Advertising Opportunities on La Tartine Gourmande

I receive a constant stream of emails from people asking me to promote their products on La Tartine Gourmande, but I’ve always struggled with maintaining the personal feel of my blog and responding to this need. Starting in January 2009, I’ve opened up two paid programs for those of you who want to reach my most wonderful readership.

My promises to my readership are below, so please don’t ask me to violate these. I will simply ignore these requests.

Paid Programs:

  1. Product Placements – In most posts, I use food props such as cutlery, tableware and ingredients for recipes. I can include your products in the photography and provide you with a short mention and link at the end of the post (Note: I retain ownership of the photography, but that’s available for licensing as part of a separate arrangement). Pricing for product placements varies depending on what your product is and how easily I can incorporate it. This is a one-time charge. Please contact me with your product information to establish a price.
  2. Sponsorship – I offer two sponsorship opportunities per month for my blog. Sponsors will be visible in two banner ads on all pages. On a CPM basis, my rates are very favorable, especially when considering the targeted nature of my content and audience. You will receive visibility above the fold on all pageviews for LTG (see statistics below).

Get started now:

Please email advertising @ for more info.

La Tartine Gourmande Statistics (August, 2010)

Website traffic 273K pageviews with 75K unique visitors
RSS subscribers Approximately 335,000

My Promises

  • I promise never to accept payment for any product or service featured on my blog without clearly identifying it as a paid sponsorship.
  • I promise never to publicize products or services that I don’t personally believe in.
  • I promise never to publicize products or services that are irrelevant to the content of La Tartine Gourmande.