Food Styling and Photography Conference in Boston, June 2009

boston university food styling photography conference

boston university food styling photography conference

You are not going to be mad, are you? I mean, I am not coming to talk about soup or dessert, two things I actually love to prepare. But instead, let me tell you about a special event you might like. It is still very tasty, I promise.

Do you remember two years ago, when I was lucky to attend the International Food Styling and Photography Conference in Boston? It was so much fun — creative and rich in information. I remember how shy it felt for me to be there, amongst all the professional stylists and photographers — and how I felt so glad that my friend L. attended with me! I remember keeping my eyes and ears wide open in order to grab as much information as I could.

And I did.

They had already talked about another conference back then.

In two years,Lisa had told me when I asked. Deep inside, I was already looking forward to 2009.

Then, of course, I was also far from imagining that 2009 would bring me two other wonderful events: a beautiful baby daughter and a cookbook deal. Needless to say that je n’ai pas le temps de m’ennuyer, as we say in French. (I do not have time to get bored!)

But here it is. Two years later, the conference is about to take place again for the second time in Boston.


What I was far from imagining though is that I would be speaking this time. Another new reason for me to feel shy and nervous.


I will be part of a general discussion:

Best of the Biz

With Eugene Mopsik, Ilise Benun, Tim Foley, and Beatrice Peltre

Calling all solopreuners and creative types: what’s the buzz? There are always new issues facing our commercial industry, new technologies, and new ways to market and connect with colleagues and potential clients. Hear the very latest from the executive director of the American Society of Media Photographers, an innovative marketing guru for creative professionals, a creative agency principal, and a food photography blogging star. What do you need to know about protecting your image copyright and usage? Should you be “linked in” or spending time everyday networking via your website? There will be plenty of time to take your questions or hear your stories about business concerns.

You can find the detailed program by following this link, and if you are interested in joining, check the full details here.

Fun, non?

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  1. Congrats! I’m so glad you get to have such a great opportunity! Break a leg! I’m sure everybody will love your participation in the program!

  2. Actually, that’s so bad I didn’t hear about it before, because I’ll be in the USA in June but I’ve already scheduled a fishing trip to Canada… that’ll be for another time…

  3. Wow, that is so exciting. I’d love to attend and hear you and the others speak…what a treat! Your photography is gorgeous. Once again I feel lucky I live in Boston. I’m looking forward to it. Thanks!

  4. Félicitations! Je suis s^re que ce sera fort intéressant 🙂
    Et comme d’habitude, superbes photos!

  5. I would give anything to attend and to listen to you but “helas, je n’en ai pas les moyens”. Ca me fait mal au coeur de me dire que je vais rater ca!!

  6. Wow! Dying to attend…how can I influence them to hold it in California next time?? 😉

  7. I wish I could be there (a bit far though)…
    Félicitations pour cette participation ! And no worry, you are the best !

  8. So exciting! Congratulations! I live right outside of Boston, so I might just have to stop on by.

  9. Wow, from being a shy attendee to being a member of a panel discussion, in two years! Big congrats, Béa.

  10. You deserve to be speaking. I am hoping for some financial windfall so I could attend. I would be the shy one in the back. You are an inspiration, always.

  11. I don’t think you should be shy, you are a great person (I know I didn’t met you, but you come trough), and you do areally great job with the styling and the photography here. I hope you will have a great time, and come back with more expectations for 2011 :).

  12. Je me souviens~

    Bravo.. Speaker Emeritas you will be for certain!Lulu will be there in heart to cheer you on!

  13. congrats on the conference! and also….are those etched roses on that spoon!?!?…….i want!!!

  14. Un petit coucou d’un début de semaine made in France…Comme je suis à Strasbourg nous allons avoir Obama …pour le sommet de l’Otan. Dommage que je ne puisse pas le voir… Toujours admirative de tes photos…Bonne journée avec ta petite famille

  15. I’m sure you’ll impress everybody in the conference. I know I’ll be impressed.. 🙂
    BTW, is the red spoon made of plastic or glass ? The color is very vivid.

  16. Major congrats!! I’ve been keeping an eye on this event since it was announced as I REALLY want to attend. Love these pictures too — they really capture the warmth of Spring 🙂

  17. Oh wow, what a wonderful opportunity! I wish I could attend, it must be a great learning experience.

  18. Many many thank everyone. Wish me luck indeed!

    The silver spoon is from Anthropologie! The red ones were purchased in France.

  19. I would love to attend but being on the otherside of the pond (ahem atlantic ocean…) that is not really helpful.
    Maybe some could put some videos? no?

  20. Hi Bea, sounds exciting! As a former Boston resident (but Australian native), I wish I was still residing in Brighton, MA, so I could attend this conference at BU. I think you are the inspiration for many bloggers (myself included) and sure the attendees will be very lucky to be able to share in your insights and knowledge. Good luck!

  21. that is awesome. i wish i was somewhere near Boston :o) I’m glad I could share in the wonderful opportunities and blessing that have come your way.

  22. Salut Beatrice!

    I’ve recently stumbled upon your blog. I checked out some of the photos in your portfolio and they are absolutely stunning. Thank you for sharing.

  23. Congrats! You’re definitely an inspiration and thank you for sharing all your wonderful work with us. One day I shall go to the conference for myself and see what it is like (^ ^)

  24. Le Food Styling m’interesse vraiment beaucoup , je trouve les photos de votre blog tout simplement magnifiques! Es que vous avez pour projet de faire des onférence en france ou en belgique?
    Bonne soirée

  25. Wonderful news, congratulations, Bea! I hope to be there to hear your session. Love love love Boston! …Susan

  26. Congratulations!! I saw your name on there when I was perusing the site, I’m so sad I can’t attend 🙁
    I will be looking forward to 2011 when I can hopefully attend (my fingers are crossed they hold another in 2011!).

    ~ j

  27. I wish I could attend one of your food styling sessions,Bea! Your imagery is most inspirational. Alas – with a baby girl in tow – I need to settle for learning from your blog photos 🙂

  28. Hi Bea. Congratulations to you! My background is graphic design, art direction of food photography. I recently finished my training as a personal chef and am preparing what I call “beautiful food for small parties”.
    I am also interested in learning about providing food styling for commercial photography.
    I love your work (and your recipes!) and I plan to attend the conference. I feel very fortunate to have already made plans to be in Boston the weekend of the conference.
    Do you plan to attend either of the Monday sessions? I am curious for more information about these. Looking to learn more about a career as food stylist. Any tips you can provide would be GREAT! Thanks

  29. Hi Bea. I just got home from attending the conference in Boston and one of the first things I had to do was to find your blog. I was so impressed with your work when I saw it during your presentation. You did a fantastic job speaking by the way. Your work is beautiful!

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  31. Congratulations.. actually it’s funny because when I entered the school program of professional Photography, I thought of food photography in first place and still life. Training changed me completely , and i turned out to be a better people shooter than I will ever be in still life. Fashion took my breath away and everything i planed took a completely new direction. Love your work.. it is so full of light and simplicity and also my approach of food and still if I ever should follow that path, what is hard for me to believe because I would miss it to much the interaction with people. I get bored easy when just shooting objects.

    All the best to you! i wish i could be there. i’m sure it will be amazing!


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