Food Styling and Photography Conference in Boston, and more — Conférence de stylisme et photographie culinaire à Boston, entre-autres choses

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Styling Food

How lucky am I?

Not only there is an International Conference on Food Styling and Photography held this weekend in Boston, from Friday June 1st to Monday June 4th, but I will be attending this fabulous four-day event — oh, I just cannot wait! Then, I will also be able to catch up with talented Lara for a few great days of fun! She and I are planning to be at Upstairs on the Square in Havard Square for drinks (and food?) on Sunday night, June 3d at 7 pm. We have a table reserved! If you are interested in joining, let me know (leave a comment). We look forward to meeting you!

You can check out the conference agenda if you like. I will do my best to take plenty of notes. Maybe I will see some of you there?

On a similar topic, I am also happy to, once more, have recently worked with the photographer Stretch Tuemmler and his fantastic team on a photo shoot where I was hired as the food stylist! Yeah! If you want to see what we did, check Stretch’s portfolio and look for the cheese platter pictures, in the New section. It is quite interesting and different to work with a whole team, including an art director from the advertisement agency guiding us — the photographer and stylist — to meet the client’s requirements! Quite different from working on one’s personal portfolio. Finally, I also finished a few photo shoots and recipe design for new clients. Can I say it? I am really enjoying this! Bring it on and may it continue!

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  1. Ciel comme tu as de la chance …je comprends mieux l’excellence de tes photos ! quelle précision aussi dans le dressage ! La photo en bas à gauche est époustouflante !!

  2. Oooh, I wish I could join you for drinks–that would be so much fun! I recently got to meet Lara, who is lovely (as you well know). I will be thinking of you two–and all the fun you’ll have together.

    And many congratulations on your blossoming new career! I am delighted–though not surprised–to hear. You’ve got so much talent.

  3. I will be watching intently as always for your posts. You are magnifique and my favorite food blogger. A true inspiration.

  4. wow c’est fabuleux!! bravo à toi pour cette collaboration qui n’est que justice devant ton talent naturel.. entre Lara et tout, c’est la conférence qui va être illuminée!

  5. How exciting, I can’t wait to hear more about the food styling conference. I don’t think we have such a thing in oz, so I am waiting with bated breath on what gems of knowledge you will come back with. Have fun!

  6. Et bien maintenant je comprends un peu mieux pourquoi c’est aussi joli par ici…tout sauf de l’amateurisme 😉 Bravo pour tout ce que tu fais

    Bonne journée

  7. oups ah si je pouvais je serais la avec toi et puis quel boulot ces belles photos..
    je crois que maintenant je mettrais plus de temps pour les preparer….
    bonnes rencontres…amuse toi bien

  8. Congratulations Bea, surely this is the job you were born to do. Beautiful styling and pictures, as always.

  9. How lovely that the conference has come to Boston! I think these professional food stylists have a lot to learn from you!

  10. I live in Cambridge and would love to be able to meet you, Bea! Have been a fan of your beautiful blog for quite some time now!

  11. Congrats Bea! Awesome cheese indeed.

    I too will be at the BU conference (its 4 days – fri sat sun and monday but I probably wont come in on friday’s eve event), looking forward to meeting you and L there!

  12. Ce RDV a l’air bien tentant…j’habite a Cambridge et ce serait un vrai bonheur de te rencontrer et de decouvrir ce nouveau restaurant.
    Des precisions via mon e-mail?
    A bientot j’espere,

  13. your styling is so lovely already, i wonder if there is really more the conference will learn from you? 🙂
    i hope you have a wonderful time, and congrats on all the work that has recently come your way! beautiful job!

  14. Dommage que je ne puisse pas assister à une telle conférence, je suis certaine que cela m’intéresserait beaucoup. Toujours autant d’harmonie dans tes photos…

  15. J’ai parcouru le site de Stretch Tuemmler. Les photos (de cuisine) sont très belles. Toutefois, j’ai trouvé beaucoup plus beau ailleurs… chez toi !
    Je trouve que les photos de Tuemmler sont un peu plates, froides et, en quelque sorte, très masculines. Pour moi, elles manquent cruellement d’une touche fémine, malgré le travail de retouche entrepris, si j’ai bien compris, par Jenny Tuemmler. Tes photos, au contraire, sont très féminines, pleine d’amour et de générosité. Voilà. J’espère que Mr. Tuemmler ne m’en voudra pas de ces quelques critiques, un peu faciles peut-être… 🙂

  16. Wow Bea – you’ve been busy – but in a good way! I love the cheese platter images – just gorgeous and enticing! I hope you enjoy the coming weekend, and wish you continued success in your photographic adventures!

  17. congratulations on this wonderful opportunity bea! i am so enying you now! oh man, i am just 2 hours or so away from Boston!

  18. I just love the action shots- very cool to see behind the scenes. Congrats on the work and may it keep coming!

  19. Oh dear. Dare I say it?

    Your shots are better. I say this as a very busy working food stylist.

  20. Congratulations Bea! I’m sure much more of this is coming…your talent speaks for itself!

  21. this looks awsome, congratulations! We are all waiting for lots and lots of tips ; )

  22. Je suis contente pour toi Bea, et je ne peux que reprendre ce qu’a ecrit Tit’, tes photos sont pleines d’amour et de generosite, et c’est ca qui fait toute la difference.
    Have a great weekend.

  23. Wow Bea!!!! ;o)
    I want a big class of foodphotography with you!! Me I??? 😉
    Great job with style & photo,as usual!

  24. Je ne suis qu’une amatrice en la matière, mais j’aime passionnément capturer et figer un “instant” de quelqu’un ou quelque chose. Participer à une telle conférence me comblerait et m’en apprendrait aussi beaucoup. Tes photos sont extraordinaires et en les admirant j’apprends déjà …!
    Bien à toi

  25. Congratulations, Bea! I’m really excited for you. Keep up the beautiful work, and it will continue. 🙂

  26. Thank you all. Merci beaucoup! I will respond to your comments in a short while, when the conference is over.

  27. Bravo, je viens de voir la photo du “cheese platter”, c’est incroyable, il y a une ambiance réelle.
    A très bientôt.

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  29. I saw this post before the conference, but I just remembered to ask you – how do you do all those measurements and alignments? They look complex but important to do. Do you do them for all your photos?

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  31. Wow , great work .

    Food styling is really nice job but definatly difficult! 🙂