A Japanese Magazine: Joshi Camera — Un magazine japonais : Joshi Camera

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Joshi Camera Magazine

Extracts from Joshi Camera Magazine

Have you heard about Joshi Camera? Perhaps you have if you live in Japan. I hadn’t until a few months ago, when I was asked whether I would be willing to answer a few questions about digital photography. One of the magazine’s editors had found my pictures on Flickr and liked them.

Joshi Camera is a Japanese magazine about female digital photographers. I was really excited and honored to be part of the series of interviews on female digital photographers they made. I discovered so many talents and beautiful pictures. Eye candy under its best form, colorful pictures with immense sensibility. And, what a delightful surprise to see that Melissa was also featured in the magazine.

Of course, if only I could speak Japanese, then I would understand at least more than one word in the issue I received in the mail. I have to trust that it reflects the answers I gave. At least I recognize my pictures.

This copy is for sales in Japan and South Korea, in case you are able to have a hand on it. Or on line.

Many thanks to the whole team for including my work in this issue.

Extracts from Joshi Camera Magazine
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  1. Je viens de découvrir votre blog et je suis particulièrement touchée par votre talent.
    le lien esthétique entre cuisine et image est pertinent !
    Bravo ! Je me suis promenée une partie de l’après-midi entre saveur et couleur!
    C’était un magnidfique rendez-vous ! Il faut que je perfectionne mon anglais ! ça c’est une autre histoire !

  2. I had not heard of this magazine until you posted about it! That is such wonderful news and well deserved recognition, Bea!

  3. Mais, c’est vraiment magnifique, Bea! Well done, you’ve been working hard and it’s all paying off, isn’t it? Now you are truly an international photographer! How does it feel? Be proud! It’s all your own doing, your own wonderful, happy energy that’s going to take you to the moon.

  4. oh, ca tombe bien j’habite au Japon, je vais essayer de trouver la revue, elle a l’air interessante.

  5. dites donc !! meme au Japon tu es connue…. Ns en sommes tres fiers ! 🙂

  6. Hi Bea, my copy just arrived and I was delighted to see they featured you too. Your photos look even better in print than online!

  7. congratulations!! by the way, you can also find this magazine sold in Kinokuniya book stores around US

  8. Your blog is such an inspiration… The food styling is superb. I look forward to your posts everyday. Thank you so much.

  9. Bea,
    Congratulations and I’m happy for you. We miss you in the Food Styling Class in LA last weekend. Too bad you can’t make it.

  10. there you go Bea… keep the great job.. your photographs are to die for breathtaking…
    am sure there will be more to come… not just food magazine but travel ones too…

  11. Belated congrats Bea! I love the Japanese aesthetic, and your photos definitely fit in! Btw I love the new styles you are introducing into your photos, very fresh and striking!

  12. Nice to meet you! “I have a subscription to this magazine.
    your works are the best graceful in this magazine.

  13. Isn’t it a beautiful magazine? I was in this issue as well–that’s my little girl on the lower right. : ) Congrats!

  14. Bonjour ^^
    Tout d’abord bravo pour cette publication. Ensuite, j’aimerais bien savoir comment vous avez fait pour être remarquée par le magazine. J’habite au Japon cette année, j’ai découvert ce magazine en flânant dans les librairies, et j’aimerais vraiment être publiée dans un mag de cette qualité! J’ai été voir sur leur site mais rien pour proposer des photos ou galeries! Serait-ce via un site en particulier qu’ils repèrent les photographes? ^^ J’ai vu qu’ils vous avaient repérée sur Flickr, auriez-vous le nom de la personne qui vous a contactée? J’espère que vous pourrez me répondre. 🙂 Merci !

  15. Merci Justine. Ce n’est pas moi qui les ai contacté mais eux qui m’ont contactée. Alors je ne pourrai malheureusement pas vous conseiller. Regardez dans le magazine s’il y a un contact pour l’équipe d’édition? Bonne chance.