Does it Look Like Christmas ? — Est-ce que cela vous fait penser à Noël ?

Pasta can also be a fun thing to play with. I only wished that I knew how to make those! Yet, I will show you how I devored them.

Les pâtes, on peut aussi s’amuser avec. Si seulement je pouvais faire cela ! Cela dit, je vous montrerai comment je les ai dévorées.

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  1. At first I only glanced at the photo and actually thought it was cloth, what a fun photo and yummy pasta! Where did you buy them?

  2. Gorgeous photo! I see this pasta in Boston’s North End and in Providence in the wonderful food shops on Federal Hill. Far too beautiful to eat!

  3. J’achète les mêmes en italie. il y en a toute une collection. Elles sont superbes. J’attends avec impatience de voir comment tu les a accomodées !
    A bientôt

  4. This helps me see/articulate something about you: I love the way you are so deadly serious about food and photos juxtaposed with joyful play.
    Yes wouldn’t it be cool to make these, I’ve still got to do my first batch of pasta to clean my new machine. I don’t think I’ll be trying to roll these out of it very soon.

  5. Stéphane from Passion Fusion made some zebra pasta for the last kkvkvk, maybe you can try his technique?

  6. C’est si beau qu’on ose a peine les cuisiner, de peur de gacher leurs couleurs. J’ai hate de voir ce que tu en as fait.

  7. C’est amusant, ça m’a plutôt fait penser à l’été sur la plage, au premier coup d’oeil! 😉 Très belles pâtes en tout cas!

  8. These pasta shapes are so cute & funky! At the first glance, I thought they were lollies 😉
    Please, do show us what you cooked with them!

  9. I love the way you think about food and your love for it shines through your pics.
    I am pretty sure you don;t need anything from the old country but I am leaving for France in a week and if you think of anything you’d like, email me at marinette1ATcomcastDOTnet.

  10. Janelle, you know what? I don’t even remember where I bought them!

    Lydia, ah nice to know. I just too rarely go there, although I love it. It is a good reminder I have to more often.

    Kate, oui tu as bien raison.

    Peabody, thanks.

    Helen, they are festive, aren’t they?

    Sue, ahah, funny indeed.

    Hélène, ah oui, le paquet indique qu’elles viennent d’Italie. La recette bientôt, promis.

    Tanna, oh you are someone, you know. Thanks so much!

    Mitsuko, oui c’est une bonne idée, merci, j’irai voir.

    Gracianne, tu as raison, je ne voulais moi non plus pas les cuire 😉 Juste les regarder.

    Adèle, ah oui 😉

    Liliy, oui, c’est vrai aussi, bonne interprétation.
    ValentinA, funny! Yes next week, promise.

    Gattina, ahah, yes you are a fashion girl, I like it!

    Kat, thank you!

    Jeff, yes you are such a techie, ahahh!

    Helen, oh so nice of you. I will definitely think about it and let you know 😉 Bon voyage en tout cas! I hope you have a blast.

    Fabienne, merci.

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  12. I’m despartly looking for jungle animal shape pasta for my darling little angel Birtday party . CAN YOU HELP???