Beautiful Strawberries — Ah les belles fraises!

Ben j’ai le droit quoi!

(So what, I am allowed!)

Just because I never get tired of strawberries! And I think I am not alone! See what Fanny did here. If you will excuse me, I have something to do!

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  1. Hi Bea, thanx for the mention.
    Actually when i saw the title of your post on Blogactu, i thought: ‘ i must leave a comment like: “i’m happy i’m not the only one to be obsessed by the beauty of strawberries.”‘
    Mais je pense que c’est ta faute: tous ces posts sublimes sur les fraises (non non je n’ai pas oublié la photo du ‘cheater strawberry icecream’ (bon je sais plus exactement le titre, mais je suis sure que tu vois de quelle photo je parle.

  2. merci de ne “jamais te lasser des fraises” … comme ça nous profitons d’une photo magnifique … de fraises … mûres et … sucrées … et juteuses … et fondantes !

  3. Hi iamchanelle, ahah you are right, I am strawberry obsessed!Hi iamchanelle, ahah you are right, I am strawberry obsessed!

    Merci Fabienne et Lilizen!

    Salwa, oui vive les fraises!

    Thanks Serge, I will go and get your post! I love this variety a lot!

    Hi Fanny, ahah merci! I guess I really srawberries and it shows. My favorites of all are wild ones found in forests!

    Thanks Béate!

  4. bring on the strawberries, bea! what a beautiful tower of berries in the next post 🙂 on a recent trip back to my parents home, i was surprised to discover my little strawberry plant had taken over a piece of dirt the pot was left on and now there’s a whole patch of tiny berries. When i picked them, I ate as I went and the scent was just intoxicating. There was enough for me, the quail who roam the yard, snails, and even the dog. Who knew dogs loved strawberries?