Dec 9th — Book Signing at Eat Boutique Holiday Market

holiday market eat boutique 2012

Somehow I cannot believe that we are in December, and that the last time I wrote in this space was by late October. More than one month has gone by. And in less than three weeks, it’s Christmas–for us now equalling the day when Lulu was born.

Four years ago already.

Naturally, I am now even more emotional when this holiday time comes.


It’s not that I didn’t have anything I wanted to say during these past weeks of silence radio. It’s neither that I stopped to cook or style or photograph.

Tout simplement, I felt stuck for words.

Did this ever happen to you? You have a flurry of ideas and stories but you are unable to put them together. And you feel frozen.

In fact, the more I wanted to write, the less I was able to.

And so when I was not working, I was busy with other things. Difficult ones–it’s life.

And solidly good ones too.

Like traveling to Vermont.

Welcoming Fabrizia in our house during her book tour (her new cookbook, Coming Home to Sicily: Seasonal Harvests and Cooking from Case Vecchie is fabulous).

Having a wintry picnic at the beach with our friends Pam and Josh, with Lulu’s chocolate cake in our basket.

Or taking Lulu bowling for the first time.

I truly missed being in this space though. Even if, I will admit, it felt good, and right, to be away.

But now that I am back, I meant to tell you that I will be signing copies of my book at the lovely Holiday Market organized by Maggie from Eat Boutique. I was lucky to be there last year. In fact, it’s there that I had my first book signing. A number of fabulous local artisans and cookbook authors will be there, so if you live in the area, I hope to meet you there.

Holiday Market
General Admission Ticket: 1:00 – 5:00 pm


Artists for Humanity EpiCenter
100 West 2nd Street Boston, MA 02127

And since I’m at telling you tidbits concerning my book, I’ve also just heard that it’s been included in the 2012’s Best Cookbooks for the Canadian newspaper the Globe and Mail. And it was also announced as the Gourmand Award 2012 Winner–Category: US, Best French Cuisine Book.

Excited to be back with these happy news!

Lastly, in case you wondered: yes, I have stories and recipes that I will share in the coming days!

Thanks to those of you who kindly sent me notes to inquire how things were!

Very sweet of you!

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  1. You’re due the rest, a very busy year for you is an understatement. Happiest of holidays, Lulu’s big day! Looking forward to more stories, lovely photos in the new year!

  2. Felicitations pour les “awards”!
    Votre livre est superbe, les recettes delicieuses! Grace a vous nous avons decouvert de toutes nouvelles saveurs.
    Pensez-vous l’editer en francais? J’aimerai beaucoup pouvoir l’offrir a ma familles, mes amis en France.
    Merci d’être de retour. J’attends avec impatience vos nouvelles histoires.
    Belles fetes de fin d’annee et Bon Anniversaire a la petite Lulu.

  3. So good to hear from you. Can’t wait for sone new stories and pictures!

  4. Felicitaciones on the latest awards…and so nice to see a new post from you. Love that bowling shot of your resolute little daughter facing down the pins!

  5. Yes, I know what you mean about a lockdown on what to do next. We train horses here. Sometimes there is a moment suspended in time where you are frozen as to what to do next, you are locked, the horse is locked. Then if you just relax the horse himself will guide you. There is a telepathic second where your horse/art/work/skill gets power and direction from your very source, driving you forward. See???

  6. Dear Béa
    it’s lovely to have you back with your writing, that tells so much… also between the words… and your photographs. Looking forward to reading you!

  7. Chère Béa,
    Je suis contente de vous lire à nouveau. C’est vrai, nous sommes déjà en décembre et pour les petites Lorraines que nous étions, c’est St Nicolas aujourd’hui 😉 Lulu a-t-elle eu droit à son “Manele” en brioche? Bonne suite à vous. J’attends les prochaines recettes…

  8. Oh thank you, thank you, thank you for being back in the bloggosphere! My favorite blogger were gone for way too long… Please don’t hold long with your amazing recipes, pictures and stories.

  9. And best cookbook ever, I assume?
    Congrats for that anyways!

    Oh and, it feels good that you’re back!

  10. Sometimes life itself is our work. And our art. Thank goodness for the beauty of life which you so often reflect here. And the tastiness!

  11. Very good to hear from you, indeed! Hope all is well. Jeanne will also celebrate her 4th Bday this month! Congrats on your awards and I’m happy to see you are back!
    Happy Holidays to you and your family, a bientot!

  12. So happy to see you’re back! What a darling post… breathtaking photos as always.. I’m so happy that you listened to your heart, enjoyed your space and spending time with your gorgeous daughter…Looking forward to the new recipes! (I’ve been loving your cookbook…Congratulations on all of the recognition!)

  13. Bonjour Bea!
    Je veins de commander tout les Farines speciales pour faire comme dans Julie et Julia: ma fille, a Philadelphia et moi allons preparer chaque recette dans ton livre.
    Merci mille fois pour ta creativite, ton attention a tout les details at tes photos fantastiques!
    Joyeux anniversaire a Lulu

  14. Bea, I am so happy I found your blog. You became my personal hero of photography, food and storytelling. When I grow up- I want to be just like you :0)

    Thank you!


  15. Thanks a lot Tatyana. Very sweet of you! I wish you the best with your journey with food too!