Remember Macco soup


Macco Soup

While thinking a lot more about Sicily over the past few days, I found two bags of dried fava beans in my pantry last night that called for a dish. So I thought about Fabrizia and decided to make a large batch of Macco Soup for lunch (recipe in the link before). I soaked the beans overnight, peeled them this morning, and started to cook after breakfast with Rémy playing on the kitchen floor.

The soup is right now simmering on the stove and makes the kitchen smell heavenly. Every time I’ve visited Fabrizia’s in her school, she’s cooked and served it to us. Mine has tarragon, parsley, and a bay leaf in it …


Remember to cook it too! It’s incredibly delicious, even if right now I am only making it with dried beans and not the fresh ones.

I know that the children will love it. Especially with the irresistible runny yolk of the egg placed on top…I may add two to mine!


Olive Tree, Sicily


  1. So, where’s the recipe please? I live in Uruguay, and long to make this soup.

    Thank you, jay

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  3. Looks simply amazing and delicious. Do you have any published books including online cook books?

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  5. What a delight looking at these freshly cooked Fava Beans! I don’t know why, but there is something magical about them 🙂

    Also congratulations on your photography. I’ve love how you are very strict when it comes to choosing a congruent palette for your shots!

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