Rhubarb and Raspberry Yogurt Popsicles — Sucettes au yaourt glacé rhubarbe et framboise

yogurt ice pop rhubarb raspberry

Rhubarb and Raspberry Yogurt Pops

Do you remember sucking on ice pops when you were a kid, keeping the stick in your mouth for hours afterwards? I do. In France, my favorites were simple: Miko bâtonnet vanille or chocolat — the ice cream stick being le bâtonnet de glace. My mum always made sure to keep a good stock in the freezer, which kept my brother and I happy, and our pets too! My dog Yokky — or Sweeky our cat, depending on who was around first — would always get to lick the stick, licking and licking endlessly until it was so clean that it looked like new. They knew how to do this well! And you know, I cannot even remember when I ate a Miko for the last time! So then I remembered….

I had in mind to make this yogurt ice pop recipe ever since I saw it in one of last year’s Vogue Entertaining and Travel Magazine. It was, however, one of those things that clearly never happened at the time! Summer went by, busy and warm, fall kicked in with its gorgeously colorful leaves and before I realized it, we entered the middle of winter, with snow even at times. And this winter, at least on this side of the globe — as opposed to other places which my brother likes to remind me of — is just only starting to go away. Today finally feels like spring or summer, the day — Labor Day — when the tradition in France is to try to find lilies of the valley, du muguet. I will have to promise myself not to laugh at sayings again, like this French one: “En avril ne te découvre pas d’un fil, en mai fais ce qu’il te plait” (in April, do not shed a thread, in May do as you please). You can be assured that I kept all my threads on until today! So, this year, I was determined not to forget to try this lovely recipe I had marked. And to make sure that I would stick to the plan, I started before summer. Good thinking, no? I had rhubarb and raspberries and, although truly inspired by the recipe in my magazine — the photography was amazingly good — mine diverged completely from the original.

These pops are a you-can-not-make-simpler recipe: make a rhubarb purée, use a good plain Greek yogurt, prepare a raspberry coulis to coat shot glasses which are then placed in the freezer. You can use or not an ice cream machine. I did not — as I am not particularly thrilled with mine. Perhaps time to go and shop for a new one, non ?

Agreed, my yogurt ice-pops are no longer close to a Miko, but they definitely brought me back to ancient times — how old am I again or is it that long ago? And without Yokky and Sweeky stuck to my legs, I even get to lick the stick! C’est pour moi toute seule (It is for me alone).

I might actually have another one, just now.

Rhubarb, Raspberry Yogurt Ice Pops

For 6 yogurt ice pops (small shot glasses)

You need:

The rhubarb:

  • 9 oz rhubarb, peeled and diced
  • 1 3/4 oz fine blond cane sugar
  • 2 Tbsp water
  • The raspberries

  • 6 1/3 oz raspberries
  • 2 Tbsp fine cane sugar
  • 1 Tbsp lime juice
  • The yogurt

  • 10.5 oz Greek style yogurt 2%
  • 2 Tbsp fine cane sugar
  • Steps:

    • Place your shot glasses in the freezer.
    • To make the raspberry syrup, place the fruit in a pot with 2 Tbsp sugar, the lime juice and bring to a boil, cooking for 2 min.
    • Strain to remove seeds and pour back in the pot. Cook until you obtain a thick syrup-like consistency, on medium heat. Let cool.
    • Pour in the glasses along the edges to describe a pattern and place in the freezer again.
    • To prepare the rhubarb, place 5 Tbsp sugar with the peeled and diced rhubarb in a pot. Add 2 Tbsp water. Cook until the rhubarb is soft and let cool. Purée finely in a food processor.
    • Mix this rhubarb purée with the yogurt and 2 Tbsp sugar. Adjust the sweetness according to taste.
    • Place in the fridge to cool (or use an ice cream machine to churn) and then pour in the shot glasses. Place in the freezer again.
    • While still soft, insert the wooden sticks.
    • Place in the freezer once more so that the yogurt pops fully set.
    Le coin français
    Sucettes au yaourt glacé de rhubarbe et framboises

    Pour 6 sucettes (petits verres à liqueur)

    Ingrédients :

    La rhubarbe :

  • 250 g de rhubarbe, pelée et coupée en dés
  • 50 g de sucre de canne fin
  • 2 càs d’eau
  • Le sirop de framboises :

  • 180 g de framboises
  • 2 càs de sucre (25 g)
  • 1 càs de citron vert
  • Le yaourt :

  • 300 g de yaourt grec à 2%
  • 2 càs de sucre de canne fin
  • Étapes :

    • Mettez vos verres au congélateur.
    • Pour réaliser le sirop de framboises, mettez les fruits dans une casserole avec 2 càs rase de sucre et le jus de citron vert, et faites bouillir pendant 2 min.
    • Passez au chinois et remettez dans la casserole pour faire réduire en un sirop épais. Laissez refroidir.
    • Versez dans les verres le long des parois pour décrire un dessin et remettez au congélateur pour faire prendre.
    • Pour préparer la rhubarbe, mettez dans une casserole 5 càs de sucre (50 g) avec 250 g de rhubarbe pelée, et coupée en dés, et 2 càs d’eau. Cuisez jusqu’à ce que la rhubarbe soit réduite en purée et laissez refroidir. Mixer au robot en une purée fine.
    • Mélangez cette purée de rhubarbe refroidie au yaourt et ajoutez 2 càs de sucre. Vérifiez que c’est sucré à votre goût.
    • Mettez au frigo pour que ce soit bien froid (ou utilisez une sorbetière pour faire prendre), puis versez dans les verres et remettez au congélateur.
    • Veillez à insérer les bâtonnets avant que le yaourt ne soit complètement pris.
    • Remettez au congélateur.
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    1. Bea, could you please post a recipe for the delicious looking rose coconut dessert? I have a friend’s shower coming up and this would be perfect for the girls to enjoy, don’t you think?
      I love your site, thank you for everything.


    2. They are just adorable. They really do speak of summer. I will definitely have to try them.

    3. Bea: ca fait plusieurs fois qu’on fait ca…great minds think alike!
      Le plus drole c’est que j’avais repere l recette chez Nordljus et quand j’ai eu l’idee des glaces, impossible de trouver de la rubarbe…Super recette!

    4. Quelle jolie recette en ce 1er mai! Une date pleine de promesse de fraîcheur, de fleurs, d’ensoleillement et de sucettes glacées maintenant. 🙂

    5. La photo : extra, l’association framboise-thubarbe : j’adore, l’idée des verre à Tequila pour faire des sucettes : j’adopte !

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    7. C’est superbe !
      Je les faisais deja avec du yaourt aux fruits mais pas encore dans des verres comme cela ;
      Je garde l’idée .
      Merci .

    8. Bonjour Béa, je découvre ton blog à l’instant. C’est toujours très agréable de découvrir un “petit bout de France” à l’étranger. A bientôt,

    9. I love this idea Bea – I’ve got a cupboard of shot glasses that just sit there unused and I like it that the recipe is actually pretty healthy too, with all that fruit and the 2% yogurt! It’s not quite ice-lolly weather in the UK yet but that’s no reason not to plan ahead 🙂

    10. Bea, these look absolutely divine! I’ve never actually tried rhubarb before…I keep telling myself that I should try it but I keep chickening out! Maybe this weekend 🙂

    11. yum! Bea, these look sooo refreshing. really lovely. pink in pops, in the summer — well you just couldn’t ask for much more! love the photograph with them out of their molds! the colors – great idea & composition!

    12. hi bea! I love your blog very very much! Your photography is wonderful! I hope u dont mind, but Ive linked you. Could I ask for a little favour? Im trying to publicize my new revamped blog, and I was wondering if you could help me by linking me? It would be MUCh appreciated. Cos im only 16 and Its hard to get some attention lol!

      Keep up the FABULOUS work. hugz

    13. En lisant ton article, j’ai fait un bond dans le temps, un délicieux come back au temps des bâtonnets Miko… Et tout comme toi, comme un rituel immuable, je laissais le chien lécher le bâtonnet… Que de souvenirs !

      Quant à ta recette, qu’en dire ?! Elle est tout simplement renversante ! L’idée de présenter des sucettes glacées dans des petits verres à téquila est excellente ! Je retiens l’idée, voyant plutôt pour ma part, une association abricot et framboises… Miam, j’en salive déjà rien que d’y penser !

      Merci pour le petit bain de Jouvence et bien sûr, pour la recette !
      Amicalement blog,

    14. Bea, exquisite! These could be served at a grown up afternoon tea OR at the end of a coctail party, truly inventive.

    15. Adorables et rafraichissants! Et dans ces petits verres, ces une idee de presentation originale et tres chouette ; )

    16. Your recipe made the cut. Your lovely pops are featured on an inspiration board for a girlie Mother’s Day theme that I created last week-end. I only have time to publish it yesterday. Now, I just need time to make my own batch.

    17. Absolutely delicious and it means so much fun to prepare.
      You’ve got a new fan;)

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