Ma campagne lorraine – My Lorraine Countryside

I am about to pack my bags and drive back to Paris for a last stop, before returning to Boston. And guess what, the sun is back. Spring is finally here and the sun feels really good.

While in the French capital, I walked around pastry stores and gorgeous pâtisserie windows that were beauty on their own. But if you remember well, my heart and memories are also elsewhere, where I grew up. After my Parisian stop, I enjoyed days spent in Lorraine where I am from with my family, between going to local vegetable markets where my mum and sister-in-law shop, to walking in the beautiful countryside that I love so much. I cooked a few dishes for meals shared with my family, but generally speaking I was more or less treated at people’s tables, which really felt like a good vacation. Ah les vacances à la campagne! (Mmmm, spending one’s vacation in the countryside!) I have to acknowledge however that I miss my kitchen and feel my hands fidgety to get into cooking again! Very soon indeed!

What about taking you on a tour of this area of France, if you do not know it.

Moselle en Lorraine – Moselle District in Lorraine

Vegetables at Erstroff: a local farmer selling his vegetables, including at various open markets in the area.

Field flowers to be seen everywhere in the countryside.

Cherries almost ripe in my parents’ garden. The best thing is of course to steal them right from the tree, which was a favorite hobby of mine as a kid. Still is today! I just arrived too early in the season as they just started to get ripe.

I cooked these strawberry tartlets for my brother’s birthday dinner. The strawberries came from my mum’s garden.

And more vegetables, since I just love vegetables.

Réning, the village where my mum was born, about 5 kms from where I grew up. All around those villages, there is a whole network of field paths that allows you to walk from one village to another, which is what people used to do. I enjoyed rediscovering those paths, and get my feet muddy in the forest.

My friends the cows were very curious when I walked all alone in the fields. They kept following me when I walked by them. You can be alone for kilometers while walking around this area.

I hope you enjoyed the walk! I shall be back to cooking soon, as well as visiting your blogs. A bientôt!

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  1. Hi Bea,
    I have only recently discovered your blog, and I just wanted to say that the photos are stunning. I almost feel as if I’ve been to France myself; thanks for sharing!

  2. Thank you so much for a very lovely walk. I saw those purple artichokes at Central Market today, now I wish I’d gotten them. They were so beautiful.
    I much enjoyed the walk.

  3. C’est absolument superbe, les coquelicots et les marguerites, ouhaou le reste aussi d’aillleurs belle région, bien verte cette année à cause du temps, si pour nous c’est moyen, pour la nature c’est un régal !

  4. C’est un vrai plaisir que de se balader dans ton pays… merci pour ces belles photos!

  5. I really enjoyed the walk!!! j’aime réellement ton univers, et ces paysages, ces fruits, ces légumes gorgés de soleil, tout ce dont je rafolle….

  6. Thanks for the magnificent tour and beautiful pictures; I loved this post very much!!!
    Bon retour à Boston…

  7. C’est magnifique Bea, merci pour cette belle promenade. La France a l’air si belle vue au travers de ton objectif d’expat.

  8. Beautiful photos! La Belle France is so photogenic, n’est pas?

    Riana in Langue d’Oc

  9. Que ça fait envie et pourtant la campagne je connais mais à ce moment précis j’aimerai pouvoir faire une bonne balade tranquille à travers les champs.

  10. oups moi aussi j’ai grandi en Moselle à Florange mais jamais je n’ai cette region aussi belle que sur tes photos un vrai enchantement

  11. bonjour béa! i have never visited la lorraine, but your photo tour makes me yearn for a trip to France. the tartlets look amazing and the produce at the markets makes my mouth water. big gorgeous bouquets of légumes! quel plaisir.

  12. Bea,
    What a beautiful countryside to grow up in! The photos are so gorgeous – and I love the pig! I’m glad you had a wonderful trip!

  13. Elle est bien belle ta Lorraine… Superbes photos comme toujours, tu réussis à enchanter la campagne française !

  14. that is all so beautiful it almost hurts! what a privilege to have grown up in such an astounding place. enjoy every last moment!

  15. What a beautiful walk! Thank you for sharing this! I’ve never seen such beautiful scenery. Everything looks so serene and peaceful. Safe travels to you!

  16. What beautiful photos!

    ¡Estoy envioso! (Which is Spanish, and nearly as exotic, for what I wish I could say in French: I’m jealous!)

  17. Oh my sweet Bea!

    What a lovely journey and I thank you for “taking me with you”.

    I’m sending you a big hug!

  18. A beautiful visit to the countryside, and full of food! I don’t know that area at all — thanks for the trip.

  19. Thanks you all for your really nice comments (merci à tous pour vos très gentils commentaires). I returned to Boston and once I deal with the jet-lag, I will be fully back! (Je suis rentrée à Boston. Une fois le décalage horaire résolu, je serai complètement de retour)

  20. Tes photos m’ont rappelé une belle région où nous avons vécu 7 ans. Nous y avons gardé des amis. Merci pour ce reportage. Repose-toi du décalage horaire. A bientôt!

  21. Hey Bea,
    Your photographs are amazing!!

    We live in Basel and up until now haven’t really explored Alsace to any great extent. I would love any tips you could share of great (foodie or non-foodie) places to visit.

  22. Ravie de te faire un coucou de Moselle où aujourd’hui nous avons dépassé les 30°.
    Tes photos de notre belle Moselle sont très jolies

  23. Merci pour ces photos qui nous donnent hâte d’habiter dans ce village où la construction de notre maison débute.

  24. Votre article et vos photos sont très belles. C’est le titre de votre article qui m’a amené jusqu’ici. Je suis l’adminitrateur du site et votre témoignage correspond tout à fait à ce que nous aimons partager sur notre portail. Si vous le souhaitez et pour en faire profiter nos internautes vous pouvez venir le déposer sur notre site. Encore bravo pour cet article sur notre belle région.