Nouveau système d’archivage – New Archive System

No you are not having vision issues.

If you look on the left panel of the page, you might have noticed that the Archives links have been reorganized. Thanks to P. this whole section was changed for the best. I personally did not like the previous display which I found difficult to navigate through.

Each archived post now includes a title, a thumbnail and an extract of the contents. Click on the picture or title to go to the archived post.

Better, don’t you think?

Merci P. I promised you a nice dinner! You will get it!

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  1. Superbe !!! au risque de me répéter chaque fois que je découvre quelque chose sur ton blog, mais la présentation de tes pages d’archives sont très professionnelles – BRAVO !!!
    Plaisantes à la lecture et invite sans conteste à découvrir ce qu’il y a derrière,… bonne continuation
    I am very Happy