Another Adventure with Cuisine Light Magazine and a Cover

Cuisine Light Magazine July/August 2008 and a Cover

Not only was I delighted to be working for Cuisine Light Magazine once more for their July/August issue (numéro 5), but what a lovely surprise to find out that one of my pictures was chosen as the cover of the magazine.

Now this is a first and I have to say, that made my day!

Many thanks again to the team for including my work in the magazine. You will find recipes like veal roulades with sage, cherry tomatoes stuffed with red quinoa salad, fresh muesli with apple, spring rolls, a summer sandwich ideal for a picnic, a refreshing salad and many more goodies to keep you company during summer.

I hope that this makes you hungry.

Well, I am now. I’d better get some lunch before I become grumpy.

And oh yes, dessert is on its way.

Samples of the recipes I contributed
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  1. I’m not surprised at all, your photographs are absolutely gorgeous. I come here often to be inspired and just admire your work. Well done and keep up the good work 🙂

  2. Just absolutely mouthwatering !!
    Again and again you capture the essence of “creating appetite”

    Fantastic Bea.

  3. Hi, I am a big fan of your photos and your recipes. I live in Germany close to the border of France. I have to confess that after discovering this page I went to France town to taste the tartine (with raw meat)! It was amazing. Congratulations on your very first magazine cover! 🙂

  4. Congratulations Bea! Wonderful selection of dishes and recipes again and as usual very inspiring.

  5. Eheh! Another one for my mom to get me! I loved the first edition, your recipes were top notch. Without sounding negative to the rest of the editorial team, there 2-3 typos with the others like ingredients missing or recipes which picture had different ingredient alltogether. Might be something to pass along. Yours were just perfect as usual.

  6. wow! congratulations, bea. what an honor. i really always enjoy your photos, so i’m glad to see them recognized… great work!

  7. wow felicitation! i always enjoy your photos and you definately deserve that front cover page! keep up the excellent work!

  8. m’enfin Bea , c’est tout à fait normal et mérité qu’ils aient choisi une de tes photos , enfin moi je suis fan !!!

  9. Congratulations! As always, fantastic and mouth-watering photos! I would love to see your quinoa salad recipe; did you publish it here before? Thanks.

  10. Bonjour . je suis la personne qui a emprunté inopinéement vos photos dans aucun but précis. Vos photos m’inspiraient , et je suis réellement désolée de ne pas vous avoir demandé. Je voudrais m’excuser pour ce malencontreux geste et vous prie de ne pas porter plainte. Je supprimerai mon blog s’il le faut , je vais supprimer tous les articles avec vos photos , ou les modifier. Je suis novice dans le blog , et je ne suis même pas majeur. Merci de votre compréhension , sachez que je suis une fervente amatrice de votre blog ! J’ai d’ailleurs acheté le magazine light dont vous parlez récemment !

  11. I bought the magazine on wednesday hoping to see some of your pictures and recipes. I was so happy … Congratulations. Bises.

  12. Great work Béa! A visual feast as always, Since we can’t get this magazine in the states, is there a website available for us to peruse? Big congratulations!

  13. Absolutely Bea-utiful!! I saw that pretty little casual silverware pattern in the sandwich picture on sale the other day at Printemps. I think I should go back now and get some!

  14. Many thanks everyone for your nice words and encouragements! I will think about posting the red quinoa salad in the future!

  15. c’est génial félicitations!
    Toutes ces photos sont très alléchantes, je vais voir si je peux me procurer ce magazine en Suisse…
    A bientôt

  16. Enhorabuena
    Admiro tu trabajo, es extraordinario.
    Un saludo desde España

  17. Felicitaions…
    Ce magazine a l’air super, par contre je n’ai pas trouve un site pour s’abonner. Avez vous des pistes?

  18. Bonjour,
    Vos photos sont superbes, qui est le ou la styliste ?


  19. Thank you everyone.

    Agnès, thank you. C’est en fait moi la styliste 😉