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stuffed zucchini squash

Petits Farcis, courgettes rondes farcies au veau

When I arrived at my local farmer’s market last week, I was on a really important mission: finding round zucchini, my favorites by far. They are simply too lovely to resist, always looking pretty on your dinner table.

Delight! I was successful. One farmer tucked in a corner had some.

Upon my return home, I set myself to work immediately and prepared des petits farcis, a favorite summer dish in my kitchen.

I wrote this summer Squash recipe for this week’s Seasons column of the Boston Globe’s Food section, and prepared the dish a few times. The first time I tested the recipe, I used regular long yellow summer squashes and green zucchini, the second time I used my newly purchased round zucchini beauties from the market.

So perhaps if you are as hooked as I am, you will go back to the market every week to buy a batch of round zucchini — making sure to arrive there first to put all chances on your side — and you will indulge in these delicious vegetables as long as their season lasts! Frankly, I am always sad to see the end of it.

But until this happens, I will make a point of preparing petits farcis (small stuffed vegetables) as often as I can, sometimes as a vegetarian dish with all types of rice or quinoa, and at other times prepared with ground meat.

And in all cases, simply too cute and too good to resist.

Stuffed Summer Squashes
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  1. Those round zucchini are absolutely gorgeous. I will look for them this week! Stuffed vegetables are one of my favorite ways to use leftover rice and vegetables, thanks for remind me of how pretty they can also be.

  2. These are adorable! I don’t think I’ve ever seen round zucchinis. I hope I can put on my Nancy Drew thinking cap and hunt some down at a store or farmer’s market in the future.

  3. LOVE stuffed zucchini! But never think to use the round zucchini, and they are perfect. Something to think about when planting the garden next spring.
    Also typically make them vegetarian, and the veal sounds excellent.
    Thank you for all the great ideas and of course the gorgeous food photos!

  4. The onion flowers in the picture of the long zucchini are just perfect. The recipes sound wonderful, too. Thank you!

  5. Stuffed zucchini is a perennial favorite, and what a great idea to use round zucchini. I’ve also only had them vegetarian style — it’s a very simple stuffing recipe made by sautéing the scooped out flesh with onions and garlic and stirring in some feta cheese.

  6. I didn’t even know that round zucchinis existed. These are the cutest things ever! 🙂

  7. Just started seeing these round ones at the market in last couple of weeks…thanks for the great ideas! And the gorgeous shots, as always. Happy summer cooking!

  8. i love your photos. beautiful courgettes rondes. though, it makes me sad that i got such a late start with my tiny garden this year! i don’t know if anything will grow before the end of summer.

  9. Hi Bea, another masterpiece! I have come across the round zucchini here is CH but have not thought of using it like this to maximise the cute shapes.

  10. First time I ever lay eyes on a round zucchini but I do so hope it won’t be the last. It almost hurts to think that one could eat these cute little farcis. Bet they taste delicious though.

  11. Oh i love them too, mas t is tooooooo hard to find them. Hope I get lucky next time because yours look delicious . make my mounth water.

  12. With a wife and daughter and two relatively new cats in the house, the word “Cute!” gets tossed around way too much here. But those little round zucchinis really are cute, and the veal, celery and watercress stuffing sounds amazing. And your talk of stuffing vegetables suddenly has me craving the stuffed bell peppers my grandmother used to make. Another wonderful job, Bea!

  13. I made these last night – but substituted Chestnut Farms (Hardwick, MA) ground beef. Found the round zucchini’s at the Arlington Farmers Market. They were a lot of fun to make, fun to eat and delicious. Thanks!!!

  14. Many thanks everyone for stopping by and leaving a note! I am glad you enjoy these cuties as much as I do. Aren’t they to die for?? When I have a garden, there are in!

  15. Hi! I’m kinf of new in this blog. I’m from Montreal Canada but I move to Boston recently. Last week-end, I went to a local farm and I bought 3 differents kind of squash and I did your Summer squash recipe. It was delicious and my son who don’t eat much vegetables love it also. This is a keeper 😉

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