Chocolate Contest

So this morning, I decided to enter a chocolate contest, Grand Concours de recettes au chocolat with Epucirien , and experimented more with my chocolate cakes from yesterday. I had little time–a few hours this morning only– since the date to submit the recipes is tonight (European time), so I just took whatever I had handy. But the proof here is: the recipe I presented yesterday is quick since I did not have time to go shopping or anything!

I decided to use some apples and flambed them in rum. I also had a pomegranate, so I used it as well.

I decided to place the apples on top of the cakes, decorate with pomegranate and coulis around. Used the coulis made last night and also the mint to decorate.

Et voilà! Now I have to see what happens! The point is: I just have fun doing this. I have no expectations to win as I am sure there are many better pastry makers than me, but the fun is in the making! So, c’est pas grave!!

Oh, if you are interested though, the prices to win are a book by Pierre Hermé! Miam!!

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  1. J’ai fait aussi ce concours, ta recette a l’air tres originale.
    J’adore les grenades, c’est trop bon…
    Fanny from FOODBEAM

  2. Hi,
    You have a wonderful blog! And you live in a very beautiful place!
    Can i ask you sometime? Do you know if it is easy to find a job as an architect there in Cape Cod?
    Thank you so much

    Carla Morais (Portugal)