Queenstown and Ben Lomond Summit — Queenstown et Ben Lomond

Queenstown viewed from Ben Lomond Summit

Here we are in New Zealand. Well arrived!

Today, we went for a long long hike by Queenstown, to get to the top of Ben Lomond Mountain, at 1748 m. And that was rough! Seven hours on a steep path. Yet, with a view like this, I can only tell that it was worth the effort and sweat. But what a hike!

I promise more news soon.

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  1. what a splendid mountain~ what a blue and clear lake~

    it was so worth to get there~ i believe when people arrived the top of the mountain , he can fell that the word is so wide and his heart became wider than before~ don’t you?

  2. Wow Bea, you are globetrotting again…very cool. Enjoy your trip and eat well. 🙂

    I just came back from my 3-week trip myself and am sick…remember to take airborne now that you are traveling. 🙂

  3. ……………………………………………………….les mots me manquent……………………tu as vu ca en vrai……………………..monstrueux!

    Bon dimanche

  4. Wow, les artistes des studios hollywoodiens aux débuts du Technicolor n’auraient pas fait mieux!!!!!! bonne continuation!

  5. Beautiful view and well worrth the hike I’m sure! Although I do not know if I could do 7 hours on a steep path…my hat’s off to you!!!

    Have a wonderful time!

  6. Que c’est beau… ça me fait penser à une expression marocaine: “pour le plaisir des yeux”.
    Profitez-en bien, faites vous plaisir.
    J’ai testé les sablés au chocolat que vous proposiez avant de partir; en un seul mot, comme la vue ci-dessus: DIVIN !

  7. i can’t wait to hear details upon your return. have a wonderful wonderful time!

  8. What a great view!
    Thank you for taking your precious vacation time to share this with us.
    Enjoy yourself!

  9. Wow, totally worth it!!! I could do 7 hours easily, but on level ground. Ok, maybe with the occasional hump.:) Enjoying your posts and pictures!

  10. Aaah, tu en as de la chance ! Quel merveilleux pays ! Et si tu as du soleil dans le Milford fjord, alors là, les dieux sont avec toi ! Une photo du Mount Cook svp et de Chrischurch, et des moutons !! Je te souahite un merveilleux voyage !

  11. wow — thanks for sharing such a stunning view with me! have a great time on your trip, tell P hello, and we’ll see you when we’re both back on the east coast (dunno about you, but i’ll be back end of april…)

  12. I trust you had good snacking and a delightful meal along the way! The weather looks lovely!

  13. What a view! I totally agree with you – for such a view the 7 hour trek would have been really worth it. One’s the exhaustion is taken care of, I am sure you would see nothing but the beauty of the view.Thank you for sharing this picture with us. More and more people should take on such trips and see the beauty of nature.