Gingerbread cookbook by Jennifer McGlinn

gingerbread jennifer lindner mcGlinn

Gingerbread cookbook by Jennifer Lindner McGlinn

gingerbread pain épices


If you recall, last year, I told you about the first cookbook I contributed to, styling and photographing the foods. Jennifer, the author, came to my house for a few days to work — we immediately became friends. Her cookbook was just published and I am so honored to have been able to work with her and the people at Chronicle Books.

It’s a book about Gingerbread and every goodie that comes with it. It’s funny to think about it. I was three months pregnant when I worked on this project last summer. It was so hot, I remember, and I was completely morning sick, but it was a marvelous experience to team with Jennifer. She’s funny and witty, and full of energy–we worked really well together.

Her book is now available in bookstores and amazon, if you are interested. And, since I baked all the recipes with pictures attached, I can tell you that they work fantastically! So if you like gingerbread, you know what to do next. It’s the season!

Note that the second picture (a gingerbread I baked from her recipes) in this post is not in Jennifer’s book, but I just liked it so wanted to put it here! Simple and tasty!


  1. Congratulations to both of you! I was very “all-day-morning” sick too, just hearing about food was enough to make me nauseous, so I can’t even imagine how you did this, but it’s beautiful. Bravo!

  2. The photos are wonderful, Bea. You are such a talented woman. Congratulations! (I still love any photos you post of your darling little girl – soooo adorable).

  3. Oh la la! Magnifiques photos dans ce billet, donc j’imagine dans le livre! Dommage que je ne puisse courir le consulter, je vais être “obligée” de le commander et d’attendre…! Je suis très admirative de tous tes talents, et merci +++ de les partager!

  4. Lovely photographs! And delicious recipes. Think this book will go on my wish list for Christmas!

  5. What a wonderful achievement–you must be so proud 🙂 the book seems lovely, and I will definitely be looking out for a copy. Congratulations!

  6. Beautifully, elegantly, wonderfully done. I’d expect nothing less from a talent like you. Congratulations, it looks delicious.

  7. Congratulations Béa! Nice work. I’ll make sure to order this book into the bookstore I work in, asap. Perfect timing too, great for holiday baking ideas.

  8. Your photos are so beautiful, congratulations on the book! We adore gingerbread so I will probably add this book to our shelf.

  9. How wonderful Bea! Congrats and how fast time goes by. Can’t wait to pick it up at bookstore!

  10. So I’m number 21 – but you deserve all of the Congratulations (!!!) you can get! Pregnant and shooting highly scented baked goods can’t be easy. You’re a rockstar. There is a Chronicle Books boutique store only a couple blocks from my apt. – next time I stroll by, I’ll be sure to check out the beautiful book!

  11. How beautiful, and I cannot think of another subject that I would like a book devoted to more.

  12. Looks beautiful Bea, and you did all this with morning sickness shows such true delightful dedication, well done!! xx

  13. congrats! any cookbook would benefit greatly from a few gorgeous photos by you. gingerbread… mmmh, i can almost smell it.

  14. Congratulations Bea!! How cool it must be to have a cookbook come out where you took all the photos! I am definitely gonna purchase the book (love gingerbread too!)

  15. Thank you everyone. Merci. Jennifer is the star of the show with great recipes!

  16. Congrats Bea… your pictures speak for themselves. Breathtaking!
    I can’t wait for your recipe book. Hope everything is going well with your project. Give us an update when you can. Courage. 🙂

  17. Et voilà, il est commandé ! J’ai hâte de m’y plonger, il a l’air vraiment de saison. Je compatis pour ton état durant le shooting, je ne sais pas comment tu as survécu aux nausées 😉 Moi, j’ai fait la grève du blog pendant quasiment tout le 1er trimestre…

  18. Well done – the book is great! I just received it from Amazon and I want to make everything in it immediately.

  19. Wow what an achievement. It must be great to see some of your photos in print. The books sounds amazing.

  20. Gorgeous photos and love the simplicity of it all.

    I have just started reading a magazine called Poetry of Food,, and it is similar in ambition your site, although more of a magazine than a blog. Check it out, amazing recipes and photos, with quirky writers.

    Keep up the great photos!


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  23. yum! an entire book of gingerbread is right up our alley and this will definitely be a late addition to our xmas list this year. looks beautiful!

  24. Bonjour Béa! J’ai acheté ce livre en décembre dernier et… c’est seulement maintenant que j’ai remarqué ton nom dessus! Shame on me… 😉
    Tes photos sont superbes, Jennifer a eu raison de te choisir 🙂
    Les recettes sont alléchantes elles aussi, j’en ai déjà testé quelques-unes.
    J’ai eu en réel coup de foudre pour ce livre en l’achetant, mais maintenant il me plaît encore plus 🙂


  25. Bonjour Béa,

    I have made a review of this book on my new blog:

    Your images are superb as usual and Jennifer’s recipes are to die for. I have tried many of them already and they are all delicious.