1. You know what’s so funny? I am so not a soup girl, but today I had a huge hankering for soup. Doubly odd as it’s the first sunny day in about a month. But being inexperienced with soups, I couldn’t put my finger on just what soup I was really hankering for. And then I saw your photo and I went “that’s IT!” So thank you for reading my mind and finding the answer before I did. Now any chance you’ll have the recipe up in time for dinner? 😉

  2. Mais c’est de la torture un truc comme ça !
    Et en plus à l’heure du déjeuner ^^ tu n’as aucun pitié !

  3. you know what is so fun on here? the combination of english and french comments! there are no language barriers when it comes to beautiful food!

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  5. Ladies and gentlemen place your bets. I see cucumber slices. What do you see? Now seriously this looks incredible…hm…a potential comfort food.
    Béa s’il te plaît..nous voulons une suite tout de suite.