Wanaka Lake — Le lac de Wanaka

Wanaka Lake, South Island in New Zealand

Along the way, further South lies a magnificent lake, not as known as Lake Wakatipu in Queenstown, but so majestic, where we enjoyed great Alpine walks. I will surely tell you about it soon, when I return. In the meantime, enjoy the view. I promise that it is a great place.

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  1. so. jealous. i was there two years ago and fell in love with the place. there is a wonderful gem of a restaurant called the white house in the town; i hope you went there! they make wonderful desserts (if i last remember, my dessert involved cumin shortbread. with figs!)

    enjoy rest of your trip. new zealand is definitely to be savored.

  2. Wow, these landscapes are amazing. Your pictures are always so full of soul. I love it and that blue sky…

  3. Lovely! I’ve been to New Zealand once, erm like 10 years ago. This makes me wanna go there again! Beautiful photos, like always. Enjoy your trip!

  4. Ce n’est pas sur terre ce genre de paysage ! Quelles photos tu nous proposes, quelle paix elles dégagent.

  5. Une telle vue invite à la méditation…
    La Nouvelle-Zélande est définitivement une destination qui me tente.
    Savourez bien les moments que vous passez là-bas !

  6. Wow, that’s a mind blowing and surreal place! I’d love to be there now, in peace…

  7. Bon la tu ne vas pas arriver à me faire croire que c’est une photo non retouchée sur photoshop…..sinon c’est le paradis….trop beau


  8. oh no tu m affair mal! j vous quitte ma boulo!! im gonna cry i want to be you!

  9. My husband and I are discussing where to go for our next trip. We had it down to about 5 countries up to now. New Zealand is somewhere we want to go but the length of the trip may be too long for the time we can spare right now.

    Since we live in Montreal, we estimate that we need at least 21 days (in other to get 18 days of real vacation – 2 days to go in and out + the first day to recover from the jet lag). Doing it right now, Bea or the readers that had been there, what is the number of days you suggest for a nice vacation in New Zealand?

  10. la photo , à tomber parterre , une merveille d’équilibre et de sérénité .
    Un grand bravo à votre site , ds son ensemble !

  11. je suis scotchée devant l’écran. quelle sérénité vous devez ressentir face à ces paysages incroyables!…

  12. Well, I wanted to go before! What a spectacular place! I’m just guess but I think you must be having an amazing trip.

  13. wow so beautiful~! a stark contrast to los angeles air. wish i was travellin too. 🙂 can’t wait to hear about your trip!

  14. Wow, your pictures are breath-taking. So many beautiful places in the world. Hope you are well!

  15. That photo is simply the image from a lovely dream that was somehow allowed to sneak into our waking world! WOW!