Ratatouille and Gardening Story — Histoire de ratatouille et de jardinage

ratatouille tart tatin

Revisited Ratatouille Tatin Tart

When I had told you that the tart frenzy was going to start with the sunny warm days. This time of year must be one of my favorites because I make and roll dough all the time, playing and creating all sorts of new fun toppings while revisiting old ones too.

Ah que j’aime les tartes !

ratatouille tart tatin

And, when life is crazy like it is these days — but crazy good — I wish I were able to dig things like this right from the garden. Wouldn’t you? Have a fun weekend all! I hope to be back to writing more very soon.

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  1. oh is it time for ratatouille already! i can’t wait for the farmers markets & the produce… ratatouille is always at the top of my list when the summer produce comes in!

  2. this ratatouille looks so nice and colorful! and as a tart it must be even more delicious!

  3. I actually saw a spring tart recipe in the LATimes last week and thought of you and your tarts! I can’t wait for ratatouille season, though for us it’s usually in August. I’m just beginning to dig my spring radishes and lettuces and just planting my tomatoes.

  4. Ahh, if only it was possible to plant a ratatouille tart and have it grow into a tree 😉 Great photos, and that looks like an awesome lunch dish!

  5. I made a ratatuoille tarte tatin once. I know, I know, probably a travesty if you are commited to the real things, but oh, was it good! Caramelized vegetables and flakey pastry, all the flavor of summer in each mouthful!

  6. well congrats Bea – you now have me completely hooked on tarts. and a secondary congrats is necessary, as it seems you have been my absolute go-to for dinner parties. i’m having the girls over to finish the last bit of wine left from my trip abroad, and of course i’m here first to plan the menu! i think a tart is in order, of course… and then one of your chocolate delectables… any recommendations?