La marche des canards – The March of the Ducks

Could not resist to post my friends the little cuties, the ducks, on their march on melting ice.

These were taken at the pond next to our house.
Love to just look at them but then I thought, oh my God, I love to eat duck!

Aaaaah! Mon dieu! Help! Que faire ? (What shall I do?)

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  1. Sam, Riana, Fabienne and Pascale, merci! I could have stayed hours just looking at them and taking shots. They are so funny and clumsy! The light we get in Boston in winter can be amazing I have to say. So it helps!

  2. He-he! Cute! I’ve seen ducks sliding on ice before x-mas on a lake when they were landing, that ws so funny!

  3. Ah … che carini!!!

    Bea, such lovely little dolls in those beautiful photos. But I agree with you … duck is so very very good!

  4. Thanks Dreaska, they are funny indeed!
    Ivonne and Kat, ah yes, isn’t awful we LOVE duck 😉

  5. I feel guilty now … I just wrote a post about eating duck!! It was probably a cute one, too!!!