Purple Potatoes — Vitelottes

purple potato vitelotte tartine gourmande food styling

Purple Potatoes — Vitelottes

They are amongst my favorite types of potatoes. Beautiful natural coloring in food! I cannot resist. And so, there has been a lot of cooking going on with these. Next week, I will share a recipe, if you like.

Bon weekend à tous ! Have a nice weekend!

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  1. Nice composition! I love making potato mash with blue potatoes, and sprinkle some finely chopped chives on top – such a nice colourful plateful!

  2. Simply stunning. You certainly have an eye for color and style. It’s been interesting following your journey. Food styling seems to suit you, and your recipes are wonderful too. Thanks for letting us tag along.

  3. Beautiful picture! =) I like exotic-coloured foods too! In Singapore, we have purple sweet potatoes and I buy them instead of purple potatoes because they’re much cheaper. Hee.

  4. This reminds me of the purple cauliflower I was able to pick up this year. Somehow the color changed everything…

  5. I like! I like! What an amazing feat of balancing!! And such a gorgeous photograph. You have a true eye for colour and style. Yes please to recipes for these!!! 🙂

  6. Do you know that awhile ago I bought purple potatoes but forgot about them …


    I had to throw them all out. And after seeing your beautiful photo I feel even more ashamed.

    Hope you’re having un bon weekend as well!

  7. are these potatoes sweet? I don’t think I’ve ever seen purple ones that weren’t sweet.

  8. That is the most adorable little pile of potatoes that I’ve ever seen! When is your cookbook, bea?

  9. Color is everything, I guess…suddenly the everyday potato is exotic and sublime. Can’t wait to see what you cook with these lovelies.

  10. omg, this picture is beautiful! when i saw the thumbnail, i thought they were colored stones or some sort of decoration… but their being potatoes makes it even better!