Indian Summer — L’été indien

Indian summer boston

L’été indien à Boston

Ça, c’est l’été indien.

Excuse the digression today but I like Indian summer so much that I had to talk about it, even if only with a few words.

The thing is that it is simply too nice outside to be doing anything that involves pots and pans in the kitchen. Or am I feeling somewhat lazy? Je ne sais pas.

When I called my mum yesterday, she told me “c’est l’automne chez nous” (It is autumn here). I thought about the trees in Boston, and remembered still seeing them all green. There are perhaps a few color-changed leaves here and there, but considering the temperatures, it still really feels summer to me. I had recipes to share though, with a vegetable soup and a chocolate cream that I wanted to talk to you about, but then I thought that they might just as well wait for a few days.

Ah, and I almost forgot, I am going to France next week. Chut, it is a surprise. My parents don’t know. It is a good thing that they do not speak and understand English, isn’t it? I could write anything and they would not have a single clue of what I am saying.

Indian summer boston

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  1. But now I’m dying to hear about the vegetable soup and chocolate cream! 🙂 Have a wonderful trip.

  2. Speaking about fall and France: maybe on your plane ride there you will find the two magazines my mom bought for you and left in the magazine holder on her seat. She feels so bad she promises she’ll mail you nay magazine you want during the holiday season!

  3. L’été indien avec son lot de couleurs, et sa douceur, font encore rêver à l’été. Très belles les photos

  4. Ca fait un moment que n’ai pas pu laisser un commentaire, mais ce billet est vraiment chou. On attendra avec impatience les recettes et le récit du séjour surprise en France. Bon voyage!

  5. Did you take photography classes? Your pictures are always breathtaking. Haha, does that sound like a pickup line? (Don’t worry, it’s not intended to be).

  6. haha! We have had the same feeling, you and I, and probably many others. Who wants to be inside? Not me! I am singing in my soul and loving every second of this beautiful gift of nature.

  7. Yes, it was in the low 90’s here in NY today. And I was telling my husband, who is from England, that we call it Indian Summer. I had just taken the air conditioners out of the windows and then had to put them right back in. grrr..haha

  8. Please, you’ll make me cry…

    Qu’est-ce que l’été indien de Nouvelle Angleterre me manque depuis ce ciel gris bruxellois! Enjoy, c’est la meilleure période de l’année!

  9. I wish we had Indian Summer here. It is so cold already, I had to make some soup yesterday, and we turned the heating on.
    Welcome back. Are you sure your folks don’t understand English?

  10. We are having a bit of Indian summer over here too…I know what you mean about feeling lazy and just wanting to enjoy the last good days of weather…have a wonderful trip to France!

  11. Seems like you’re having some very good times addressing this travel bug you have! How wonderful for you to be headed to France!! But you might be surprise one day if your parents were to find a bilingual friend and read your blog that way – would that make you laugh however improbable that might seem.

  12. Bea, you’re doing quite a lot of travels! To France again? Great……..I wanna spend some time there next year too.

    My parents don’t know. It is a good thing that they do not speak and understand English, isn’t it? I could write anything and they would not have a single clue of what I am saying.

    Funny….Same thing with my cousins, when they wanna tell each others secrets, they’ll speak French 🙂

  13. Btw….if your parents knows a tool called “Online Translation Tool”? Just joking….but I always find jokes about language and language barriers funny 🙂

  14. Hey I don’t get to see these types of nature shots so often! BTW, regarding that Big Pink Bunny Rabbit….I couldn’t help but sing and smile all the way back to the hotel! hahahahahha!

  15. ah, si jamais un de tes voyages en France t’amène vers le sud est, je serai ravie de te rencontrer et de te faire rencontrer notre sympatique pt groupe de blogueuses !

  16. Bea, bienvenue en france J ai hate de te retrouver à ton retour; j adore ton blog