Sainte Maure, and Nothing Else — Du Sainte Maure et rien d’autre

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Sainte Maure



A log of cheese

Une bûchette

Its name is Sainte Maure

De Touraine

He is looking at you in the eyes

I cannot help it. I like cheese, and this one even more than others. Not always easy to find, but I am lucky, I live in a city where French cheese can easily be found! I know my cheese guys! I ate slices of it spread on walnut bread, nature, but also used it in other delicious foods I prepared.

Oh yes, je vous montrerai…. (I will show you)

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  1. I am with you .. I adore all sorts of cheeses. It is dangerous for me to go into Whole foods (Cambridge by river street) because their cheese section is fantastic!

    We should do a cheese tour of Boston 🙂 Arrange some cheese tasting and generally overeat massive amounts of goat, sheep, and cow fats.

    Very tempting shot!


  2. C’est un de mes fromages préférés, il est vraiment délicieux, mais il s’appelle Sainte Maure (comme le village de Touraine), et non Saint Maure. Désolée Béa pour cette rectification.

  3. Moi aussi, j’adore le fromage. Le seul moyen de se délivrer d’une tentation, c’est d’y céder.

  4. That looks amazing! I also live in Boston… where do you go for your cheese? I know of one place in Cambridge near Harvard or Union Sq. – they have lots of cheeses and wine… I will have to ask for this next time I am there!

  5. It actually looks like a log from a tree. You are very lucky to be able to find the cheeses you love 🙂

  6. We have a house in the country of the Val de Loire so easy for us to get this Sainte Maure directly from the farm. That would certainly drive you mad Bea ! The other tasty goat cheese we have there is called “Selles sur Cher”, you should try it.

  7. Oh my, oh my, oh my! As a girl who formerly despised cheese, and as a girl who has firmly embraced it’s deliciousness, I am in love with that photo and its promise. I will look for it, thank you for sharing it!

  8. Alors la si tu me prends par les sentiments!! Un de mes fromages preferes. J’ai aussi de la chance d’avoir trouve un marchand de bons fromage francais. Ca facilite la vie!!
    Re-bonbons Haribo: mon pourveyeur n’a quand ce moment des roulettes de reglisse. Ca t’interesse?
    Mes preferes c’etait les dragibus.

  9. du Ste Maure et..rien d’autre…tu parles Charles !…hé hé…quel bonheur ! et quelle photo ! comme d’hab ‘! …bien belle.

  10. Thank you all!! Lovely lovely cheese indeed.

    Lydia, I got this one special ordered from WholeFoods as Formaggio’s ran out the day I went (the guy had just given the last two boxes of it to restaurants that morning!)

    Nika, this is a good idea indeed! Would love that, especially the sampling! 😉

    Chroniques du plaisir, je retiens! Merci bien!

    Florence, bien noté! Merci de cette rectification.

    Helen, très gentil à toi! Je te le dirai par email 😉

    Kova, the place you are referring to is Formaggios. The best for cheese in Boston.

  11. Quelle chance !
    En Italie (et à Rome surtout), trouver du fromage de chèvre comme il faut est un veritable casse tête…

  12. Oh my Bea! I don’t know if that photo looks more gorgeous or more delicious…both I think 🙂

  13. Oh Ste Maure — we lived only about 20km north of there when we lived in the Touraine area. Your pictures are really the greatest…

  14. I adore Sainte Maure. Tasted at about the same stage of ripeness as the one you have so beautifully photographed. The flavour, melt and mouthfeel defy description.
    Thank you for sharing.

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