Les macarons de Ladurée – Ladurée Macarons

Who Makes The Best Parisian Macarons?

You know what is good about getting bad weather in June in Paris? You can eat more to keep you warm. In other words, I cannot say that it is the French weather that I will remember from my trip this time. But I am not complaining: I was able to eat many more Parisian macarons that I would usually have should the weather have been warm. Clever thinking!

I came to Paris with the desire to finally meet those cute little mini-hamburgers filled with Que du plaisir (only pleasure), and I have not been disappointed. I surely ate many more than I would have under other circumstances, keeping the hope that I will not spoil the desire to have more next time. I had no choice as I really wanted to answer a few questions about macarons. The good news is that I am leaving Paris with a sense of accomplishment: no pounds gained (I am a lucky one indeed!) and I have eaten plenty of Parisian macarons. I have an opinion about them by now.


If you followed me in my Parisian Pastry tour, you will remember that Anne from Station Gourmande showed me some nice sweet wonders. After the Hermé’s macarons, Anne took me to visit the Ladurée’s boutique on rue Royale in the 8ème arrondissement, to taste the classics from this known pastry house. As soon as we got closer to the store window, right away the girl in me got distracted and attracted by the beauty in display. I could discern a scene picturing a bird cage with butterflies (you guessed they were not real I hope!, and nicely arranged boxes with a few colourful macarons. Spring in display.The Ladurée’s store on rue Royale was definitely a change from the more modern look of the small Hermé’s store rue Bonarparte. I immediately liked the history I could feel from the building. There, if we had wanted to, we could have sat and eat all the nice goodies we ended up buying. We didn’t however since we had other places to visit. But what did we do then?

I bought a box of 9 macarons nicely arranged, in the way that reminded me of the Hermé’s box. This is surely a fashion. Ladurée classical look versus Hermé’s modern look. Many of you might know that after all, after working with Lenôtre and Fauchon, Hermé worked in the Ladurée boutique rue Bonaparte before opening a first boutique in Tokyo, then in Paris. No wonder then that the macarons from both houses look like brother and sister, or mother and daughter, well you guessed, they look similar. I however noticed a few differences.

The Ladurée’s macarons were slightly smaller, with more traditional flavors and less filling. A less buttery filling is something I would be tempted to add as well. They left in my mouth and memory a very satisfying taste of the ingredients used for each. After eating a Bitter chocolate one as an example, I could really taste the quality of the chocolate used. To me, they also felt less sweet. Illusion? Or as lovely Liza from French Toast noticed, it could simply be an indication that you can indulge in eating more Ladurée’s macarons in one go than Hermé’s? They were soft and smooth in the middle, crispy in the outside. I tasted Bitter chocolate, Vanilla, Coffee, Hazelnut praline, Rose petal, Pistachio, Raspberry, Salted butter Caramel and Red fruits.

With this box came almost the end of my macarons quest. Worth noticing that Ladurée is of course more things than just about macarons. To all the fancy-looking pastries fans, in a Ladurée boutique, there are many good reasons to give in to sweet temptations.

If you look closely, you can see me in the window! Comme l’arroseur arrosé.

Morale de l’histoire (Moral Story)

To the question:

“Les macarons de Paris, tu les connais ?”

“Ah mais oui, bien sûr!”

“Do you know the Parisian Macarons?”

“Of course I do!”

So which ones do I prefer?

Tempted to say Hermé’s if I only want a little and be more surprised by taste.

Tempted to say Ladurée’s for an overall very nice satisfying taste.

And again, I could definitely eat more macarons of Ladurée in one go than Hermé’s.

I think I want to try the Ladurée’s religieuse next time! The sooner the better. As my time in France comes to an end, I think I should make another stop in Paris for that purpose before I return to the States. Pourquoi pas?

Fin de l’histoire (End of The Story)

Ladurée Royale
16, rue Royale – 75008 Paris
Tél : 01 42 60 21 79 – Fax : 01 49 27 01 95

Parkings Malherbes – Anjou Métro Concorde
Open Monday to Saturday, 8.30am to 7pm & Sunday, 10am to 7pm

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  1. Sounds more like the beginning of the story to me. I think it will be a continuing journey. Many return trips. I know I’ll be trying both these when I’m next in Paris!

  2. mmmmmmm…….I’m on my way, you’ve got me craving…..any reason to not taste Le Notre? Do they not rate up there with the others?
    So this was just a weekend trip? very, very nice indeed!

  3. magnifique! je me demande comment tient ta pile…
    t’as mis une brochette au milieu des macarons? hi hi !
    On voit que les virées parisiennes ont du bon: du Ladurée madame, mazette!!

  4. “Lovely”, moi ? Tu m’honores, j’en rougirais presque ! D’ailleurs je crois que ça y est, j’ai rougi ! Merci madame 🙂
    Je pense que tu résumes parfaitement la situation : Ladurée est plus “facile” si on est d’humeur gourmande et dévoreuse… Hermé plus pour l’aventure, l’expérience… Et moi j’adore le style ultra-classique de la déco Ladurée, il n’y a rien à dire, ça a beaucoup de classe, et ça fait toujours de très beaux cadeaux (pour ceux que ça intéresse, bien sûr, mais tout le monde n’est pas food-obsessed comme nous, n’est-ce pas ?…)

  5. Et tu n’as pas goûté réglisse et gingembre de Ladurée? Superbe ! En tout cas j’ai bp aimé ton reportage et je suis d’accord avec toi ! Bon retour aux States!

  6. Mmmmm – good to know that I enjoyed macarons that have been approved by French bloggers as well:) Salted caramel one was on the top of my list as well, alongside the seasonal lime & ginger (but I only tasted four).

  7. Bea,
    Love to read this little journey of yours! So many details in the window display and packagings, can strongly feel their characters, tradition/history. Very inspiring!

  8. What a great project. Certainly has added something to the list next time I’m in Paris. Great photos as always. Thanks!

  9. J’avais goûté les Ladurée en décembre, moi je préfère définitivement ceux de PH, plus gros(!) plus originaux et plus modernes;)

    As-tu acheté des livres de cuisine?

  10. so fun! thank you for taking the time while on vacation to bring us all along. yum!
    have a safe journey home!

  11. Merci Béa, j’ai passé une merveilleuse après-midi avec toi et j’espère en passer beaucoup d’autres. J’essayerai de te faire découvrir de nouveau lieu.

  12. Bea

    Voilà exactement ce que j’adore de Paris. Les vitrines des boutiques sont des oeuvres d’art. Quelles couleurs. Quelle application des étalagistes. Merci de nous faire voyager. Pour les macarons, je craque aussi.


  13. Bonjour,
    j’aime votre blog. Felicitations (je regrette: je n’ai pas d’accent sur mon clavier).
    Votre article sur les macarons est tres interessant.
    Ces macarons semblemt tellement bons!
    Je me demande s’il n’y aurait pas une recette pour s’en faire soi-meme?
    Apres tout, faire des macarons, ce n’est pas sorcier. Il suffit d’avoir les ingredients exacts pour cette recette?
    Mireille, de Waterloo, Quebec, Canada.

  14. Hi,
    I’m not sure you have had my e-mail I sent you in French.
    Here is the English version anyway:
    Congratulations for your blog. I love it.
    The macaron article is very interesting. I’m wondering if one could find the recipe to make these at home?
    Mireille, Waterloo, Quebec, Canada.

  15. Merci a tous! Thanks to all!

    Mireille, I got your message, merci beaucoup! There are recipes indeed and I will be posting about them as I want to try my hand at them too! So stay tuned! 😉

  16. Those look fantastic… I need to try actually making some someday as no one really sells les macarons in my neck of the woods.

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  18. Just got back from Paris were we fell in love with Lauderee & their Salted Caramel Macaroons as well!! Is the recipe you alluded to up above forthcoming? Also, is it the recipe (for the outside of the macaroons(Meringue) that Lauderee actually uses or an approximation? I purchased two cookbooks while there, but need help to know if they are printed in French!!
    Warm Wishes, Jeannette at 3:12pm on 7-25-07

  19. Je suis francais, vivant a Paris, actuellement en stage dans une entreprise americaine dans la banlieue de San Francisco…cette derniere tente de produire des macarons…je leur souhaite bien du courage car ayant goute moultes fois ceux de Laduree, y a du level!

  20. they are indeed pretty and yummy macarons. Bea ..i am very curious on whenever Piere herme or Lauderee uses which method for their macarons….The french miringue method or the italian miringue method which uses the boil sugar syrup? I ask because i never tasted a Paris macarons before.

  21. The best dinner ever in Paris was at Laduree…..and ended it with the best macarons ever…my favorite is the pistachio! I’m glad to know that there are other people out there who enjoys life’s simple pleasures such as the macarons!

  22. Do you have any locations in Quebec/ Montreal? I hope you
    do as I’ll be visiting this year. I frequented your bakery in France
    when I was there in the past, your baked goods are tres

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  27. Saya antara pembaca tegar blog dari Msia… terus terang kata…

    saya minat blog awak… walaupun nampak cam simple.. idea awak
    memang menarik… tahniah 🙂