien hâte d’en connaître la composition. Jolies photos,comme toujours…

  5. I purchase Spega yogurt from Trader Joe’s that is packaged in these little glass containers. It is imported from Italy and is quite good. My favorite is mixed berries.

  6. Those look delicious. Wonderful picture. Where are the little jars from? I might need to get my hands on some.

  7. Lovely photos…I love the little glass or ceramic jars that desserts come in either in France or Italy…we are always amazed when we go shopping over there.

  8. Superbes photos……
    J’aime beaucoup les boites de verre, en Italie il y avait un yaourt, KIR, vendu dans ces petites boite, et j’en ai encore quelqu’un,mais maintenant pas plus.. 🙁

    Je suis très curiuse de la recette!

  9. We do share the same brain some days…spooky…I have been making a lot of yoghurt and cheese and fromage blanc these days. Love how simple and satisfying these look.

  10. Quelle fraîcheur… Très occupée en ce moment… ça faisait un petit moment que je n’avais pas visité ton blog… et voilà que je découvre d’un coup plein de belles et bonnes choses…

  11. Your blog is so beautiful: a feast for the eyes. I have to agree with previous comments the content of these little beauties makes my mouth water– pots de creme?

  12. Beautiful and luscious. Will you post the recipe? Thank you!

  13. Beautiful and mouth-watering as always!
    Homemade yogurt or petits pots de creme?
    I used to make yogurt with my mum when I was growing up in Madagascar. I was always amazed about how a quart of warm milk and a single little jar of yogurt could make up one week’s worth of yogurt! Good old fun 🙂

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  16. Bea, again I am mesmerized by your photos, the colors, the composition, not to speak about the wonderful food.
    Could I ask you a question? Could you please share with me where you find all these beautiful spoons, I am wondering online for the last two days and you had no luck. I hope you don’t mind.

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  18. Bea,

    I have tried quite a few of your recipes and they tasted absolutely wonderful. Pictures are soo gorgeous as well. I love the glass jars in this picture. Could you please let me know where I can buy them? I live in Sydney, Australia, the produce is as not as good as you get in New Zealand or Tasmania.


  19. Your pictures are divine, and I’m sitting here with my mouth watering big time after seeing those divine treats. That chocolatey moussey thingy really looks yummy to me. I’m tempted to rush off to go and purchase some chocolate mousse now. This blog is definitely not a place for dieters to frequent!