Calendar 2008 — Calendrier 2008

tartine gourmande calendar 2008
tartine gourmande calendar 2008

La Tartine Gourmande Calendar 2008

It is indeed this time of year, isn’t it? But please tell me, do you feel just as I do, when you think about where the year went? Where did it go indeed? Zoomed in, and zoomed out! Just like the wind.

Since I have happily received requests to make a calendar this year again, I have finally managed to sit down and do it. So here is my new 2008 Calendar. It has a collection of some of my 2007 food shots, newer and older ones. I hope that you enjoy them.

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  1. magnifique béatrice!!
    tes photos méritent vraiment d’être diffusées partout partout!!!
    et en euros ca fait combien?

    jai bien envie de l’annoncer ds mon trendy-food
    tu peux me passer un visuel ou le truc de zazie pour faire le lien pour achat

    bon we
    je vais aux gastronomades a angouleme!

  2. I’ll bet looking back at all your wonderful hard work throughout the year makes you proud! Neat idea to put together a calendar. I missed your post for that wonderful salad on the top right – wonderful shot.

  3. Gorgeous. Now I know what to get my foodie friends for Christmas. (I hope we don’t have any of the same friends!)

  4. gorgeous, as always. I come back to your blog on a regular basis just to stare – nice to know I can have the images on multiple surfaces now.

  5. Hello!!! I’m a huge food blog reader (love cooking, although my documentation only goes to the photo-taking stage; I don’t get to the blogging aspect), and I’ve enjoyed your spectacular photography and blog posts. So I was super-thrilled to see this post because.. I work at Zazzle! ^__^ I’m very glad to see such gorgeous shots gracing us, thank you!