Macarons, en route sur Paris – Macarons on My Way to Paris

On my Way to Paris today, where I hope to eat and find tons of macarons.

Although, it is worth saying that you can find them pretty much everywhere in France, in good patisseries. These ones were bought in a patisserie in Nancy a few days ago. I brought them at my parents’ house and was good enough to wait to take a shot before eating them.

Good girl, no?

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  1. have a WONDERFUL trip to Paris, Bea – you are on your way to my dream! i hope we will be privileged to hear ALL about your travels when you return. bon voyage!

  2. I’m sure your’ll find macarons : Ladurée, Mulot, Hermé …. Tu as le choix et en plus ils sont très dans le 6è assez près les uns des autres…

  3. Thank you all! I just arrived tonight. Already caught up with a few friends, including our friend David from New Zealand, who is here on his way to England. Paris is such a central place to meet so many people! Typical us, any time we go to Paris, we eat in a fav Thai place! Yes ahah, Thai in paris is good! I will tell you more when i return!

  4. Mercotte, c’est vrai que Nancy n’est pas le pays de ce type de macaron, mais ils sont specialistes du macaron de Nancy en fait. J’en raconterai l’histoire!

  5. Yesterday i have had a couple of mini macarons just from my favorite supermarket. Really tempting!
    Bea, hope you are enjoying your vacation, and wonder if you are heading to Bretagne too, after Paris!

  6. Thanks Tanna, they were nice. Flavours were pistachio, lemon and raspberry. I walked out this am to get bread for breakfast and walked by a nice patisserie that had big ones. But like AnneE said, yes yes laduree is in sight! 😉

    Ange, true, sometimes it is just nice to look at the display.

    Relly, I wish I could come to bretagne but not this time I am afraid. Hopefully in the fall!

    Thanks Pamela!

  7. Oh my gosh, I am BEYOND jealous!!! Have the best time and be safe!! Have a macaroon for me please!

  8. Wonderful macarons ! I would like to cook macarons. Do you know cooking schools in France and especially in Paris ?