Les fruits rouges

Summer beauties

If I had any talent for poetry, I think I would be thrilled to be able to write elogious words about my love and fascination for les fruits rouges. At this time of year, I become excited like a child when I arrive at the market, and find all sorts of beauties like these ones: Rainier cherries, groseilles rouges (red currants), Bing cherries, raspberries and strawberries. Wouldn’t you too?

I cannot decide which ones I like best.

Although these days, I don’t know if you are like me, but I think I will turn into a large cherry in view of the consumption I make of Rainier cherries. I walk around with noyaux (pits) in my mouth all day.

I really do.

Oh, and guess what, some of you were so right! I’ve found the cake recipe again, in a pile of papers that, Thank God, I did not get rid of.

Le désordre (mess) has some good, even if my papa would fully disagree with me. But he and I have a different concept of it .

Bon 14 juillet à tous ! I will come back with recipes next!

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  1. They do look lovely! I only wish I could find red currants in my market. But oh, the cherries and raspberries that are consumed in my home!

  2. J’adore les cerises et les framboises, celles sont mes favorites! J’ai fait mon gâteau d’anniversaire au chocolat blanc, du fromage et des fruits rouges…Imagine! I loved this picture, as all of yours Béa, you know you’re my inspiration for mine? I could show you some time Hehe! I’m glad you found your recipe and hope you had a great “14 Julliet” Grobizou!;-) Natalie, from Spain.

  3. Happy Bastille Day! A baby was born to our family on this day so we are particularly happy. He will be a Francophile, as we all are!

  4. I have a weakness for red fruits as well, especially raspberries! The Rainer cherry is my fav of all cherries too. Yum… The photo looks delicious.

  5. Ces fruits sont tellement beaux! It’s all in the colors at this time of the year… Like painting your plate at every meal with the beautiful pigments nature gives. I enjoyed my visit sur ton tres joli site. A bientot.

  6. When you get your hands on a wonderful batch of Bing cherries; the taste is incredible. I can eat lots of them. Although I enjoy the small red fruits, my all-time favorite is definitely wild blueberries. We used to go each summer picking our own Wild Blueberries when I was a child. I probably ate as much on the fields as I bring back home.

  7. I’m glad to read that you found your recipe. I’ve had these moments of untold horror that I threw out a precious paper from a messy pile. Nothing is sweeter than finding you were wrong. About as sweet as the first warm scarlet cherry of the year.

  8. Beautiful as always Bea 🙂 I love summer, I really did! And I want you to know that your posts push me to do something next summer and go visit my beautiful Italy, places I never been like Portofino and Vernazza 🙂 tnx

  9. Here in the Northern Piedmont, the currants and cherries are over… sigh… But blueberries are still there – some; as well as some of the red raspberries. Ever-bearing strawberries will continue to produce until frost. The wineberries are at a peak, and I am freezing bags of them for use in the winter; blackberries are really just starting and they are outstanding in sorbet: such an intense flavor! Yes, I love les fruits rouges, but I love toutes les baies: rouges, noires ou bleues!

  10. I love that you wrote that you walk around with pits in your mouth, I definitely do that as well as I’m always munching on cherries!

  11. You know it’s a good photo when, just by looking at it, you can almost smell and taste the food. Des oeuvres d’art magnifiques! Merci de nous en partager!

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